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Edwin Miranda on the Benefits of Consultants

Edwin Miranda, the CEO and Founder of KOI IXS, writes about the differences between an advertising agency and an advertising consultant. He explains the difference in approach that both have and the benefits of a consultant over an agency.

An ad agency tends to be stuck in an older model of doing things: All that matters to an ad agency is that their ad hits as many platforms and people as possible. A consultant, by contrast, is more concerned with making a lasting and meaningful impression with their ads. Where an agency would call an add a success if it reaches a lot of people, a consultant understands that making a bigger connection with customers is more important than sheer volume.

According to Edwin Miranda’s breakdown, a consultant is more likely to take a creative and original approach to creating new content, whereas an agency would be more likely to stick to the tried-and-true methods they are already comfortable with. This means that a consultant is more able and likely to think outside the box and try to find a way to reach customers. With this approach the consultant tries to use ad time to convince customers to spend their dollar on the consultants’ clients business. An ad agency is more likely to simply try and get customers to remember the brand’s name, but not necessarily do anything additional to persuade customers that the advertised business is the right one for them and their dollar.

Edwin Miranda points out that consultancy is a growing force in advertising. In 2016, of the top 10 ad agencies in the world, two of them were actually consultancies. In 2017 the number of consultancies on that list doubled to four. This proves that customers and businesses alike are seeing the benefits of hiring consultants.

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Bhanu Choudhrie decides to Invest in Saudi Arabia

Bhanu Choudhrie is part of C&C Alpha Group. C&C Alpha Group is a private investment firm based in London. They invest in a wide range of assets. Right now they are looking at expanding into a couple of new areas of investment. They are looking at hospitality projects in the Middle East, and they are looking at water desalination plants in the same area.

Bhanu Choudhrie and his family run the company. The family hails from India, and they are all part of the Choudhire clan. The Choudhrie clan is famous for its investing prowess. The investment company has branches in other parts of the world as well.

Bhanu Choudhrie believes that the hospitality industry in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries is on the rise. He thinks that as rules and regulations begin to ease and the countries start to become more prosperous, travel and tourism will start to boom. View Bhanu Choudhrie’s profile at Linkedin.

Bhanu Choudhrie also believes that the holistic wellness industry will prosper along with travel and tourism. Mr. Choudhrie commented that there is still reason to take caution when making this type of investment, and said that the group will do just that. Investments are not always foolproof, so some amount of discretion should be made. But with the liberation of women in Saudi Arabia, as far as them being able to drive now, he believes that a growing travel, tourism, and wellness industry is not far behind.

C&C Alpha Group also invests in utilities in the Middle East. With this branch of the family business, they plan to enter the water desalination sector in Saudi Arabia. Bhanu Choudhrie believes that the water desalination industry in the desert will grow over the years to come. Water desalination in Saudi Arabia is already starting to take off. The country needs water for the people to use and drink. Scientists are continually finding more efficient ways to desalinate water, especially with solar power and the desert is the perfect place for this.

With possible worldwide water shortages coming in the next decades, the C&C Alpha Group sees this as a great place to begin investing. The C&C Alpha Group will be investing in hospitality and water desalination in the Saudi Arabian region over the next few years.

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Gustavo Martinez has been working entirely in the marketing and advertising industry for more than 30 years. During his career, Martinez has held prominent positions in various marketing companies. Martinez served as the head of McCann world group, Mather, Olgilvy and also worked as the CEO for J. Walter Thompson Worldwide which is one of the biggest marketing firms in the world.

Recently Gustavo has changed the scope of his working activities which include marketing and advertising through the creation of iconic ads into consultation. Gustavo mentioned that meeting in marketing entails formulating services at operational and strategic levels which is the cornerstone of the marketing industry. Consultancy design has been tested over time and proven to give successful results over the years.

Gustavo has differentiated the marketing industry from other industry in the sense that other industries operate on set processes which are already defined and well established. The advertising industry tends to differ since it relies heavily on creativity.

Advertising relies on artistic ways of portraying your work and just like in the art industry, different artist changes in terms of composition and method of describing art and so do different marketing agencies have different marketing strategies.

For this reason, marketing requires absolute pure creative talent so as outdo competitors and does not rely only on public figures or comic people who say interesting things.

Gustavo has insisted on recruitment measures he takes to get his team members which include mostly the top performers in several universities. He does this to have a team of creative people who can do well in consultancy even if they may not do so well in the in harsh marketing environments.

Gustavo acknowledges creativity as the critical factor to marketing, and for that reason, his team constitutes different people with different background and experience which is the key factor to bring a wide range of ideas and come up with sound problem solutions.

Being a team leader, Gustavo recognizes the value of listening to other people ideas and also knowing their worth which has been a lubricant to coming across different kind of talents. He also puts into consideration in awarding hard work done by his team members since motivating them gets them inspired and become more creative.

Gustavo also appreciates technological advancements in the marketing industry which creates room for more in-depth insights into the marketing platform and makes the industry more interesting.

As an entrepreneur, Gustavo listens attentively to anyone’s opinion. He believes that anybody can come up with something exciting or contribution towards anything regardless of who they are. Gustavo also talked about charity, he presumes charity to be a significant move, but it should be done out of good will and not to seek status recognition.

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