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The Jon Urbana Brand Expands

Although he may be most well known as a renowned lacrosse star, Jon Urbana has utilized this skill on the field to develop his name into a diversified brand. Any social media platform will host an account filled with the latest from Jon Urbana’s latest ventures. He has spent his most recent effort forming and organizing a charity drive for a local animal shelter in Denver, Colorado.
In addition to his career as a lacrosse player, Mr. Urbana has created one of the foremost lacrosse camps in Colorado for youth players. Next Level Lacrosse was one of his first ventures and may be one of his most successful. However, in addition to his position leading the Next Level Lacrosse camps, Mr. Urbana is a leader and consultant for several other technology businesses, he produces music and photography and is a well known, and fully certified pilot.

Jon Urbana has diversified his talent to create a brand that crosses all boundaries. From artistic endeavors at Tumblr to being a business executive, Mr. Urbana obviously has a wide range of passions that he is committed to exploring. The most popular of his efforts are his photography and video productions. He has been well reviewed by critics as a talented artist and those pieces are proving to be very popular. His traditional business skills are undeniably well honed, especially in the crowdfunding sector.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Urbana has become a trusted adviser, investor and leader for several companies in the Denver area and his success in business is best exemplified through the founding and consistent success of his Next Level Lacrosse camps that have become some of the most popular in the state.