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Jojo Hedaya: Executive CEO of Organization

Most people in the world have an email account at this time, whether or not you are looking at those emails, however, is a different story. Many people walk around every day with email after email piling up in their inbox, but not having the time to go through them. This was a problem that Jojo Hedaya encountered as well. 24 and on the go, he never had time to check his email, and being a college student studying abroad, this was making responding to important emails difficult. Soon after started college, he and Josh Rosenwald, who met by chance after both moving from New York to study abroad, spoke about the incident, as Josh was not receiving any answers from Jojo because all his messages were getting buried.

Afterward, Josh would say that since it was such a commonplace problem, as well as a personal one, they had all the inspiration they needed to design a program that would help them both solve this issue. After collaborating for a time, they finally came up with the ideas for the program, such as making it possible to delete your subscriptions all at once, which was something that hadn’t been thought of yet.

So, their Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald’s dream, Unroll.Me was put together. The two of them describe it as being able to pull up every subscription that is emailing you, there is little to no hassle, as all you must do is choose the email, then the subscriptions you would like to keep, get rid of all together, or put them into your roll-up. This roll-up feature allows whichever emails you prefer to be put into a daily digest, so that you are getting all of your important news when you want it, and are keeping you inbox with as little clutter as possible. You are also able to pick your preferred time to have your roll-up delivered.

While he is still young, Jojo Hedaya did drop out of his educational journey to work on this project. However, he does not regret it, as he says that he feels as though he is learning more where he is now, rather than in school. He is interested in returning, but at this moment and time, has all of his attention.

Louis R. Chenevert: Former CEO of United Technologies Corporation

Louis R. Chenevert studied in the University of Montreal and earned his degree. He furthered his studies and did his doctorate degree in the University of Montreal in the year 2011.Louis R. Chenevert served as the president of United Technologies Corporation and made the Organization successful because he was transparency and hard working. The organization elected him in the year 2008, January and worked well in his reign up to November 2014 when he retired. Besides, he used to be a CEO of Pratt and Whitney since the beginning of April 1999 all the way up to March 2006. Louis R. Chenevert had spent several years working at General Motors before associating himself with Pratt and Whitney in the year 1993. Here, he delivered services well working as the company’s Production General Manager at St. Therese operation.

In the company, Louis R. Chenevert was focused to deliver the services in a good manner. He made sure that his stuff members were well equipped with skills and experience in their fields of work always. As a matter of fact, an organization’s president has to deliver very well in short-term and also focus on the future welfares which will bring long-time progress in the firm.

United Technologies Corporation believes in investing in people and technology. Besides, the organization acknowledges that the decision made now, is a start of success of the company in future. Louis R. Chenevert could acknowledge the time back in the year 1999 and make the decisions currently for the progress of the company. Chenevert was willing to invest in United Technologies Corporation and make the company grow well. The company’s vision has contributed much in United States’ economy and also the creation of manufacturing jobs in the United States.

Louis Chenevert had an idea of putting the two companies together, United Technologies Corporation and Pratt and Whitney, with an aim of creating a big interconnected company which would bring more jobs in the United States. This would employ many individuals who are talented and have passion in technology jobs. This idea went through and currently the situation employing the skilled and passionate individuals is happening.

Bhanu Choudhrie decides to Invest in Saudi Arabia

Bhanu Choudhrie is part of C&C Alpha Group. C&C Alpha Group is a private investment firm based in London. They invest in a wide range of assets. Right now they are looking at expanding into a couple of new areas of investment. They are looking at hospitality projects in the Middle East, and they are looking at water desalination plants in the same area.

Bhanu Choudhrie and his family run the company. The family hails from India, and they are all part of the Choudhire clan. The Choudhrie clan is famous for its investing prowess. The investment company has branches in other parts of the world as well.

Bhanu Choudhrie believes that the hospitality industry in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries is on the rise. He thinks that as rules and regulations begin to ease and the countries start to become more prosperous, travel and tourism will start to boom. View Bhanu Choudhrie’s profile at Linkedin.

Bhanu Choudhrie also believes that the holistic wellness industry will prosper along with travel and tourism. Mr. Choudhrie commented that there is still reason to take caution when making this type of investment, and said that the group will do just that. Investments are not always foolproof, so some amount of discretion should be made. But with the liberation of women in Saudi Arabia, as far as them being able to drive now, he believes that a growing travel, tourism, and wellness industry is not far behind.

C&C Alpha Group also invests in utilities in the Middle East. With this branch of the family business, they plan to enter the water desalination sector in Saudi Arabia. Bhanu Choudhrie believes that the water desalination industry in the desert will grow over the years to come. Water desalination in Saudi Arabia is already starting to take off. The country needs water for the people to use and drink. Scientists are continually finding more efficient ways to desalinate water, especially with solar power and the desert is the perfect place for this.

With possible worldwide water shortages coming in the next decades, the C&C Alpha Group sees this as a great place to begin investing. The C&C Alpha Group will be investing in hospitality and water desalination in the Saudi Arabian region over the next few years.

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Zeco Auriemo Chairs JHSF, a Real Estate Company in Brazil

JHSF Participacoes S.A. offers its services to the nonresidential building operators in Brazil. The company is engaged in the real estate sector. It’s also involved in the establishment, purchase as well as the sale of residential and commercial properties. JHSF is also involved in the establishment of shopping centers, the operation of hotels, tourist activities, alongside management services.

Since its founding in 1972, JHSF has engaged in various innovative approaches toward meeting its customer’s needs in the markets it’s strategically located. The company is also situated in several cities such as Sao Paulo, New York, and Manaus. Because it’s a public corporation, it has employed more than 800 employees. By pioneering innovative as well as quality products, the real estate developer has established an envied brand in the sector. Under the guidance of Zeco Auriemo, the brand is joining some of the industry’s prolific competitors.

Zeco Auriemo is currently serving as the CEO of JHSF. He’s responsible for brand management. Since joining the company at a tender age, he has progressively contributed to various partnerships with the firm, making it a household name and establishing its presence as a leading residential real estate business in Brazil. From the outset of his leadership, Zeco Auriemo has partnered with prolific brands such as Hermes, Valentino, and Jimmy Choo. He has also opened various retail outlets situated in Cidade Jardim shopping center. Zeco Auriemo joined JHSF at the age of 14. He has since served and risen the leadership ranks to the executive position he currently holds.

Auriemo was a student at the Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (FAAP) University. In 1997, he launched JHSF’s service department. It’s during this period that he also created Parkbem, the company’s parking lot management. He then delved into the development of the first shopping mall, Metro Santa Cruz.

Felipe Montoro Jens: The Business Man Who is Improving Brazil

Felipe Montoro Jens is from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He has been a successful business man within the international community for twenty five years. He has supported improvements for Brazil, and has been open to new innovations within the economic growth. His experience includes finance and infrastructure decisions. Felipe is known to help large corporations and private practices within financial strategies. His infrastructure background has guided state government strategies, economic waste solutions, corporate waste elimination, and environmental projects. As Brazil is going through an economic growth, Felipe is hoping that he can provide multiple improvements to infrastructure regions. Visit their website to learn more.

These improvements would include the new housing project through the Metropolitan Housing Company. Felipe envisions the construction of 34,000 new housing projects in Sao Paulo. The development will take six years to complete, with the hope of 100,000 new jobs for Brazilian residents, according to Felipe Montoro Jens, who serves as the Infrastructure Project Specialist. The housing project will generate jobs, services, and industrial growth for the region. In accordance with his infrastructure experience, Felipe has partnered with agencies to bring clean and safe waste removal from regions of Brazil. Through infrastructure and development, he has successfully provided environmentally safe waste removal. The removal of waste from the cities and towns of Brazil, has improved life in the regions.

Felipe Montoro Jens has had a very successful business career, which began with a prestigious education. He studied business at the Getulio Vargas Foundation, one of the best business schools of Brazil. After his completion there, he continued his education at Arizona State University’s Thunderbird School of Global Management. This serves as the top University for global business and management training. With his education as a stronghold, he began to move quickly through the corporate world. He received many business promotions and affiliations, while working for global companies. Felipe Montoro Jens holds twenty five years of infrastructure experience, as he is more determined to help with the economic development of Brazil.



The Genius of Randal Nardone

Randal Alan Nardone is the charismatic founder of Fortress Investment Group LLC. Aside from being the co-founder, Randal Nardone is also a principal and director at the company, not to mention its CEO (Chief Executive Officer) as well.

Randal Nardone is no ordinary executive. The finance genius didn’t start with finance as his line of interest and future career path. Instead, he got a B.A (Bachelors of Arts) in English and Biology from the University of Connecticut. After which he got a J.D (Juris Doctor) from the Boston University School of Law. Nardone did initially pursue law as a career and one his earliest position was that of a partner and member of the executive committee at Thacher Proffitt, and Wood. It wasn’t until 1997 that Randal Nardone joined BlackRock Financial Management Inc., as a principle that his career in the financial sector took off.

After a short stint at USB, Randal Nardone founded his firm, Fortress Investment Group LLC in 1998. With the success and expansion of the firm he helps conceive, Nardone is now a certified billionaire. Ranking in at number 557 of the Forbes’s World Billionaires List and with a net worth of $1.8 billion, Nardone has definitely proved his mettle.

Check out Randal Nardone at Forbes.

What makes Randal Nardone’s success especially inspiring is that his wealth and position in the industry is entirely an outcome of his hard work. He is an entirely self-made individual who has been able to excel in the field of finance without receiving any formal education in the field. His innate sensibility has enabled him to start one of the biggest hedge fund managing firms in the industry today.

His background in law has definitely helped him in gaining the peoples’ skills needed so much in finance. He has the charm and the charisma to convince people and trust him with their investment even in the times of deep financial crisis. This makes him a true leader and an inspiring individual who can accomplish anything he sets his mind to. There is only one thing you can call a person who is able to succeed no matter what route they take, and that is a genius.

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Igor Cornelsen’s Career And Achievements

Igor Cornelsen originates from Curitiba Brazil. His career began by studying engineering. He studied at the federal university of Parana. This is the only institution that offered engineering course at that time. As time passed, his interests moved from engineering to economics. He studied economics after which he secured a job as an investment banker. Due to his handwork and commitment to his work, he was promoted to the highest rank at Multibanco. Igor Cornelsen faced the challenge of losing his job after the company was acquired by the bank of America. He has utilized his skills in the most effective ways. He has contributed greatly to the success of many companies. Among the many companies is Unibanco and Libra Bank PLC. He has also assisted to promote the increase of wealth of Brazilian customers.

One of the key achievements that Igor has attained is getting hold of the Brazilian stock market. He has acquired a lot of knowledge due to his experience from various companies. This is in the field of banking and business. Many organizations have moved from failure to great success through him. To put his experience at work, he established an investment firm called Bainbridge Inv Inc.

Igor Cornelsen has investment strategies. His strategies are mainly in the field of the stock market. This shows that he aims at investing in ways that will generate him income even after retirement. This is because in the stock market the profits are not instant. His advice to people is for them to focus on the future. He says that one does not have to focus on that dollar that is earned today. It is good to look at the future and think what will happen. Based on him the best choice that one can make is to invest in a consistent market. He also advises the people who are venturing into investing to avoid companies that are already damaged.

Flavio Maluf Carves His Way through the wood industry

Flavio Maluf is the president of Eucatex, a company based in the Brazil that produces a wide range of wood paneling. Eucatex got its name from Eucalyptus which is the wood that the company uses in making their product.

Flavio Maluf’s focus on the end product of the wood products rather than the product itself and his vision has resulted in Eucatex remaining a leader in the sector. One of the reasons for the success is the amount of patents the company has, and he is in the process of opening up his first plant in Salto, São Paulo state. Flavio Maluf exports to over 37 countries in the world the plan is to export 40% of the product. Visit to learn more

Flavio knows the importance of hard work and the role of a business leader requires dedication and a desire to achieve greatness. Flavio also breaks the notion that in order to start a business one requires a great deal of money at the beginning.

One element Flavio uses to his advantage is the tax laws. Many see Brazil’s taxation system as overly burdensome, but Flavio knows that Brazil offers many tax incentives at both the national and local level. The government offers regional tax benefits to companies who move to areas of greatest need and areas with high unemployment. It is a win/win as Eucatex pays a reduced tax rate and hard-working citizens of low employment areas are given the work they need.

Flavio also knows that in order to remain sharp in the business world he also has to look after other areas in his life. Along with almost 9 hour work days, he finds time to exercise twice a week although he is always on the look out for new ideas to help his business grow. Flavio does not know where the next great idea will come from so he looks everywhere for something different, including when he is surfing the web for pleasure.



Stream Energy Continues To Build On Its Already Impressive Record Of Philanthropy:

Stream Energy is a company that is really serious about philanthropy and particularly passionate about giving back to its home state of Texas. When it comes to philanthropy at Stream Energy, the whole team is involved. From the executive leadership team to entry-level employees, the Stream team all get involved in the charitable work that the firm does. Charitable work has become such a big part of what Stream Energy does that the company has founded a special department called Stream Cares for the specific purpose of charitable works. The Steam Cares team have been busy helping to further the Stream Energy reputation for philanthropy. This is being accomplished through to significant efforts that are regularly made by the company’s employees in the spirit of giving back. Patch is a place that has made a big effort to feature the philanthropic work that is done by the team at Stream Energy.


Many of the communities of the state of Texas were devastated when Hurricane Harvey came roaring through. This storm cut a real path of destruction that left many with their lives completely upended. This is where organizations like Stream come in and the company did not hesitate to mobilize Stream Cares to help out with this desperate situation. Helping to give assistance to Dallas area homeless individuals is another big project that the Stream Cares team has been engaged in recently. The organization joined up with a group called Hope Supply Co. in order to provide this essential assistance to the needy of Dallas, Texas.
Stream Energy is known for providing top-notch electricity services and services for various aspects of customer’s lives. With Stream Cares, the company is providing to those that are in need of it. Supporting the efforts of local communities is a top priority to the Stream Cares team. It is not a surprise to see such an innovative company also making such significant efforts toward community service and philanthropy. Stream has one of the most unique business models in the energy business and the company and its representatives take a great deal of pride in passing along their successes in the form of philanthropy.

Vinod Gupta: Making education possible to the less -privileged

Vinod Gupta grew up in New Delhi, and his humble beginnings carried with them great life lessons that have shaped him into the multi-billion person he is today. Vinod is Managing General Partner at Everest Group where he is responsible for turning underperforming companies into great success using his decades of experience.

Vinod Gupta is not only a diligent businessman but also a philanthropist who enjoys giving back to the society. He values education and its benefits. Therefore, Vinod makes education possible for those who would otherwise not access it. To advance his mission, Vinod has built schools in the impoverished parts of India and funded ongoing courses. Vinod aims at helping others, and his satisfaction is knowing his wealth is assisting others to get real opportunities.

Vinod Gupta donated $1 million to Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic to enable its development. This polytechnic was founded in 2000 and is behind many women earning their postgraduate degrees within two years. It is technology-focused and aims to have successful independent Indian women. The institution offers courses in textile design, information technology, computer applications and webs design. Gupta has also set aside funds to build a girls’ school within Rampur Maniharan. He has provided all that they may need including buses and textbooks to facilitate their success. In the past, women were not given the same educational opportunities as the men, and Vinod Gupta has closed this educational gap, helping the local community towards embracing gender equality.

Vinod Gupta received his bachelor’s degree from Indian Institute of Technology and later pursued his masters in agricultural engineering and business at the University of Nebraska, on a scholarship. He has therefore set up a $500,000 scholarship fund to provide financial aid to minority students who want to study science or engineering at the university. Vinod is vocal about his desire to help individuals who have grown in similar circumstances as his, in the cost of studies. Within the last twenty years, he has donated over $50 million to advance education. He believes in “paying it forward” and has never seen wealth as a source of happiness.