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Fortress Investment Group Banking On iPass

Fortress Investment Group recently doled out $20 million to a company called iPass. This technology company is a worldwide leader in connectivity options. Only half of the money, $10 million, was immediately available to iPass, but CEO Gary Griffiths is incredibly optimistic about the company’s future. He says that the balance sheet of the company is strengthened by the financing and that iPass can now focus on profitability. He’s also proud of the fact that the company used its patents as security for the loan which brings credibility to the company’s innovations.

The loan is secured with its Smart Connect technology and the company’s entire patent portfolio. This high-profile financial move should bolster iPass and its worldwide operations. The company runs the globe’s biggest Wi-Fi network. iPass offers up unlimited Wi-Fi access on an unlimited number of devices and customers can tap into these Wi-Fi networks through 64 million different hotspots around the world. These hotspots can be found in restaurants, bars, train stations, stadiums, convention centers, hotels and airports.

iPass is growing rapidly and that’s why they needed this $20 million investment from Fortress Investment Group. The company plans to expand to 340 million different Wi-Fi hotspots around the globe by the end of 2018.

Fortress Investment Group has always been a trendsetter. The company was founded back in the late 90s and started out with investments in real estate in the New York City area as well as the Toronto area. The company quickly grew and is now in charge of more than $40 billion worth of assets.

Fortress Investment Group became the first private equity investment group to go public with an IPO. The group has garnered worldwide acclaim for offering up long-term investment strategies that produce good risk-adjusted returns.

Analysts at Fortress Investment Group are obviously betting on iPass’s ability to continue to grow. They are banking on the fact that more and more business people are working on the go and that demand for convenient Internet access will continue to grow. The $20 million investment should facilitate this growth and it marks another solid investment by Fortress.

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Accident Claims Life of Talos Energy Worker

Talos Energy is a company based in Houston, TX. It’s one of the fastest developing companies in the Gulf region. Talos was formed in 2012 by two merger agents. After one year of service, the company bought Energy Resource Technology Company.Recently, the Federal Government is examining the death of one Talos energy worker. The accident took place on the south border of Texas. The employee whose identity was concealed died after the incident. It is believed that the accident happened while he was replacing an expired fire suppression kit. Reports from Interior Department’s Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, which was investigating the cause claimed that there was no any sign of fire or carbon emission that might have caused the accident. According to Talos, the worker was critically injured and later died.

“This is a dreadful incident, and we give our sincere condolence to the family, co-workers, and friends of our workmate,” Talos said in a statement.The dreadful accident took place while Talos was planning to be public. The company is purchasing Stone Energy in Louisiana. The budget cost is about $2 billion. The Stone Energy buying would take Talos public through a union that’s expected to be completed soon. Stone Energy has been running out of Lafayette for almost two decades. During this period stone energy has been running smoothly until the middle of last year where it went bankrupt. The downfall of oil price propelled the bankruptcy.

The company later picked last year. Apart from the accident, Talos suffered a significant blow in 2016 as it was penalized $4 million for defying government environmental and safety rules and regulation. The company declared guilty to illegally releasing waste materials into the Bay and flouting the government rules and protocols for repairing and the experimenting of blowout preventers — a tool invented to counter leakages of oil in the occasion of an accident. Talos energy should train their workers about safety measures when conducting repairs. Safety training is the only assurance of avoiding such fatalities in the future. Finally they should abide by the government rule to enhance smooth operations.

Wealth Solution – Why It’s Important To Hire Financial Advisors

The investment industry today is indeed filled with tricks, chances, risks and valuable information that is required for companies and individuals to know if they want to start investing and succeed. There are long-term investments and safe ones with little return value. Which one is the best for you? What type of investment do you want to make: Bank investment? American currency? There are thousands of options.


This is where the Financial and Investment Advisors come in. They are professionals that have made their lifetime research studying what works and what doesn’t in the investment world. They provide protection, security advisory, financial data, and solutions for many problems that your company – or your bank account – might be struggling against.


Wealth Solutions is a recommendable consulting team that has been receiving great feedback since they began acting in the market, with a leader that has more than 20 years of experience in the market. They have assisted big sharks and small fishes with financial decisions alike. Their planning is customized, unique to each customer and their respective needs and necessities. Their strategies though, are modern and smart, covering what is going on with the American currency and the most profitable transactions occurring worldwide.


This powerful business track wouldn’t have been possible without the leadership of Richard Blair, the founder, creative leader and creator of the Wealth Solutions, Inc. (WSI). He was a financial advisor long before he started his company, and has tons of experience and knowledge to guide his team in achieving success for the group and their clients.


His business is centered in Austin, Texas, right in the center, and is often contacted to offer specialized advisory to corporations across the entire United States. Wealth Solutions has built a reputation through an impressive team and results from their customers, who then end up recommending WSI to their partners as well. Through assuring security and eliminating risks, some companies that wear nearing bankruptcy were able to get back to the market thanks to the WSI’s financial strategies.


Richard Blair, the leader, is not only a businessman. A family guy, he has three kids that he loves immensely and lives together with them and his wife. Something that he loves doing with his children is incentivizing them to run around the house and play some kind of sport with their dad, or any exercising activity for that matter. They are always taking vacations, as it is crucial for the kids to see nature and different cultures early on to form a welcoming opinion about diversity.


Long Term Vs. Short Term Investment Strategies

Most people believe that the majority of the money made in the stock market is earned during bull markets. Yes, it is a common fact that everyone makes a lot of money in bull markets. World-class investors, like Warren Buffett often point out that making huge sums of money as an investor in a bull market has absolutely nothing to do with your ability to spot a good investment, you just happen to be in the right place at the right time.

Most investors fail to realize the very true, little known fact is that savvy investors whose investment strategies can withstand the pressures of a bear market are often than not left with quite a nest egg. Not only that, their success in a bear market is often times a measure of how much they are poised to push ahead in a bull market. According to Warren Buffett, investment firms notoriously shortchange their investors by taking a very short-term stance with their investments, as opposed to holding long-term positions in stable companies poised to grow.

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Buffett suggests that companies where the CEO still owns a huge stake in the company and the overhead is low are two very powerful indicators to predict a company poised for growth. Buffett also suggests that employing long-term investment strategies is a great way to save for retirement.

Timothy Armour is the chairman of Capital Group Companies as well as chairman of the Capital Group Companies Management Committee. Timothy Armour earned the majority of his wealth investing in the global telecommunications sector.

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Richard Blair’s Success With Wealth Solutions

Renting part of or the entire house to travelers temporarily on Airbnb has become a popular way of making easy money. Most people fail to consider the possible occurrence of unexpected problems such as damages that the homeowners insurance may not cover. This situation causes most people to report losses that are caused by the tenants. Some factors to consider before renting out your home are risks, insurance coverage and protection. When you take in guests, it makes you responsible for risks such as injuries, theft, and damage to property including neighbors as well as lawsuits for their illegal activities. Most homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover temporary rentals. In addition, the protection covered by Airbnb is secondary, thus hard to follow up.

It is highly recommended that one should speak to a wealth insurance expert before making a decision of taking in a temporary tenant. Richard Blair Wealth Solutions is here to offer you with a variety of services to boost your wealth. With an experience spanning over 20 years, Richard Blair is highly knowledgeable on matters of wealth insurance. You can trust him to review your options and provide sound advice that is suitable for your situation.

Richard Blair founded Wealth Solutions. The investment advisory firm focuses on financial planning and wealth management services. It also offers advice and information on funds for high net worth clients. With over $55 million assets under its management, the company specializes in diverse areas that include insurance, employee benefits, asset protection, estate tax and planning, securities and integrated financial planning. In his career, he has worked with diverse companies such as Blair Insurance Group LLC, Crownbridge Wealth LLC, United Global Securities, Wealth Solutions, Inc., and Worldwide Ventures.

Richard Blair Wealth Solutions partners with clients to ensure that they are provided with excellent services. These services includes 24/7 access to investment options, trusted and professional financial advice, unique investing goals and excellent security measures. Wealth Solutions also offers retirement planning services. They help you through all stages of retirement besides identifying opportunities that would create wealth. Due to Richard Blair’s vast knowledge in market trends, he helps clients evaluate their assets and liabilities and establish goals besides working with them towards achieving their goals. This information was originally mentioned on Hackronym as outlined in the following link

Richard Dwayne Blair
Richard Dwayne Blair is a financial advisor, Annuity Specialist, a certified Fund Specialist, Estate and Trust Specialist, and a Certified Income specialist. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from the University of Houston. He has over 22 years experience in financial industry. With a passion for accomplishing financial goals, Richard Blair started up his own company, Wealth Solutions. This information was originally published on Linked In as explained in this link

A Mobile Calculator App For Real Estate Business

According to a new release from PRNewswire, Venezuelan-American entrepreneur David Osio has now brought his Davos Financial Group’s real estate business clients a new development. This development is a mobile investment return calculator called the “Davos CAP Calculator”. The goal of this tool is to give clients like commercial property buyers and real estate developers, an idea of what the property investment returns will look like over time, taking into account all the expenses associated with the investment. The Davos Real Estate Group has been advising affluent clients for many years, but recently have implemented technological developments like the CAP calculator and a mortgage calculator soon to come, and new sales volumes for this company have been estimated at a 75% increase through the first half of 2016.

David Osio has been an influential businessman in the financial sectors of the US, and throughout the Latin American community. Osio grew up and was educated in Venezeula, where he studied business and banking law at the University Andres Bello. He held his first executive position with OPED Enterprise, a Venezeulan coffee export company, followed by serving with a few others. He first got into banking law with the MGO law firm in 1984, laying the groundwork for future positions with Banco Latino International and its Banking Commercial subsidiary.

But not long after relocating to the US, Osio decided to startup his own financial advising company, the Davos Financial Group. This company is comprised of multiple independent boutique investment firms. The Davos Financial Group works closely with major international investment banks and is able to facilitate major deals with clients that uphold local and international banking regulations. The Davos Financial Group has offices reaching across the globe in New York City, Geneva, Lisbon, Panama City and Miami and branch services include wealth management, financial consulting and real estate advising.

Osio has become a widely recognized important figure, and in 2012 he was honored along with a few other notable Venezeulans, at a US congressional award ceremony with the Medal of Merit for his outstanding financial work. He’s also won the Business Leader of the State of Florida 2009 award. Osio is also a philanthropist who’s given back to the Miami Community supporting fine arts endeavors such as the Miami Symphony Orchestra, and the Children’s Orthopedic Foundation.

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Richard Blair And Insurance Issues To Look At Before Renting On AIRBNB

Often, many people opt to rent part or their whole houses on Airbnb as a way of making easy and quick money. By hosting travelers, home owners can get the money they require to pay for their homes within a short time. However, recent incidents have indicated that unexpected problems can also crop up. Temporary renters can cause damage that is not covered by homeowner insurance. As a result, the amateur hoteliers can be left with financial and legal issues they did not anticipate. Addressing these issues end up costing more than the cash made from renting out a home.

There are multiple issues to consider before renting your property through organizations like Airbnb. The major issues include risks, protection, and insurance coverage. Having tenants comes with many risks. As the owner of the property, you are liable for injuries to the guests as well as any damage to your property. Additionally, you face potential lawsuits if they engage in legal activities including theft. Some of the tenants may refuse to pay for the services which can lead to losses.

The type of protection provided by Airbnb is not primary coverage. It comes in once you have depleted your resources. Additionally, the homeowner’s insurance policy does not cover the short-term rentals. For this reason, you are solely responsible for the expenses incurred by the guests you accommodate. It is recommended that you have a look at these risks before you decide whether you still want immediate guests. In addition, it is essential to talk a certified insurance expert or a wealth manager. Wealth Solutions’ Richard Blair is one such professional.

About Richard Blair
Richard Blair is a Registered Financial Advisor. He is the proprietor of Wealth Solutions that is found in Dallas, Texas. Richard formed the firm in 1994 with the intention of making a positive change in the lives of people including small business owners. He has over 23 years of experience in the financial sector. Due to his natural talent in finance, he realized that he had the potential to help people make sound financial plans as well as investments. Richard joined the financial industry immediately after graduating in 1993. Throughout the years, he has perfected his knowledge of retirement planning. From his experience, he has focused on assisting his clients to bridge the gap between preparing themselves for retirement and living in retirement. Richard is a Certified Annuity Specialist, Certified Fund Specialist, and a Retirement Income Certified Professional.

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