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Wes Edens: A Successful Financial Businessman Investing in Different Industries

Wes Edens’ career in the financial industry began in 1987 as he worked for the Lehman Brothers, one of the top financial firms in America. He worked as their managing director until he decided to leave for the BlackRock Asset Investors. He stayed with the company until 1997, and when he left, he started a company called the Fortress Investment Group, along with other founders Rob Kauffman and Randal Nardone. The Fortress Investment Group was established in 1998, and with the help of his co-founders and two other principals – Peter Briger and Michael Edward – the company became one of the top private equity firms in the country.

In February 2007, the company went public, selling shares worth $600 million. About Wes Edens continued to support the company, holding executive positions and providing instructions and strategies on how they could stay relevant in the market. By the 2010s decade, the company received offers from different conglomerates, offering a huge amount of money to acquire the Fortress Investment Group. When the Japanese conglomerate called the Softbank Group offered more than $3 billion to buy the company, Wes Edens is one of those who negotiated with the terms. The principals of the Fortress Investment Group allowed for the acquisition to take place because they were promised that they will retain their positions. The partnership with the Softbank Group ended up positively, as it opened new doors for the company and its principals.

Aside from his position at the Fortress Investment Group, Wes Edens is also focusing on his other ventures, especially in sports. He owns the franchise for the Milwaukee Bucks, and recently, he built a stadium for his NBA team. He is also handling a football team which he recently bought, as well as an e-sports team playing the highly popular “League of Legends” title. Wes Edens continues in investing with different sectors, and one of his recent investments revolve on the creation of a rail transport line in Florida called Brightline. According to him, it will decongest the number of cars plying through southern Florida, and it will offer an alternative mass transport experience for the public.

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Introduction to Fortress Investment Group and Gareth Henry

In the past years, Fortress Investment Group has recorded consistent growth and has ventured into global markets. The positive performance is linked to the commitment and innovation of the team. The Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 by Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, Pet Briger and Rob Kauffman. While Kaufman resigned from his position in 2012, it is worth noting that other co-principals are still involved in the day-to-day running of the organization. Gareth Henry is one of the financial analysts who have helped transform the Fortress Investment Group.

Gareth Henry acts as the managing director of the Fortress Investment Group. Through an evaluation of the prevailing economic trends, the group can guide the investors on low-risk strategies and other initiatives that can be used to accumulate wealth. The Fortress Investment Group was acquired by the Softbank Group Inc which is based in Japan. The move was propelled by the desire of the Japanese conglomerate to increase its financial services.

Despite the merger, the operations and ventures of the group remained independent. The founders also coordinate the operations. The decision to retain the financial management firm as an independent venture was prompted by the need to maintain the culture that had been developed over the years. The investors are driven by the need to help their clients attain financial success and freedom. Recently, the group has exhibited its interest in venturing into other countries such as Brazil which is seen as being unexploited. There are similar efforts to increase the level of operations in energy and real estate operations.

Brief Background on Gareth Henry

Gareth Henry is a skilled financial analyst who attended the University of Edinburgh. He studied actuarial mathematics and had over the years employed the skills as a guide to strategic planning. In the early years, Gareth worked for the Schroder which is a global investment firm. After some years, he migrated to the USA where he began working with the Fortress Investment Group. Gareth Henry holds the position of the managing director and monitors pension funds and wealth of the group. He has also been on the leading front in coming up with strategies to venture in overseas markets.



Michael Burwell is a CPA and a Michigan State University alumnus, who graduated with a B.A. in Business Administration. He also believes in longevity and applying maximum effort towards any role that he is tasked with.


Michael Burwell got the selection as the Chief Finance Officer at Willis Towers Watson. The position came due to his dedication, hard work as well as an educational background that any inventor can covet. He acquired his degree in business accounting giving him a better shot at the leader in finance. Since his entrance into the company, he got the privilege to work in various departments and some being very crucial such as finance and in business opportunities present.

For years, Michael Burwell has grown to gain a good reputation due to his grit and ambition. He believes that he succeeds due to relentless. Regardless of the negative feedbacks people may present, he testifies that giving a deaf ear and pursuing one’s dreams is the way to thrive. Moreover, he is always positive which provides him with the hope that everything will work out just fine.


According to Michael Burwell, for business to grow one requires to be understanding, build networks as well as work with others as a team. Therefore, one has to be an excellent communicator to exchange opinions and information. Besides, teamwork is crucial in making the ideas to come to life. For Burwell, he collects the views of other people and puts them on the table together with his. He later writes down a plan of how they will word resulting in growth in the business venture.


As a determined person, he likes perfection. Therefore, every day he wakes up early in the morning and engages in activities that would give him an environment of meditation. He gets to evaluate his achievements and the aspects to improve on. Besides, during this time he gets to plan his day to ensure it’s productive.

The urge to know more makes him research more to be productive. For instance, he has read several books that give additional tips on how to succeed. Michael Burwell loves the technology to and believes it is a channel for growth. Therefore, he keeps up with the trend by sharing apps that have assisted him. Through interaction, he also gets to acquire other supportive apps that pave the way to be more productive.


He believes that any business investment can get challenges. Some are easy to overcome while others may lead to ruin. For this reason, he cautions on investing into a venture without analysis. As said that experience is the best teacher, he related to the closure of one company he ventured into but failed. He advises investors to check not only the current situation but also the growth and changes in the market to know the best venture to conduct.



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