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Appreciating What Sussex Healthcare Is Doing

Not everyone is advantaged in the community. Some people are disabled, mentally challenged or even the aged exists in our society. It is important that communities care about such people. Caring for disadvantaged people is even more difficult if their families are not able to care for them. This and other reasons inspired Sussex Healthcare. It is a collection of twenty homes that care for needy people.

As the name suggests, these homes are in Sussex. Despite them belonging to the same entity, they are operated independently. For the past twenty-five years, Sussex Healthcare has been providing care and a home for the aged and other needy people. The homes work hard to give the residents comfort and quality.

In 1985, this entity began as a small organization with plans and a vision to expand and grow. Today, the management is happy and fulfilled because of the far they have come. The homes have a strong reputation because of the exceptional work it is doing to all its clients. The residents are also grateful for the close attention and concern specialists and staffs give them.

Sussex healthcare has a philosophy of offering all round health. Body and mind are important in ensuring full and complete health. Recently, the management introduced gym facilities to the homes. All residents are encouraged to utilize it for fitness. Working out is important for everyone, despite the age.

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The organizations have come this far because of professionalism. The organization is keen to hire experts in various medical fields. The homes have nurses, doctors, therapists, personal trainers and others. All these professionals are dedicated to caring for the residents. Every time, caregivers are on call to respond to residents’ needs. The caregivers understand that all residents have different need and they are ready to be there for them.

Sussex Healthcare has open positions for volunteers and specialists with relevant expertise. As staffs continue working, the management gives opportunities for further learning. Employees are allowed to increase their education. The management also organizes time for seminars and other events for empowering employees. Sussex Healthcare values up-to-date information. It enhances how they deliver services and healthcare to the residents.

Relatives and loved ones are happy because of the good work Sussex Healthcare is doing. Families that cannot take care of their needy people know they have a home in Sussex Healthcare. This organization anticipates growth and impacting the society on a greater level.


Striving To Find A Better Standard of Care

It can be a sad state when someone goes into an assisted living facility. It gets worse when you need to find placement for two people, especially if these two people happen to be a couple. Couples do not like to be separated. If you were in this situation would you?

I have a few simple tips for find a really good facility to place your loved ones in.

1)Do research on the place first. I mean do extensive research. Is this couple going to be taken care of? Is the staff going to be good to them? It’s important to find this out first, before you book them in. Make sure the choice sits well with the couple. This is a scary time for lots of couples. Do you really want to take away all their choices from them? Make sure the facility is going to be a good fit for them.

2)What about money. This will always be a big concern for anybody, no matter who you are. It’s important to go over everything beforehand. Will their assets cover what is needed? Will the couple need more. If more money is needed, where will you get it? Go over this with the couple. It’s important to not exclude them from any of this. It’s their life. The couple is the one going there. Make sure any and all financial planning is done.

3)It’s a good idea to prepare the couple for the realities of an assisted living situation. This is going to be different than living at your parent’s home. It’s a good idea for the couple to get some idea ahead of time. The couple needs to be prepared for the staff. The couple needs to get used to the space. Some spaces might be smaller than what they are used to. It’s best to get used to this.


It’s a good idea to be prepared for future health needs and changes. Certain health issues might get more problematic as the years pass on. The couple also need to take into account their shared and individual interests. If the husband wants to go to the gym, will he feel comfortable leaving his partner to the staff. Things like this will need to be considered fully.


This is a very popular choice with older couples and single men and women. This facility is located here in California. It’s been owned and operated by Chris Skiff. He has taken an active interest in all his residents for over 15 years.

The Manse on the Marsh is one of the best assisted living facilities in the area. The staff is highly trained. The staff operates on dignity and respect. Each staff member takes the cares and concerns of their residents into account every second of every day.

We are all going to be there one day. Chris and his staff take this into account each day. This is reason enough to choose the Manse. Chris and his staff treat everyone the way they would want to be treated, couples and singles alike. Consider looking into The Manse on the Marsh. You can find out more information right on the blog.