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Why You Should Use Twenty-Three Layers to Plan Events and Parties in NYC

Everyone loves getting together with family and friends for special occasions. However, planning and hosting such an occasion can be a hectic experience especially if you’re a busy individual. Among event planners in New York, Twenty Three Layers stands out. If you’re in NYC, there is no need to worry because Twenty Three Layers will do it for you. Their team of expert event planners goes about their business effortlessly to not only make your event planning stress-free but also to make it a fun ordeal.

For those busy people who don’t have enough time, energy or creativity to plan events, Twenty Three Pilots acts as the ideal co-host. They handle all the planning and logistics while you can put your feet up and relax. They employ structures and To-do lists in event planning that enable them to do all the planning in a timely fashion to avoid all the last minute errands and runarounds.

Due to their unrelenting demand for perfection and attention to detail, Twenty Three Layers delivers top quality events that will leave an impression on the guests. They bring together two key ingredients in creative inspiration as well as seasoned knowledge to produce unique events reflecting latest food, décor, and entertainment trends. All in all, Twenty Three Layers can be summarized by one of Einstein’s famous quotes, “Logic will take you from a to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”

About Twenty-Three Layers

Twenty Three Layers Is an event planning company in NYC. It offers full-service event planning and design services. Twenty-Three Layers prides itself in transforming ordinary venues to creative, vibrant and purposeful party venues. They have experience and expertise in planning for all types of events whether corporate functions, galas, charitable events, family functions or even personal celebration.

The CEO and Founder, Jessica Boskoff, has over ten years of experience in event planning. Jessica is a sensational innovator and trendsetter in the event planning due to her event planning and organizational talent and skills. She combines her talent for creative design and extensive knowledge in hospitality and luxury lifestyle industry to create beautiful events. Jessica’s inspiration comes from her travel adventures, which she loves to express in her event designs.