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“Renovia Inc Chairman & CEO Raises $42 Million “

The co-founder of Renovia Inc., Marc Beer, also serves as the chairman and chief executive officer of the firm. The other founders include Ramon Iglesias, who serves as the managing director, and Yolanda Lorie. Renovia Inc specializes in the development of diagnostic and therapeutic devices used in the treatment of pelvic floor disorders.

Marc Beer boasts of over 25 years of the creation and commercialization experience in the areas of devices, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, as well as biotechnology. He previously worked with the Waltham biotech, OvaScience, as a strategic consultant. At the beginning of August 2018, OvaScience had started making plans to merge with Millendo Therapeutics, Michigan. Marc Beer has also served as ViaCell’s founding chief executive officer from April 2000 to 2007. A biotechnology firm, ViaCell deals in the gathering, storage, and development of umbilical cord blood stem cells. During the seven years, Marc Beer helped grow the organization to a vast commercial organization and by the time he was leaving, the labor force comprised of more than 300 people.

At the time of the formation of the company, Marc Beer, alongside the Renovia team of management successfully led the closure of a series A financing with renowned healthcare venture capital funds.

During the third quarter of 2018, Renovia closed a series B round of financing worth $42 million – part of the money, $10 million, is a venture debt. Based in Boston, Renovia Inc can now move forward with the development of an additional four diagnostic and therapeutic products (including a new generation of Leva) to enhance the treatment of pelvic floor disorders such as urinary incontinence. This will come in handy as far as improving the lives of many women is concerned, seeing that researchers estimate that the condition affects over 250 million women across the world. In April 2018, the Food and Drug Administration approved the first of Renovia’s product, Leva.

The Longwood Fund, which is inclined to making investments in the healthcare industry, joined the Series B round of funding – after participating in the Series A round. The transaction was steered by Perceptive Advisors of New York, and Ascension Ventures, who are based in Missouri.

While issuing a statement about the funding, Marc Beer expressed the excitement of the team at Renovia for the support they had received from the healthcare investors who didn’t shy away from buying into their vision of bettering the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic floor disorders in millions of women. According to Beer, the efforts will go a long way in improving the quality of life of women struggling with pelvic floor disorders. He believes that the combination of the firm’s innovative, branded sensor technologies and form factors with a digital healthcare landscape is capable of delivering valuable data and in turn, facilitate new treatment methods. With increased knowledge and comprehension of pelvic floor disorders and the circumstances surrounding it, Marc Beer is confident that the long term cost of health care can reduce considerably. Learn more:

Wes Edens: A Successful Financial Businessman Investing in Different Industries

Wes Edens’ career in the financial industry began in 1987 as he worked for the Lehman Brothers, one of the top financial firms in America. He worked as their managing director until he decided to leave for the BlackRock Asset Investors. He stayed with the company until 1997, and when he left, he started a company called the Fortress Investment Group, along with other founders Rob Kauffman and Randal Nardone. The Fortress Investment Group was established in 1998, and with the help of his co-founders and two other principals – Peter Briger and Michael Edward – the company became one of the top private equity firms in the country.

In February 2007, the company went public, selling shares worth $600 million. About Wes Edens continued to support the company, holding executive positions and providing instructions and strategies on how they could stay relevant in the market. By the 2010s decade, the company received offers from different conglomerates, offering a huge amount of money to acquire the Fortress Investment Group. When the Japanese conglomerate called the Softbank Group offered more than $3 billion to buy the company, Wes Edens is one of those who negotiated with the terms. The principals of the Fortress Investment Group allowed for the acquisition to take place because they were promised that they will retain their positions. The partnership with the Softbank Group ended up positively, as it opened new doors for the company and its principals.

Aside from his position at the Fortress Investment Group, Wes Edens is also focusing on his other ventures, especially in sports. He owns the franchise for the Milwaukee Bucks, and recently, he built a stadium for his NBA team. He is also handling a football team which he recently bought, as well as an e-sports team playing the highly popular “League of Legends” title. Wes Edens continues in investing with different sectors, and one of his recent investments revolve on the creation of a rail transport line in Florida called Brightline. According to him, it will decongest the number of cars plying through southern Florida, and it will offer an alternative mass transport experience for the public.

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“James Rivers Capital on Leadership Skills “

James Rivers Capital is a company that is based in the USA. It is a financial advisory company that is involved in offering advice in finance and business to its clients. Paul Saunders is part of this company, and he works as the Principal.


A leader is not born but is rather a skill that is acquired over time. Some people may have the niche of being a leader, but they still need to develop these skills if they want to create an impact. Being a leader takes time and dedication. It is not something that you can learn in one day, but it is learned overtime. If you are a leader already, there are some changes that you can make in your approach to leadership at the work place. The following are some of the changes that you can make to ensure that your leadership is on another level.


  1. Instead of leading, support.


One of the key features of an effective leader is one that can support their team instead of leading them. If you lead you are telling your team what to do, and this does not create a good relationship with you and the team members. The team members will be incapable of performing any task unless they are told to. Consider supporting the team members so that they can be leaders in their way as well. Learn more:


  1. Encourage your team by bonding with them


Studies show that employers who are strict and do not encourage their team members to participate are feared in the workplace. If a team member has a creative idea that may be of help to the organization they may be afraid to air it out because of fear they will be ridiculed or in trouble. Build a personal relationship with your team members so that they can come to you free when they want to share a great idea. This kind of encouragement helps bring the team closure and foster good working relationships.


  1. Consider all team members


A good leader is one who considers all the team members as important. This means that if they have opinions, you have to listen to all of them and consider them. Discriminating against certain team members only shows that you are not a great leader and practice favoritism in the workplace.


Marc Beer Helps to Raise Capital

Growing any type of organization can be a challenge. In order to grow your company, you may need to raise capital from outside investors. While this can prove to be a challenge for some people, there are other organizations that have such great concepts and futures that they are able to raise it through a variety of different private equity and venture capital funding. One organization that has done a great job of raising capital over the past few years is Renovia.


Over the past few years, this company has been able to raise several different rounds of private-equity. This recently has included a $32 million series-B fund that will be used to help continue to grow the organization. Renovia continues to be a very popular option with investors due to the medical technology demand that is growing in the field. Today, the organization is very well known for being the innovator behind a variety of different medical devices and other products that are continuing to shape the industry. Learn more:


Along with the new round of equity, the company will also be receiving a $10 million round of venture debt. The more than $40 million of new money coming into the company will help to fuel the growth for the next few years. The company plans to use the money to raise working capital, invest in new product lines, market, and bring a number of new exciting concepts and products to market. This would be an impossible task if it was not for the new round of funding.


Ever since the company was formed, Renovia has continued to be very impressive to investors and other stakeholders. While the medical technology industry is very competitive and hard to succeed in, the company has continued to do well. Much of the success is due to the leadership of the company’s CEO Marc Beer. Follow Marc Beer on LinkedIn


In his role as CEO of Renovia, Marc Beer has been responsible for a variety of initiatives that have been used to grow the company. While the organization has been able to come up with some great concepts, the leadership provided by Beer has been the central driving force behind the success of the company. Over the past few years alone, he has led many different rounds of debt and equity raising that has allowed the company to invest further into new technology.


While Marc Beer has been a very big part of the Renovia team, he has also found other ways to give back. Beer is a very significant part of a variety of advisory councils for the Univeristy of Miami and the University of Notre Dame. He also continues to participate and donate to a range of charitable organizations.




Michael Burwell is a CPA and a Michigan State University alumnus, who graduated with a B.A. in Business Administration. He also believes in longevity and applying maximum effort towards any role that he is tasked with.


Michael Burwell got the selection as the Chief Finance Officer at Willis Towers Watson. The position came due to his dedication, hard work as well as an educational background that any inventor can covet. He acquired his degree in business accounting giving him a better shot at the leader in finance. Since his entrance into the company, he got the privilege to work in various departments and some being very crucial such as finance and in business opportunities present.

For years, Michael Burwell has grown to gain a good reputation due to his grit and ambition. He believes that he succeeds due to relentless. Regardless of the negative feedbacks people may present, he testifies that giving a deaf ear and pursuing one’s dreams is the way to thrive. Moreover, he is always positive which provides him with the hope that everything will work out just fine.


According to Michael Burwell, for business to grow one requires to be understanding, build networks as well as work with others as a team. Therefore, one has to be an excellent communicator to exchange opinions and information. Besides, teamwork is crucial in making the ideas to come to life. For Burwell, he collects the views of other people and puts them on the table together with his. He later writes down a plan of how they will word resulting in growth in the business venture.


As a determined person, he likes perfection. Therefore, every day he wakes up early in the morning and engages in activities that would give him an environment of meditation. He gets to evaluate his achievements and the aspects to improve on. Besides, during this time he gets to plan his day to ensure it’s productive.

The urge to know more makes him research more to be productive. For instance, he has read several books that give additional tips on how to succeed. Michael Burwell loves the technology to and believes it is a channel for growth. Therefore, he keeps up with the trend by sharing apps that have assisted him. Through interaction, he also gets to acquire other supportive apps that pave the way to be more productive.


He believes that any business investment can get challenges. Some are easy to overcome while others may lead to ruin. For this reason, he cautions on investing into a venture without analysis. As said that experience is the best teacher, he related to the closure of one company he ventured into but failed. He advises investors to check not only the current situation but also the growth and changes in the market to know the best venture to conduct.



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