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Physical Fitness Gets a Fashionable Reward From Don Ressler

Society seems to show a lot of admiration to people that are fit. For one thing, they look the best in the clothes that are offered in the fashion industry on The right fit of clothes falls into a happy medium of showing off the body and yet allowing for some breathing room. Physically fit people are the ones who bring out the best look in style. However, when one looks at the athletic section of the fashion industry, they’d be inclined to wonder why there is so little to offer in style. Instead, there are a ton of generic, bland and uninspired clothing that could actually bring about boredom. Don Ressler has noticed this issue and has worked with Kate Hudson and others in order to bring forth Fabletics.

Fabletics addresses the issue with athletic clothing. After all, physically fitness is an admirable goal on Therefore, it is only fitting that it is rewarded with some of the most creative styles in the industry. Therefore, Fabletics offers some new colors, fits, and even material. To make things even better, the clothes that are offered can actually transcend their purpose at For instance, the clothes that women wear for fitness could also be worn in corporate environments.

In the TechStyle family of brands, Fabletics is the star brand for Don Ressler. It is the company that is making the most steps. The online subscription retailer has satisfied customers. The physical locations that have recently opened up are experiencing similar successes with customers. Women have the chance to try on any new product that they find in the store.

The fashion industry has been designed to help people feel important. Athletic clothing is also fashion says Don Ressler. Therefore, it is only right that the activewear area gets to experience the creativity and thoughtfulness being made towards this part of the industry.

Fabletics Succeeds in the ECommerce Fashion World

For almost an eternity the model for clothes shopping in the modern era was pretty simple. A shopper went out to a store they liked and spent a few hours trying on a selection of clothing, and if they found something that fit and flattered, they bought it. Since no one really foresaw the rise of the Internet and its impact on fashion, it’d be understandable if most people assumed this model of shopping would never change. The fact is that this model has been blown up by the meteoric rise in online shopping. Right now, e-commerce fashion shopping is a huge business, and its popularity has made it ever harder for new brands to break through.



Amazon Takes A Share


One of the reasons it’s become harder for new brands to establish themselves in the commerce fashion market is the influence of Right now takes a 20 percent share out of the fashion market online, which means all the other brands must fight for their place in a crowded market. Also, customers today are asking a lot from the brands they buy from. These consumers expect more than just a quality product. They want last mile service and unique brand experiences, too. Can any new company compete in today’s hot market?


Fabletics Finds Success


The answer to this question is yes. Fabletics, the fashionable online activewear brand launched three years ago by actress Kate Hudson and her partners, has grown to a value of $250 million. That’s an amazing achievement, especially considering how competitive this market is.


Fabletics offers great looking clothing that feels great and is versatile enough to go from the gym to a dinner out. These clothes are also priced affordably, so they appeal to a broad range of women, not just the upscale market.


Fabletics is bringing some unique brand ideas to the business, too. The monthly VIP package offered by Fabletics gives consumers a chance to sign up to receive a personalized collection of clothing every monthl, geared to their personal tastes and workout regime. Kate Hudson herself oversees the clothing selection, and it’s this hands-on involvement in the brand that has put it head and shoulders above the rest of the crowd.


Hudson herself is an attractive and appealing spokesperson for the brand. With sales continuing on upward, this unique activewear brand looks to be a company with real endurance and staying power.

Why Is Fabletics Using The Same Marketing Techniques As Amazon?

Kate Hudson founded Fabletics long ago when she wanted to offer women clothing they would enjoy every day without much of a fuss. Women love to wear comfortable clothes, and they want to feel beautiful at the same time. A lady who shops with Fabletics is familiar with the brand, and she knows how it works through her shopping experiences. This article explains how Fabletics is doing the same things as Amazon, and there is a look at what they believe their company must do to expand.


#1: Adding Stores To Their Brand


The Fabletics brand will increase quite a lot when they open their 100 stores around America, and they are moving into stores because they have a presence online they may trade in. The online presence is easy for women to check themselves, and they walk into stores from Fabletics knowing what the expect. The high expectation from the customer is much what Amazon experiences as they begin opening stores. The familiarity of every customer causes them to shop more, and they come to the stores knowing they wish to buy.


#2: What Does Fabletics Sell?


Fabletics sells their casual clothes to women who wish to be chic, and each new piece is quite simple compared to the rest of the industry. Women who are wearing Fabletics are immersed in something called athleisure, and they are participating in something that has taken over the industry. Casual pieces from Fabletics are quite a lot of fun for women to wear, and they wear them everywhere they go. The pieces become a statement for a woman who does not want to dress up, and each new piece of clothing folds into a lovely ensemble that women may change every day.


#3: Reverse-Showrooming Works


Fabletics is so popular that they believe opening 100 stores will be a huge success. The brand has enough recognition on the market today that opening stores is a simple thing for them, and they are showing how the technique works for businesses outside of Amazon. The Amazon stores opened play on the same technique, and other businesses that started online may do the same. Small businesses have done so with great success, and there are several different examples of how brands smaller than Fabletics have succeeded.


#4: Fabletics Is A Star’s Brand


Kate Hudson wears her Fabletics clothes in the advertisements she produces for the brand, and she shares her vision for the company as a workout brand, a casual brand and a brand for ladies with a hefty schedule. Women must take their children off to school every day, and there are several tasks they may complete when they wear Fabletics. Changing clothing in and out during the day is easy, and ladies who love the brand may wear it exclusively.


Fabletics has planned to cash in on their popularity online as they open new stores. Their reverse-showrooming concept plays off what Amazon has done, and 100 new stores from the brand will become a beacon for women who love fashion.

Fabletics Joins In On Breast Cancer Awareness

Kate Hudson has chosen to become the ambassador for the charity-Fashion Targets Breast Cancer. She also is a part of the company “Fabletics” which is a very famous and well known line of workout and fitness clothing. Now fashion, fitness and workout clothing can be brought together to help bring awareness and much needed funds to cancer and its research. Kate joined hands with the Council of Fashion Designers to bring fashion and charity together to really do something important in this world, she even designed a small fashion collection just for this charity.

She said when she was thinking about what kind of outfit she would like to design, she of course wanted the color pink and picked a really special hue of pink, but she also wanted it to be a great outfit that women would really love and want to wear and not just buy it to contribute to the cause on Facebook. She designed a bralette, matching capri leggings, and two different tank tops that she thought would really be successful since fitness and athletic wear has really taken off and every one seems to have really jumped on board. Leggings have really taken off and are the number one seller at Fabletics, especially since they have started offering the high-waisted leggings with extra abdominal support.

In late 2013, Fabletics was started from JustFab as a subscription membership of fitness clothing that are sold online. The site offers its members personalized ideas for outfits picked out just for them to fit their fashion sense as well as the lifestyle they lead. Then in the spring of this year (2016), they added to the inventory by adding swimsuits and dresses to the line. A membership to Fabletics runs $49.95 per month and you are asked to fill out a questionnaire about your lifestyle and workout habits. This is so they can help to pick out outfits for you that fit what you like and what would work for your workouts. In the summer of 2015, Fabletics also started a men’s line of workout clothing called FL2 with Kate Hudson and her brother Oliver Hudson.

In the fall of last year, Fabletics opened 6 stores in different cities United States wide and are scheduled to open another one hundred more stores in the next five years. Fabletics has been very aggressive in their advertising, they have been running ads of Kate Hudson warming up and exercising in lots of different outfits and talking about the different colors, designs, which ones are her favorites and more. The commercials are all over television on all different channels aimed at all different ages and backgrounds. In the summer of 2015, they also started a men’s line of workout clothing called FL2 with Kate Hudson and her brother Oliver Hudson.

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Fabletics: Where Functionality, Comfort, and Free-Spirited Humor Collide

Things just can’t stop getting better for the three-year-old online activewear retailer, Fabletics. Since its conception in October 2013, Fabletics has expanded outside of the United States to seven other countries, it has opened six brick-and-mortar stores, it has expanded its line to include mens activewear, and it aims to continue its success with some fifty to one-hundred additional brick-and-mortar store locations around the U.S. within the next five years. The success of this company has been staggering, thanks to its direct business model and, of course, the humor at the heart of the company.

According to Kate Hudson in an interview with Marie Claire magazine, the focus of the Fabletics brand is to inspire people to be more active in all areas of their lives– not just at the gym. Every product in the brand is designed with functionality and comfort in mind, including the addition of dresses that Hudson affirms will allow Fabletic customers to enjoy more mobile experiences, like getting in and out of cars easily. In addition, the brand offers a sort of monthly subscription which provides customers with a monthly delivery of a new activewear outfit of their choosing, as well as a VIP program that offers additional benefits to subscribers. Fabletics has made the process regular and easy, which busy, active customers seem to enjoy. By working directly with its customer base, Fabletics has been able to provide the customers with high-quality products in a price range that is affordable.

It’s functionality and affordability have been secondary, however, to the real driver Fabletic’s success: its wit. In an early video ad, the company employed a clever bleep censor that made the commercial seem more racy than it actually was. Geraldine Martin-Coppola confirmed in an interview with AdWeek that the actress was actually saying “butt,” rather than whatever bit of profanity that the Internet might have attributed to it. This kind of playful, laid back approach to advertising is what Martin-Coppola believes grabs the attention of their target audience, and it does, indeed, give Fabletics the kind of street creed that appeals to the modern, active customer.

As for whatever Fabletics does next, it is bound to be a success.



JustFab Introduces Plus Size Capsule Collection

Who better to announce to the world, the new plus-size fashion line from JustFab than The Curvy Fashionista. It’s true, JustFab is debuting its new “Plus Size Capsule Collection”. It’s a must-have line of chic, trendy apparel, in sizes up to 3X.

The online subscription retailer, in response to the plus-size community,has rolled out a stunning 35 piece apparel collection. Plus size participated in the design, fitting, and modeling, of the apparel collection, offering designers beneficial feedback, before its launch.

The company commented on its website, “This is only the beginning. We plan to add more styles to our collection throughout the rest of 2016.” “We’re creating custom, head-to-toe looks with shoes, bags, and jewelry, so women can fill their closets with all of the spring and summer styles they adore!”
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The Plus Size Capsule Collection will offer women necessary basics, and an easy, casual look which allows a mix and match way of making their own wardrobe. Within the collection are lightweight dresses, high maxi skirts, and eye-catching denim, making it adaptable to everyone’s lifestyle! The Curvy Fashionista remarked, “I can also see many of the pieces perfect for vacationing and quick getaways.”

JustFab plans more Plus Size Capsule Collection additions throughout 2016 and is encouraging customers to show their plus size style. The company wants women everywhere, around the world, to tag JustFab with their selfies on Instagram, and Facebook. JustFab wants to hear women tell what they love about it, and how good they feel wearing perfect fitting apparel, from the Plus Size Capsule Collection.

The must-have monthly VIP retail subscription service from JustFab is just $22.95. Women register their apparel preferences when they sign up for the subscription service. As each month rolls around, JustFab emails a ‘personal stylist’, in accordance with their preferences, showcasing new apparel selections. More information about the JustFab Plus Size Capsule Collection, and its online retail subscription service

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