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OSI Food Solutions Is Building For The Future

While you may purchase food from restaurant chains such as McDonald’s frequently, you might not know much about the companies that supply them with that they serve to their customers like you. One of these companies is OSI Food Solutions which is one of the biggest food processors in the United States. The business started out small in Chicago as a local meat market. The owner, Otto Kolschowsky, was a German immigrant who later passed it on to his sons and it was rebranded to Otto & Sons in 1928. When the company was just serving their local community, they managed to build strong relationships with their excellent customer service.

Even though the company is now operating around 70 facilities around the world in 17 countries, OSI Food Solutions is still dedicated to building strong relationships with every customer that they serve. Instead of looking at the businesses that they work with as customers, they view their relationship as a partnership. As a company, they were able to quickly see that when the people they were providing value added food too were successful, so were they. After making a deal with the franchiser of McDonald’s, Ray Kroc, they were determined to keep up with their demand when McDonald’s started expanding across the United States. They began using nitrogen freezing techniques in 1973 at their newly built plant that was capable of processing large volumes of hamburger patties and other foods products.

In fact, their relationship with McDonald’s played a major role when OSI Food Solutions expanded to Europe. OSI Food Solutions may already be one of the biggest names in the industry and an important part in the food manufacturing history of the United States, but they have even bigger plans for the future to supply more people around the world with food that is high quality products and a good value. While the different facilities and companies that are part of OSI Food Solutions may be part of a brand, they understand that different regions will have different needs. On a local level, management is able to make a lot of decisions themselves to meet the needs of the area.

Jojo Hedaya: Executive CEO of Organization

Most people in the world have an email account at this time, whether or not you are looking at those emails, however, is a different story. Many people walk around every day with email after email piling up in their inbox, but not having the time to go through them. This was a problem that Jojo Hedaya encountered as well. 24 and on the go, he never had time to check his email, and being a college student studying abroad, this was making responding to important emails difficult. Soon after started college, he and Josh Rosenwald, who met by chance after both moving from New York to study abroad, spoke about the incident, as Josh was not receiving any answers from Jojo because all his messages were getting buried.

Afterward, Josh would say that since it was such a commonplace problem, as well as a personal one, they had all the inspiration they needed to design a program that would help them both solve this issue. After collaborating for a time, they finally came up with the ideas for the program, such as making it possible to delete your subscriptions all at once, which was something that hadn’t been thought of yet.

So, their Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald’s dream, Unroll.Me was put together. The two of them describe it as being able to pull up every subscription that is emailing you, there is little to no hassle, as all you must do is choose the email, then the subscriptions you would like to keep, get rid of all together, or put them into your roll-up. This roll-up feature allows whichever emails you prefer to be put into a daily digest, so that you are getting all of your important news when you want it, and are keeping you inbox with as little clutter as possible. You are also able to pick your preferred time to have your roll-up delivered.

While he is still young, Jojo Hedaya did drop out of his educational journey to work on this project. However, he does not regret it, as he says that he feels as though he is learning more where he is now, rather than in school. He is interested in returning, but at this moment and time, has all of his attention.

Louis R. Chenevert: Former CEO of United Technologies Corporation

Louis R. Chenevert studied in the University of Montreal and earned his degree. He furthered his studies and did his doctorate degree in the University of Montreal in the year 2011.Louis R. Chenevert served as the president of United Technologies Corporation and made the Organization successful because he was transparency and hard working. The organization elected him in the year 2008, January and worked well in his reign up to November 2014 when he retired. Besides, he used to be a CEO of Pratt and Whitney since the beginning of April 1999 all the way up to March 2006. Louis R. Chenevert had spent several years working at General Motors before associating himself with Pratt and Whitney in the year 1993. Here, he delivered services well working as the company’s Production General Manager at St. Therese operation.

In the company, Louis R. Chenevert was focused to deliver the services in a good manner. He made sure that his stuff members were well equipped with skills and experience in their fields of work always. As a matter of fact, an organization’s president has to deliver very well in short-term and also focus on the future welfares which will bring long-time progress in the firm.

United Technologies Corporation believes in investing in people and technology. Besides, the organization acknowledges that the decision made now, is a start of success of the company in future. Louis R. Chenevert could acknowledge the time back in the year 1999 and make the decisions currently for the progress of the company. Chenevert was willing to invest in United Technologies Corporation and make the company grow well. The company’s vision has contributed much in United States’ economy and also the creation of manufacturing jobs in the United States.

Louis Chenevert had an idea of putting the two companies together, United Technologies Corporation and Pratt and Whitney, with an aim of creating a big interconnected company which would bring more jobs in the United States. This would employ many individuals who are talented and have passion in technology jobs. This idea went through and currently the situation employing the skilled and passionate individuals is happening.

The Way of Jeunesse Global

There are far too many people out there who have lost faith entirely in the business of health and wellness. You can go down the road to any drugstore and find a whole array of supplements that claim to have beneficial effects for your body, but in reality, they hardly impact it. The important thing to remember, however, is that this phenomenon is not all the health industry is restricted to. In fact, thinking so would be far from the truth, and one living, breathing corporate entity that stands out as genuine and honest is Jeunesse Global.

Jeunesse Global is a company that specializes not only in health and wellness but also in anti-aging. Essentially, this is the sort of company that wants for their customers to feel as though they are only becoming more and more beautiful as they age. While Jeunesse Global knows that there is not necessarily a surefire way to counteract the process of aging, but they also maintain the strong belief that they can provide a way for people to change the path they are currently on. While many people are simply tolerant of having a nutrient-deprived diet that causes them to age more rapidly, others want to find out how to get the nutrients they lack, and Jeunesse Global has the answers.

They generate hit after hit in the medicinal world, and all of their products are highly revered in the review section of their website. This is one thing that Jeunesse Global hits right on the head where, unfortunately, dozens of other companies would generally fail. They have a genuine bond and connection with their customers. Customers, to them, are clients, and each one is to be treated respectfully. If someone requests a refund through email, that refund is nearly always given under the proper terms. Truly, Jeunesse Global stands out as being one of the most honest and trustworthy health corporations standing today in the United States, and customers will be happy to know that when they buy from Jeunesse Global, they can expect nothing but the absolute most beneficial health improvements.

Oren Frank Talks about the Digital Revolution

Oren Frank was born in Israel and spent most of his early life marketing and advertising. He now lives in New York with his family and is the CEO and co-founder of Talkspace, a platform meant for offering therapy and space where people get to talk about anything and everything about life.

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In his talk about the digital revolution, Oren Frank talked about how Big Data is anticipated to take over the world soon. A lot of data is already connected to the web and today; nearly everything is done online. Much of human activities are linked to online platforms such as Facebook, and we have millions of apps coming up every day. People spend most of their time on their smartphones.

However, he finds it ironical that although accessing information has become easier than it was before the presence of digital revolution, the Americans still voted for a party that was founded in the 19th century. Also, robber barons still use Bloomberg and Bombardiers rather than snail mail and horses. For over 5o years, people still fly Boeings below the sound speed. Dentists are drilling, and cars still burn oils and ride on four rubber wheels that go flat and delay journeys. The fact is, there is no proof that people are happier than they were in a hundred years ago when technology and digitalization did not exist.

The technology believers are however saying that the world is getting close to the technological singularity where no one will be able to predict the implications of upcoming technologies. Oren Frank believes that the technology believers are probably right and digital revolution will still keep on changing and new things are bound to be discovered as time goes by. The revolution, however, seems to be over in people’s minds and hearts. They fail to see how communication has shifted and how it affects culture and way of life. People are no longer surprised by discoveries such as new cancer treatment, iPhone 7. It has become so obvious and boring that nothing seems exciting anymore. With this, it is hard to tell if the digital revolution is still on or coming to an end.


Agera Energy Collaborates With Local NGOs to Help Underprivileged Citizens

Agera Energy is known for supplying customized energy plans to the United States’ commercial and residential energy consumers. Into the bargain, the utility company has been on the vanguard of advocating for energy conservation.

Outside of the energy industry, Agera Energy spends its resources in supporting non-governmental organizations that campaign for important humanitarian courses like poverty eradication, food security, and empowerment.

Agera Energy supports Food Bank Association of New York State, a charitable organization that promotes food security. Food Bank Association provides food and shelter to people low-income people in New York. Furthermore, the organization empowers citizens on the benefits of food banks.

Besides Food Bank Association, Agera Energy supports Volunteers of America, one of the oldest Charities in New York. It was established in 1896. This non-profit organization provides shelter for victims of violence, homeless kids, as well as victims of a disaster. Moreover, Volunteers of America help the victims start a life of sufficiency.

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Serge Belamant: Write Comment for Article

I wonder why there are so many ultra-successful people who have not finished college. Makes you question the whole college system. Of course if you want to be a politician you need college, but a lot of people who are the backbone of major advancements in business and entertainment never finished it. Serge Belamant is the “father of blockchain technology” and chose not to complete his education when university red tape wouldn’t let him transfer his credits. I think that’s a wise choice, seeing as how he obviously had talent to create his own start-up and build his career. Most universities don’t care about the wellbeing of individual students or practical matters like not making students repeat coursework they’re already done. You have college dropouts like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates who, like Serge Belamant, are also pioneers in the technological field. But these days it’s impossible to be considered for a job without a college degree, and your shot at making it in any sector even with one are low. It’s interesting that he received an honorary Ph.D from Burkes University that was found not to be legitimate. Why would he need an honorary degree? How exactly did the law decide that there was ‘no wrong doing’ on Serge or his company’s part? I’d like to see more information on that because the article does not specify what exactly was found to be untrue. I believe that to get that far in a field, especially the technology one, people often pull stunts like fake degrees or shady practices to help their business succeed in a cut-throat market. Whatever he may have done, it does not take away from the significance of blockchain technology itself.

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Richard Liu’s humble beginnings

Every successful person has had to start somewhere and Richard Liu being one of Asia’s moguls is no exception. Born in Suqian in Jiangsu China, Richard Liu Qiangdong had an ordinary life, with ordinary parents who shipped coal for a living. Despite being humble, his parents worked hard enough to ensure he had everything he needed and Liu seeing this learned the essence of hard work.

After completing his sociology bachelor’s degree at a leading University in China, where he also taught himself coding and other computer science related topics, Richard Liu Qiangdong enrolled at the China Europe International business school where he pursued his EMBA. Even though he eventually graduated with this accolade, it was not easy as he had to raise funds for his education as well as for the treatment of his ailing granny. To achieve this, he established a small restaurant which failed miserably, but despite this, his determination remained unwavered. After completing his EMBA, Richard Liu secured a position at Japan Life where he was soon promoted to director of computers owing to exceptional skills.

Richard Liu Qiangdong however left in 1998, so he could put his entrepreneurial skills into action. Owing to his previous entrepreneurial failure, this time he knew his area of expertise better and established Technology Hub, which is what would later become

During this period, he dealt with magneto-optical goods and thanks to his previous experience in Japan life as well as his natural entrepreneurial instincts, the business soon took off and grew to 12 chain stores. Unfortunately, his hard-earned success did not last long as the SARS outbreak in 2003 forced most businesses including his to remain house-bound. Being future oriented, Richard Liu Qiangdong did not let this get in the way of his success, and he immediately took his business online in 2004.

Owing to his excellent business strategies, was on its way to success, and by diversifying the products he sold to include an array of consumer goods, it did not take long before the company began making headlines. This was the beginning of a multi-billion company and his breaking point as well.

Today, Liu serves as the CEO of the company and slowly he continues to shepherd the company to greener pastures.

Michael Nierenberg as a Representative for Success in Business

Michael Nierenberg serves at New Residential Investment Corp. as its manager and Board Chairman. He became a board member in 2013 before being promoted into the leadership position in 2016. Michael Nierenberg aspiration to achieve success commenced during his early life upon the completion of studies. He had worked at different organizations before settling at New Residential Investment. The prestigious firms that he had interacted with include Fortress, the Bank of America and JP Morgan. At Fortress, his exemplary performance was almost being rewarded before he switched companies. At JP Morgan, he was responsible for heading the Global Securitized items produced.

Serving as an executive in these companies was not sufficient for Mr. Nierenberg. He has played significant roles in guiding other organizations including the Bear Sterns for over fourteen years. At the company, Michael’s roles entailed heading the corporation’s foreign exchange marketing affairs and co-chairing the mortgage-backed securities. Each working instance provided him with a clear view of the professional world. He thus gained sufficient knowledge, expertise and exposure necessary to help him in the management operations at New Investment Corp.

Recently, Reuters, the globe’s multimedia provider for news featured Mr. Nierenberg. The hugest news feed provided the detailed working experience of Michael. Reuters also demonstrated the stock on the organization under the guidance of Mr. Nierenberg. Under his management, he had traded share worth 1,150,000 costing $14.75. Michael and his colleagues work exhaustively at New Residential Investment Corp. Other stock markets regarding the shares sold by the company’s CEO include trading 558,708 for $15.38 and 1,369,531 for approximately $18.66.

His operations at the company contribute immensely to the growth of the organization. He uses his skill learned in school and experience gained from other companies. Michael attended the Amherst College and the Wharton Business School situated at Pennsylvania University. He graduated with a Business Administration undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. He has experienced growth nurturing his skills and developing the appropriate attitude to work with people. At the organization, Mr. Nierenberg associates with eminent individuals including Robert McGinnis, David Saltsman, and Alan Tyson among others. Reuters reports Mr. Michael as an icon in the business industry.

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Jeunesse Global Product Review #1

Youth-enhancement products possesses qualities that can drastically slow down the aging process. This industry brings in billions of dollars on an annual basis, and there are literally a ton of brands to choose from. Jeunesse Global, a world-renowned brand that specializes in defying the aging process, has been changing people’s lives for the better. This change can help an individual who is receptive to using age-defying products. Unfortunately, all youth-enhancement brands are not created equal. Jeunesse Global has revolutionary products that are progressively turning back the hands of time. In most cases, if you look younger, then you’ll feel younger.

This popular brand has been on the scene since 2009, and the brand has an extensive list of clients and customers. So, what kind of products can be found here? The answer to this question is very simple because Jeunesse offers moisturizer, primer, mist foundation and more. For enhancing your quality of life, the AM & PM Essentials is a dietary supplement that effectively targets the body’s nighttime and daytime needs. This formula comes in capsule form, and consumers will receive 60 capsules per bottle. Some of the ingredients included are vitamin C, vitamin D, riboflavin, thiamin, vitamin K, niacin, biotin and many others. In other words, AM & PM Essentials can bring your body back into balance with consistent use.

Jeunesse Global has another fine product to get your body up and running, and this beverage is popular all over the world. Monavie Active is blended with 19 super fruits, including kiwi, elderberry, acai berry, white grape, pomegranate, wolfberry, pear and other fruits. This beverage is also good for joint pain thanks to its plant-based glucosamine. Of course, this only scratches the surface of what this phenomenal company has to offer, but Jeunesse Global will continue to bring innovative products to the forefront of the industry.