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How End Citizens United is Trying to Change Issues

For End Citizens United, the point of making sure they can help citizens is something that allows them success in the future. The company knows what people need and they won’t stop until they get to that point. The company always wanted to make sure they could help others and give back in different situations, but they didn’t realize they’d have to fight against the law to make that happen. End Citizens United is different from other organizations and groups that work to fight corruption. They do everything they can to help people understand they’re the best and they’re giving back in different situations. It’s their goal of creating a positive environment that allows them the chance to keep coming up with new strategies for fighting back against corrupt lawmakers. They want to restore the citizens’ rights and make it easier for them to get what they can from voting and contributing. Read more about End Citizens United on Crunchbase.

As it stands now, organizations and corporations are able to donate as much as citizens to political parties. They are huge entities treated like citizens. This causes a lot of trouble for people who only have a little to contribute. They’re up against big brands that can put in millions of dollars toward their favorite candidate and that creates a huge problem for those who want to make sure they’re doing things the right way. End Citizens United will end that. They will work to restore things back to where they need to be instead of just fighting with the corporations.

Corporations paid for the bill to be put into place. They have a lot of money to spend, but End Citizens United is growing. They also have a lot of money to spend to make things better and that’s something they’ll keep doing as long as they can make more money. The organization wants people to understand they have the chance to keep giving back no matter what. They also want the citizens to feel like they have a voice. With the organization working to restore it, people will have a chance to start feeling better about the voting rights. Learn more: 


End Citizens United Follows Beto O’Rourke’s Campaign

End Citizens United, the grassroots organization that seeks to limit the influence of big money in politics, has been following the campaign of Beto O’Rourke. According to a July 10, 2018 article on the Premiere Gazette website, End Citizens United has conducted surveys showing Beto has been gaining ground on Ted Cruz, incumbent Senator from Texas. According to the Premiere Gazette article, Cruz’s lead has slid from 14 to 18% down to 5 to 8%. Although Beto’s campaign is still considered a long shot, End Citizens United is encouraged by the trend. Visit End Citizen United on Twitter for more updates.

As might be expected, grassroots funding cannot usually raise as much money as the dark money campaigns that draw from rich anonymous donors. That means that surveys become particularly important. They tell the PACs where to direct their scarce resources. Other groups have stepped forward in support of Beto, such as the League of Conservation Voters (LCV). However, LCV’s backing of Beto is as much due to their opposition of Cruz as to their support for Beto.

What is End Citizens United’s stake in all of this? According to the Premiere Gazette article, they have four goals: electing pro-reform candidates, keeping the national discussion focused on the negative effects of big money, passing pro-reform legislation at the state level, and using grassroots tactics to counter big money politics. The combination of these four goals has led to support of candidates on both the local and national political stage. The article notes that grassroots tactics include not only how candidates fund campaigns but also how they run their campaigns. The use of call-in campaigns and Beto’s well-publicized travels to every county in Texas are part of this grassroots strategy.

While Democrat Beto O’Rourke is a long-shot to unseat an incumbent Republican Senator in a strongly conservative state, the fact that he has been closing the gap on his opponent through the use of grassroots tactics are an encouraging sign for End Citizens United and similar groups that these tactics could work in the long run.