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Beneful: A dog’s best friend

Beneful, a PurinaStore brand, has been on the consumer market since 2001, in that time the brand has become a household name to dog lovers everywhere. Sporting an overwhelming 95% customer satisfaction rating, lets explore a few variants of their foods . With 20 different varieties of food to suit all different breeds, ages and health considerations, there is sure to be a perfect fit for your dog.
Beneful Originals with Salmon: this Amazon best-seller is a great choice for a pooch of any age, this quality food comes with a nutritious and tasty mix of natural ingredients. Made with real salmon, featuring 23 essential vitamins and minerals, topped with omega fatty acids to promote healthy coat and skin. All with a taste that is sure to be a hit with your dog!

Beneful Healthy Puppy food: A specially formulated recipe for the new addition to your family. Calcium rich for healthy bones, DHA for vision and brain development and made with real chicken. Help your young furry friend grow up big and strong with Beneful’s Healthy Puppy food.

Beneful IncrediBites with Beef: Made with small dog breeds in mind, comes in tender bite size pieces that will have your dog begging for more. With delicious real beef and accented with carrots and peas, this food is guaranteed to give complete and balanced nutrition for your small breed dog.

Beneful Healthy Weight with Chicken: If your pup packing a few extra pounds? Help them shed a that unwanted weight away with Beneful’s Healthy Weight food. Made with real chicken, this food offers 10% less calories than compared the Beneful’s Originals, while still providing all the essential nutrients and vitamins your dog needs, along with a great taste too.

Beneful Baked Delights Stars Bacon and Cheese snacks: Help to answer the age old question; “Whose a good boy?”, with these tasty snacks. Shortbread cookies with real bacon and cheese will soon be the new favorite of your dog. Comes in resealable pouches to ensure freshness for plenty of rewards for your four legged pal.

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Cooper and Lacey Benefit From Beneful

It all started when cooper was a puppy. Since the day we got cooper he has only had products. When cooper was a puppy we started him out on Beneful healthy puppy food. Cooper loved his healthy puppy food and we could tell due to the fact that there would never be a bite left in his bowl. Healthy puppy food gave cooper, even more, energy than most puppies who don’t eat Beneful have. After cooper got older we ended up feeding him Beneful originals dry dog food. We would buy on Wal-Mart and switch from week to week between the real beef and the real chicken originals dry dog food. Cooper liked the fact that he could eat a different flavor of dog food every other week and we liked the fact that Beneful had so many different flavor choices to choose from but was still nutritious and healthy. Not many dog food’s on the market are healthy and taste good at the same time so it was very impressive that Beneful is. We have a second dog along with cooper named lacey and lacey had a problem with her weight until we put her on Beneful healthy weight dry dog food and within a week we were able to see the results. Beneful has been a complete blessing to our family and has kept both of our dogs beyond happy so over the years we also decided to start using Beneful dental ridge dog treats ( to maintain lacey and coopers teeth. A lot of our friends who have dog’s have asked us many times what kind of food and treats we feed lacey and cooper and we always tell them Beneful because Beneful in our book has always deserved recognition for the amazing products that it creates and sells on Amazon to its customers.




The Dog Food Revolution

The old tradition of feeding pets with the remains of human food is dead and gone. Innovation has brought into the market specific enriched foods for pets. People are also moving away from the old-fashioned canned dog food. Some of these innovators are so obsessed with the quality of their products and use only fresh ingredients.

The producers make sure that their meals do not sit for long on the shelves so that they are consumed while still fresh and the original flavor is not lost. The products are supplied to big stores like Amazon, Wal-marts and Targets. They also brand the refrigerated cases, and it therefore becomes very easy to identify a specific product for a prospective client.

Some companies have even injected the aspect of customized pet food. In this, a pet owner who is believed to be best placed in knowing his/her pet’s dietary needs is allowed to choose the ingredients and proportions for their pet. The ‘self-cooked’ pet meal is then delivered to the pet owner.

One of the renowned producers of pet food is Purina store with their Purina Beneful brand, Beneful dog food. Their ingredients include real meat and veggies rich in vitamins. This means that with a Beneful brand, one gets a completely balanced meal for your dog. The tastes of the food and textures are also top notch.

The Manager of Technical Operations, Mr. Kevin, is steering the company to its heights. He says that growing up in a farm gave him a unique perspective on the ingredients and the best processes that are involved in making the best quality dog food.

The nutritious dog food by Beneful is fed to more than 15 million dogs every year. Their quality control and protocols ensure their products meet all the requirements of the safety regulation bodies like FDA, AAFCO and USDA. Their ingredients are also tested for over 150 substances like lead, arsenic and mycotoxins. Beneful staff are also pet lovers and feed their dogs the very same products they make.