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David Osio: The Epitome of Charity

For more than two decades, David Osio has played a significant role in supporting art, music and medical research. He does this by giving donations to organizations whose mission is to support culture and art in the communities that are close to where he has set up his businesses. David Osio is not done with offering a helping hand despite doing it for many years and quite to the contrary, he strives to stretch his helping hand to reach other charitable organizations worldwide.

One of David Osio’s most standout philanthropic efforts is his support for the Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO) where he serves as a member of the board. According to David, the reason why he supports the MISO is that he feels good when he sees such foundations keep their doors open courtesy of his donations. In line with his goal to support medical research, David also supports The Children’s Orthopedic Foundation. In his opinion, every dollar that goes to support children makes a significant difference to the future. His hope is that soon all fortunate people will come together and support such a noble cause.

David’s policy on his philanthropic efforts is to help any community that is close to where he sets up his business, thus as the financial services company expands so does his philanthropic efforts. Some of the foundations that have received donations because of such expansions are the UMA Foundation, Fundana Foundation and the Wayuu Taya Foundation. David’s efforts to support the community have earned him awards and international recognition.

About David Osio
David Osio is the founder and CEO of Davos Financial Group. His main role in the organization is global and domestic strategy. In approximately twenty years, David has grown Davos Financial Group to a firm that is recognized internationally dawning offices in major cities such as New York, Miami and Geneva. His educational background is rich boasting of a law degree from the Catholic University Andres Bello. He also has advanced professional certificates, which he earned after studying management investment portfolios at the New York Institute of Finance. David’s career traces its roots to his time as a legal advisor to multinational clients.

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David Osio Proves to be an Extraordinaire Philanthropist

For a long time, David Osio has not only created a remarkable reputation in the business world but also in the philanthropic realms. He maintains an active partnership with numerous non-profit organizations whose support contributes in bettering art, culture, and people in communities where the Davos business expands its ventures. Osio has continued his support for charitable organizations on a global spectrum.

David Osio is widely known for supporting the operations of the Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO). Previously, he served as its board member. He also maintains his support to The Children’s Orthopedic Foundation by sponsoring the EPK events each year. Osio cited that any support when it comes to medical research for kids makes a significant impact. Further, he reiterated his strong hope for more privileged individuals in society to join hands in a bid to make a financial impact towards a similar cause.

As the CEO of Davos Financial Group, David Osio has steered the company’s operations into global frontiers. In the new cities and locations, he ensures continued support for charity organizations. Osio also supports arts by funding art-based entities such as Miami-based Saludarte Foundation of Art. By supporting theses numerous foundations and organizations, David Osio has attracted numerous global recognitions and accolades.

Who is David Osio

David Osio is prominently known as the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Davos Financial Group of companies. He opted to venture into this line of business after working for other companies. Previously, he worked as the Chief Executive Officer and President of IOPED Enterprise, where he was in charge of the company’s coffee export programs. He also used to work for LETCO Commercial Companies where he had the responsibility of designing marketing programs for different industrial commodities in the US. In 1984, Osio joined the MGO law firm based in Caracas, Venezuela where he was in charge of handling corporate customers like Consolidated Bank and Ferro Corporation.

Since the inception of the Davos Financial Group in 1993, Osio has maintained a proactive leadership role. This attribute assisted David Osio in increasing the level of income as well as strengthening and expanding the company in a short duration. Osio has expanded his business by creating licensed and independent operating companies in strategic locations around the world like Panama, Miami, New York City and Geneva. Apart from business, David Osio projects a philanthropic attribute through his support for many international foundations such as Fundana Foundation, and UMA Foundation.

Mike Baur Starts Up New Company

Mike Baur is a businessman from Switzerland who is the current founder of Swiss Start Up Factory. This company helps businesses get the funding necessary to start up. Over the course of his career, Mike has worked with a number of businesses who have looked to get the financing they need in order to get their businesses started. He has also helped businesses get loans in order to expand as well. Before Mike was running his business, he was working in the banking industry where he would regularly help business owners find ways to reach their goals. During his career, Mike has earned a number of awards that have given him lots of positive recognition and credibility in the business community.


 Baur is the founder of a company called Swiss Start up Factory. This company specializes in helping businesses get the capital necessary to start up. When working with potential customers, Mike will hold events where business owners pitch their idea to him. Mike will then choose the business that he believes has the most potential for success. Once he decides which business to work with, he will then provide them with funding so that they can achieve their goals. With this business model, Mike has been able to help a number of businesses get the capital necessary without having to rely on other financial institutions.


Prior to running his company Swiss Start up Factory, Mike Baur worked in banking. While working in the banking industry, Mike would often meet with entrepreneurs to talk about their goals. On many occasions, these entrepreneurs would tell him that they have an idea for a business and need a certain amount of funding to start it up. Baur would then go over the market demand, profit potential and also the type of business that the entrepreneur is looking to start up. If the business idea looked satisfactory, then Baur would look to give the business owner the funding they need to make their business idea into a reality.


With his business model, Mike Baur has found a way to help a number of businesses get started and make a positive contribution to the economy of Switzerland. Since he worked in the banking industry, he has lots of experience in determining what businesses need in order to start up and succeed. Due to his accomplishments in the banking industry and as an entrepreneur, Mike Baur has won numerous awards. These prove that he has made significant contributions to the business community during his career.


Kyle Bass Thinks Hillary Clinton is Better for the Markets

During a recent Fox Business Network’s interview, Kyle Bass, a hedge fund manager, stated that he believes there’s a 40-50% chance of recession next year in the United States. However, this recession would be rather minor. This is quite a different prediction Mr. Bass had made back in 2008 when he predicted the subprime financial crisis.

The interview moved on to the choice of presidential candidates and their effect on financial markets. According to Bass, Hillary Clinton would be better as she’s more sane.

Kyle Bass also made comments about Chinese economy. It is slowing and there’s a growing debt bubble. But, he thinks, trouble there would only cause a minor recession in the United States. Chinese growth has already slowed down to less than 6% and its stock market has declined sharply from its highs.

A potential danger comes from Chinese banking system which has grown 1,000% in the past decade. Chinese banks hold $35 trillion in assets, the triple of Chinese yearly GDP. Trouble in this sector can weigh heavily on the entire economy and affect China’s trading partners.

Kyle Bass runs Hayman Capital Management and became famous after predicting the 2008 financial collapse. In the past, he’s been known for rather controversial investment tactics such as shorting pharmaceutical stocks and then suing these companies over patent infringements.

He also had caused lots of negative publicity after blaming the victims of GM car crashes, even though it came out the accidents were due to faulty steering systems and bags. At that time, Bass held GM stocks

Building a Better Shark

White Shark Media started from the ground up, and has used their customer experiences — both good and bad — to improve the services they offer their clients. While they have received numerous compliments on their internationally recognized marketing work, they have also received their share of customer complaints. The once small company has used both to improve the quality of their services.

While it may be unusual to focus on the complaints a company has received throughout its history, White Shark Media feels it is important to let clients and potential customers know that they are not only being heard, but that their concerns are being addressed, not dismissed.

Search Engine Management and Marketing is a vast and difficult field to navigate. It is not unusual for customers to feel lost in what is going on, and White Shark Media figured that out early in the game. Now, every client is explained the ins and outs of the process at the start, so that they not only understand what is happening, but are better equipped to contribute.

Some of the primary complaints clients voiced since the company’s founding in 2011 concerned better, and clearer, communications. To facilitate this, White Shark Media has implemented a host of strategies and approaches that make the process more transparent.

Teaming-up with Google AdWords has allowed them to provide even more information clients feel they need regarding their AdWords accounts and performance.

Each SEM consultant works under a supervisor who oversees no more than five employees, and this supervisor follows the client through the lifetime of his partnership with the firm. SEM strategists also have a direct line, so customers can reach the person most in-touch with their business’ needs.

As many of their clients were receiving inquiries by phone, White Shark Media also teamed-up with Marchex to provide call tracking. While this started in response to a particular set of customers, it became so integral to their business model that it is now a standard feature, offered freely to all clients.

White Shark Media is one of a handful of marketing firms backed exclusively by both Google and Microsoft (Bing), and has been in business for five years. They do not offer SEO services, but can assist in helping you determine which firm best suits your needs.

White Shark Media has learned that while compliments sooth the ego, constructive criticism builds a better business.

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What You Should Know About Andy Wirth

The existence and perfection of Squaw ski area as an excellent tour destination are due to the culmination of Andy Wirth work. Besides this great effort, it sounds amazing to hear that he is still Squaw Valley Ski Holdings CEO. He has also shown great team effort in the organization of services associated with community and environment. All these are bold measures to help in upgrading Lake Tahoe regions, with the aim of improving the living standards of its people. Learn more about Andy Wirth: and

The foundation of the Wounded Warrior Support, which is also known as Ironman team was made possible with Mr. Wirth support. It was aimed with a purpose of honoring the Navy SEALs team. Members of this team could gain concrete operational support from this high profiled organization.

The Squaw Valley ski is just next to Alpine Meadows. Therefore, there were announcements made to compel the building of a gondola to join the two resorts. The two skies were separated by just two distinct cultures and ski passes. Squaw Valley is the originality of the modern mountain resort in America. It entails history, heritage, and various amenities. Squaw Valley is described as one of the popular and standard hotels across the globe.

According to Andy Wirth, the Valley has a capacity of moving over 50,000 skiers on the hill per hour. He added that the resort has parking lots with many hotel rooms too among other incredible features.

Along these achievements, Wirth was successfully appointed as the new chairperson of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board of Trustees by the Reno-Sparks Convention. The Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation (RASC) finds it incumbent to promote air service into the International Airport and in identifying new strategies for additional flights.

In his introductory speeches, he pointed out that the development and progress of the airport would be realizable if new ideas are generated by new people who have talents and experience. He has much experience in resort management globally due to the exposure while working with several airlines to stabilize resorts flights in Utah, Canada, and Colorado.

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George Soros’s Road Map For Business Success

Much has been written about business people around the world but only a handful of them have worked relentlessly with investors’ best interest in mind. George Soros is one of them. Being the founder of an investment banking firm and mentoring for thousands of clients, George Soros is a successful businessman. But his achievements don’t stop there. He has been noted for his incredible predictions about Europe and its subsequent currency devaluation process that happened during the recession.

George Soros’s predictions have always been proved to be true since he founded his hedge fund firm. No other organization could present the ideal situation and ideas, the perfect combination of service on that will guarantee that investors will get a good return on their investments. George Soros has worked day in and day out in conducting events and seminars to make his predictions known among his potential customers as well. George Soros is courageous, strong and disciplined when it comes to his business and work ethic. He has been able to stay atop some of the most powerful business people in the world. He is also the pioneer in management field, given the many businesses he has opened within a short period of time. In his mid sixties, he is a fast-rising business man and ambitious in every way. His competence and intelligence has got him there. George Soros’ hunger for business as well as knowledge attained by working for many major finance companieshas made his dreams come true. George Soros’s path to success itself is a role model for others to follow.

George Soros unlike many other business people across the world, was not in it solely for money. He wanted to create an impact on the global society which made him alert other investors like him about the ongoing changes in the global market. He loved his job and was passionate about what he did – but at the same time wanted to get up every morning because of his passion for business. Dressed in suit he exemplifies on this positive attitude for the audience that likes to hear his success story. He says he likes the challenges in his business and likes the way people approach problem solving. His business firms are a much more enjoyable place for his employees as well where they have the opportunities to assess their strengths and weaknesses and find particular help in solving problems. George Soros learned about his passion, and how to get to where he was trying to go. Knowing himself and the level of competency in the global and volatile market, he needed to master in order to move up – all of these played a huge role in his success.
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Sanjay Shah Built An Empire From Solo Capital

Solo Capital was founded in 2011 by Sanjay Shah, the company’s CEO, and has headquarters in London, England. The company has focuses on boutique investments, proprietary trading and consulting on a global level. It wasn’t long before Solo Capital started making a name for itself within the industry. Solo Capital earned an impressive net worth of over $15 million with approximately $70 million in global assets in just 5 years. Sanjay managed to turn Solo Capital into a major industry player and continues to work towards more success.

Sanjay actually started off in a different industry outside of finances, but he realized that medicine was not a field he wanted to stay in. He decided to fight his way into investment banking and accounting, such as Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse. In order to get things start, Sanjay had to start off working alone on investments. He started with a very small client base and started building his business, which has since turned into its own enterprise. With his increased success, Sanjay was determined to found Autism Rocks, an association that raises awareness and money for people with autism.

Aesa S.a.r.l. is the corporation that manages Solo Capital to take care of its assets and the assets of Sanjay’s other companies. There are more than a dozen companies being managed by Aesa, with Solo Capital as the operations center, and it’s still growing. Sanjay Shah will continue to add more businesses to the Solo Capital operation as he expands his businesses ventures around the world.

Sanjay, as an expert businessman, has managed to create an empire from the ground up by finding good companies to invest in and making the right decisions swiftly. With his unique style of management, focusing on overall customer service and acute attention to the details, Sanjay’s companies always provide the the highest quality services.

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World Wide Direct Marketing Company QNET Empowers and Employs Women

All around the world women are celebrated as part of International Women’s Day in March. But, QNET a global Direct Sales company, is proud of the fact that they celebrate women every single day. The company helps to empower and employ women by providing them with the flexibility that they need in order to take care of their busy family and day to day life will still earning a living and being independent. 

Women, while they have become an increasing large part of the workforce, still require flexible hours and a flexible schedule, something that Direct Sales company QNET provides. Women make up 74% of the direct selling business, a statistic that is parallel at this Hong Kong based company with subsidiaries around the globe, according to Khaled Diab, Regonial General Manager of QNET MENA. 

In addition to providing the flexible hours that women need and the ablity for women to move up in the company easily, QNET also provides a number of other benefits that help this growing Hong Kong based direct sales company appeal to and support women. The company sells a wide range of high quality products that are specifically aimed at and appeal to women. 

Some of the high quality products that QNET sells include high quality makeup, beauty products, and products designed with the health and well being of women in mind. Some of these products include the Physio Radiance Skin Care Range, Coloures make-up by Q-Net, and high end Swiss made watches. All of these products are designed with the input and needs of women in mind. 

To all #QNET ladies, Happy #InternationalWomensDay! Stay strong, stay gorgeous!

Posted by QNET (Official) on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

QNET is an Asian direct sales company that is headquartered in Hong Kong and has customers and employees in over 100 countries.

They have helped to pioneer direct sales in Asia using a proprietary e-commerce platform that helps sales people and customers connect. The company sells a wide range of life enhancing products to its customers and focuses on quality just as much as it does on quantity. They work hard to ensure that women are well represented in the company and they they get the support they deserve and need. 

In addition to their headquarters in Hong Kong they also have regional offices in 25 countries. You can find out more about the company and their support of women by following them on Facebook and Twitter or subscribing to their YouTube page.

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Brad Reifler – Founder, CEO, Visionary and Serial Entrepreneur – Continues to Win with Forefront Capital

As a serial entrepreneur, Brad Reifler has years of valuable experience as an investor as well. He has worked successfully with and for several U.S. based companies as well. His early career was spend working up the ladder, and he has now enjoyed his successful founding of Forefront Capital, LLC.

In the early part of the 1980’s is where Reifler’s career began. His independence came in the form of Reifler Trading Company. The firm is world-renowned and boasts discretionary accounts into the hundreds of millions of dollars that it manages. An evolution has taken place of these accounts that has led to institutional research, dissemination of information, execution services, and the advisory of global derivatives. Now, RTC is one of the largest and most predominant futures oriented operations. Back in the year 2000, Reifler sold it to Refco Inc., which is the largest futures company in the world.

Before this sale, Reifler was already expanding into offering professional financial services. He is trusted globally thanks to his ability to deliver on promises. Founding Pali Capital was another milestone for him in 1995. As a sell side broker that dealt only in the equity markets, he was able to differentiate his strategy and expand into hedge funds as well while maximizing market capture. Instead of advising the funds on buying or selling, he synthesized their ideas and mixed them with top research and analyses on the structures of derivatives. He then taught them how to sell these packages well. Pali enjoyed incredible growth over 13 years during Reifler’s tenure as CEO. The company exceeded $1 billion in income from commissions, was able to successfully employ more than 300 individuals, and had four continents with office locations.

As of now, Reifler is focused on Forefront Capital, LLC. The company has many subsidiaries which include Forefront Partners and Forefront Advisory, LLC. He is busy being the CEO and founder of the company. Ever since 2009, when he founded it, he was differentiated the product offerings and thanks to the many subsidiaries under the umbrella, he is able to deliver on those value propositions. This has attracted investments from business leaders, investment bankers, advisers, and more to the firm. More than 30 years of combined Wall Street experience have bolstered a strong community around the Forefront community.

Notable figures and members include members on the boards of Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies. One member received the Nobel Prize of Economics from China. This strong community helps members create strong and lasting relationships for success.  Brad is also well known for his time providing tips and insider expertise through his Reuters articles.