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Rocketship Education Is Getting Everyone’s Attention

Rocketship Education is a public charter school structure that locates itself into lower economic neighborhoods where there is little to no quality education available. It is a partnership between students, teachers, parents, and the entire community at large. When everyone buys in on the concept together it has meaningful and positive results.

Rocketship Education uses a different model in its teaching approach apart from the traditional teaching model. Instead of forcing students to sit through four or five hours a day of lectures, which does little to foster real learning, Rocketship Education does have some general sessions, but much of the time is spent in smaller groups and digital learning.

The smaller groups offer students the opportunity to cover material more in-depth and time to ask questions. In groups of 6 to 8 students there is more interaction and informality. Subject matter can be covered with practical examples and student projects that get to the heart of the matter.

Digital learning is used to cover repetitive items such as math rules, language, history, and other factual items where a logical path can be followed individually. The students use laptops, smartphones, and tablets, equipment that the students usually already know how to use.

With the digital learning modules, students can progress at their own pace as they follow the on-screen lessons and reviews. Here they are truly on their own as far as the pace of learning which helps relax the situation and many of the lessons are lots of fun, thus keeping the interest levels high.

The schools are truly community schools as the families of the students are deeply involved with the schools’ operation and planning. The families actually name the schools, they help design the offerings for enrichment, and select the unique fifth core value. Each fall the teachers and leaders pay a visit to the home of each family, turning around the usual formal school hierarchy and making the event an informal visit by a friend. Here friendships are developed and bonds are made that last a lifetime.

The results speak for themselves as the average rocketship student graduates from high school a full year ahead of the average public school student.