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Serge Belamant

Serge Belamant founded blockchain technologies. He started his life out in France, but was not very old when his family moved to Africa. Upon moving to Africa he had to learn to speak and read the English language. Serge Belamant grew very quickly, and eventually went off to study computer science. Upon graduating from school Serge Belamant worked for many different companies before settling on the career he wanted.

Serge Belamant used his skills and learning to help create technological ideas that would advance and change the way we know banking systems. The things that he created changed banking for the better. He gained a talent for digital transactions, and knew that this would make banking processes quicker and more convenient.

Serge has developed many things that have made banking easier over the years including chip cars and digital payment systems. He recently helped to found a company called Zilch Technologies which was developed in the United Kingdom. The idea for this company came from Belamant’s son. They thought that it could help younger people out with financial products that were affordable to them. Serge brings his ideas to life through hard work and determination. It does not come easy, but if you set your mind to something you can and will accomplish it.

Serge Belamant has always been a hard working individual who sets his dreams high and does not stop until he reaches them. Belamant has truly changed the way we once knew banking, but he changed it for the better. Belamant is a man who wants to see progress within the world. He wants to create things that will make life easier, and that is just what he did. He create a way to make banking quicker, easier, and much more convenient. Belamant is changing the way of the future.

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The Rise of Sawyer Howitt

What separates the Millennial generation from previous generations includes their high aptitude for technology. When compared to previous generations,a Millennial’s conventional wisdom far exceeds that of their parent’s generation. As a result, a new era of talent remains on the horizon. With that being said, Sawyer Howitt remains one of these leaders. Moreover, Sawyer Howitt remains a young man gifted in numerous areas. Since his childhood, Sawyer Howitt has always held himself to a higher standard. Therefore, he remains a prominent figure among his peers.

When not setting records in racquetball, Howitt remains equally ambitious in the world of business. Moreover, Sawyer Howitt remains extremely educated. What makes his story noteworthy includes his ability to lead. Although Sawyer remains a senior in high school, he already has a well-paying job. As the project manager for Meriwether Group, Howitt has a promising future. Moreover, Howitt allocates a substantial amount of his time to helping out those in need.

When not in school or at work, Howitt dedicates much of his time to making the world a better place. In fact, he remains a strong partner in the women’s rights movement. Moreover, he speaks to at-risk adolescents that face numerous societal challenges. Furthermore, Howitt practices what he “preaches.” Although Howitt speaks to his community, he also leads by example. Upon graduating high school, Howitt intends on studying Entrepreneurial Finance at Columbia University. With such a detailed plan, it remains easy to see why Sawyer Howitt remains an inspiration for everyone to follow.

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