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Adding Zeal to Your Business with Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist who has inspired so many people across numerous states. Just like his name, he has always sparked and aimed higher to achieve what he desires. He is a believer and has always embraced faith as one of his key elements to success.

Sparks began his journey of entrepreneurship with only a high school diploma, he has now emerged to be one of the most accomplished people who started from scratch. He is currently the founder of Timber Creek Capital, LP as well as the CEO of the firm. He resides in Dallas, Texas.

H enjoys being in the field of telecommunication but majorly deals with businesses. He is well known for beginning and developing numerous businesses. Cardinal Telecom, Splash Media and Blue Jay Wireless are some of the companies he has played a big role in.

Marc Sparks also spends his time to give back to the community, he has become a great philanthropist who has changed many lives. He has greatly participated in many humanitarian projects.

He has reinforced the American Can! Academy through donating a thousand laptops, Sparks has used his assets to build reasonably priced homes with Habitat and has involved himself with the Samaritan Inn; a home to those who have no home which has since been there from the late 80s.

His company, Timber Creek Capital, funds and supports determined entrepreneurs in creating beginning businesses so that the can rise up to be great firms. Any potential entrepreneur will need the required capital to create his own business.

Timber creek capital does not just take any business, but business with strong tactics on how to carry out their work. After Sparks and the company find these businesses they support them by giving them the capital they need. Apart from capital, the company offers other requirements to start a business including, tools, office space, banking, professionalism in customer service and networking.

The path to success is never straight, there must be few challenges at some point. This is what stimulates Marc Sparks to start so any businesses because he has all the experience it takes for a company to be successful. His values to being successful include determination, passion and faith.

His role as also a mentor to upcoming business creators has helped him establish principles that they need to run a business. These principles are; having a business strategy, having things straight to the point and showing an extraordinary product to the society.

His book ‘They Can’t Eat You’. that he is currently progressing on, tells his journey to success. He is trying to tell everyone that they can be successful in business, your level of education does not matter