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Planning Tricks to Make Your Kid’s Party a Success and a Brief about Twenty Three Layers


Party planning and hosting can get the best of you, if you are not up the task. Cool Mom Picks provides timeless, time saving tricks and hacks designed to make your party easy going and unforgettable. The tips provided will help you pull off any party event you wish to organize; whether it is a birthday party, kid’s holiday entertainment, Halloween parties or backyard potluck. The top party tips listed on the company website, include; hiring a co-host, planning ahead using apps, involving kids and sending digital invitations. The other important tip is engaging the kids in fun craft activities. Bringing along a party co-host is a big plus in many ways, because it can save you money, time and help you subdivide labor into easy to manage potions.

One way to enjoy the benefit of co-hosting is asking a friend to host a party on your behalf. You can also make use of web resources to organize a successful party. Today, there are thousands of apps that offer interesting ideas that can bring any life to a party. An activity and time scheduling app such as Wunderlist provides a guide that can help you get organized during various events. Sending digital invites and party reminders to friends and family has become the norm nowadays because nobody wants to be left behind. To make your party wondrous and fulfilling to all the invited kids, engage them by assigning them chores and room to play games that they enjoy. The chores should be assigned based on the kid’s age. The other way to get the kids involved is by organizing well-thought out craft activities and competitions.

About Twenty Three Layers
Party planning is an elaborate process that requires great skills and coordination. Twenty Three Layers is a trusted event planning company in NYC. According to, the company organizes various events, including corporate meetings, charitable functions, luncheons, weddings, galas and other public events. The success of Twenty Three Layers event planners in New York City stem from various factors, including the staff’s ability to marry creative inspiration with seasoned knowledge to deliver outstanding entertainment, décor and food.