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George Soros and the Lookout for a Crisis

If there is one thing that some people learned from the crisis of 2008, it is to look for signs of another crisis and to prepare for the coming crisis. This is what George Soros has done. He has found plenty of signs of an upcoming crisis that can be as bad as the crisis of 2008 if not worse. All of the world markets are in a downfall which can result in another financial downturn that could be worse than the one that the world was devastated by in 2008. George Soros is doing the best he can to provide influence to the ones that are the most able to handle the crisis and keep it from reaching catastrophic levels.

During the first week of the year, the markets of currency on, commodity and stocks have already seen a lot of trouble. China’s economy has also shown signs of crumbling and falling with the yuan currency sinking. As a matter of fact, there were times when the trades in china had to be halted due to plunges in Chinese equity. George Soros has taken note of the problem that China has with adjusting. George Soros has then proceeded to compare the emerging challenges to the challenges of 2008.

George Soros has been giving out warnings of another major catastrophe on coming to the world since 2011. He sees a problem that has started in Greece. The crisis has been mishandled in a way that has resulted in the overall problem getting worse instead of getting better. There is also the problem with the EU and the attacks on the Ukraine from Russia. The global economies are faced with something very tough to navigate. This is one crisis that could grow into something major if proper action is not taken to prevent this from turning out like that.



Since the first week of January 2016, George Soros has been warning of an investment crisis in the global market. He has been creating concern for Bloomberg investors to watch over investing in the global market because of the world most dominant economy China is having a challenge in the market too. That China Yuan is sinking and China is having a challenge in adjusting to the situation. The move by China to try investment and services rather than manufacturing is not working well, and many Chinese traders are pausing on investing with the Asian market trade. Soros related this crisis to have some similarities with the crises that happened in 2008 and affected all the global markets.

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The most area affected by the move by China and he devalued Yuan is Asia. Most Asian countries have lost a lot in the market, and the global equities lost about $2.5 trillion from the market. China trying to lower interest rates according to Soros is not helping the country because more money in the market means there are careless lending and borrowing. These warnings from George Soros are not his first because in 2011 he warned of the Greece and European debt that it would lead to a crisis. Soros never goes wrong when it comes to market decisions, and he possibly saw the situation getting worse and not only has it affected China but the oil market is not doing very well.

George Soros is an independently wealthy Hungarian-born investor, his open-mindedness comes from the fact that he gained his wealth independently from his hedge fund. Soros hedge fund has a net worth of $27.3 billion and according to Forbes magazine he is in the top 25 list of the highest hedge fund earning managers. He also as a liberal thinker practices the values of open society with his open society foundations. Soros open society foundations have even worked for democracy in South Africa. He was against the rule of apartheid policy, and he has also been working with youths in Russia. However Russian government banned the foundation there with a reason that it was propagating soft violence.

However, one can relate the ban from George Soros saying that Russian President was breaking the rules of public democracy with the Ukraine ban. The situation was worsening the state of European Union and could lead to a crisis. His Open Society Foundations, however, have been of great help to those whose rights were violated. He has supported lawyers to help thousands of people who were being unlawfully held. Soros also gives scholarships to students, and he founded Central European University with the purpose of promoting critical thinking. He has been a great influence, especially in the investment world.

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