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Highland Capital Management Co Founder James Dondero

Recently, the co founder of Highland Capital Management James Dondero was appointed to the Executive Board of the Cox School of Business as Southern Methodist University. As a member of the Executive Board, James will help the school oversee its educational programs as well as help students with professional development. Learn more about James Dandero:

Dondero’s recent appointment to the Executive Board has been yet another opportunity for him to benefit the students and faculty. James and his firm Highland Capital Management have already made considerable contributions to the school in recent years. He endowed the school with the Highland Capital Management Tower Scholars which helps students pursue both educational and professional opportunities which will enhance their career.

James Dondero has been running the finance firm Highland Capital Management since 1993. He started up the firm after working in the finance industry for many years. He has helped build his firm into one of the most successful in the world.

The firm has a number of offices in foreign countries such as the United Kingdom, South Korea and Brazil. With this international presence, Dondero and his firm are able to help a number of large investors manage their capital. James has introduced a number of services to his clients which include collateralized loan obligations, equity investments and hedge funds. By offering these options, Dondero and his firm are able to ensure that institutional investors and large companies will be able to grow and expand their capital.

When James Dondero started his career he worked as a trainee in which he would gain experience as a credit analyst and investor. At this position he would learn a lot about the finance industry and would get experience that would help him succeed in the future.

During his career, James would advance to more significant positions and establish himself as a successful professional in the finance industry. James would eventually advance to the position of chief investment officer. At this position, he would oversee up to $2 billion in assets for large major companies including American Express. After working in the finance industry as an employee, Dondero would start up his own company.