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How Dr. Jennifer Walden Became A Leading Laser Hair Removal Experts

Laser hair removal has been becoming increasingly more popular over the past few years and has quickly become one of the leading cosmetic surgeries in the country. However, as Dr. Jennifer Walden has noted, this isn’t a procedure that’s just being used by women; in fact, she’s noted that it’s become increasingly popular among men in recent years. Dr. Walden has been involved in the cosmetic surgery world for quite some time, and has seen a variety of trends come and go; however, laser hair removal has become one of the more long-lasting ones that she’s seen. As such, she’s offered the treatment in each of her MedSpa’s for the past several years.

Perhaps the most notable reasons behind this growth has been the fact that it’s an effective alternative to shaving, waxing, or using depilatory creams. As the founder of the Skintology MedSpa in New York City, Dr. Jennifer Walden has noted that anybody can be a potential candidate for laser hair removal, and that gender doesn’t need to factor into it. Because of that, she’s noted that she’s seen an extensive amount of men and women come into her clinic to avail of the service. Because of this, Dr. Jennifer Walden and the rest of her staff at the Skintology MedSpa have become leading experts in the area.

As Dr. Jennifer Walden has noted, the laser hair removal procedure may not be as quick as people might think. This is chiefly because for the majority of people, the number of treatments that a patient needs can depend on the area being treated. Having said that, she’s also noted that many people will start to see the benefits of the treatment from the initial treatment. This is because laser hair removal can reduce the thickness of the hair in the area from the first treatment onward. As Dr. Jennifer Walden has noted that laser hair removal works by targeting and destroying the hair follicles so that hairs don’t have a chance to grow. Once these follicles have been destroyed, the hair will no longer have a chance to grow, resulting in no more need to shave or wax.

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What You Need to Know About New Residential Investment Corp

New Residential Investment Corp is a leader in the real estate investment trust industry. They do not necessarily invest in properties like malls, shopping outlets or apartment complexes. Instead, they focus their efforts on mortgages and REITs. They secure interest rates for buyers so that they are able to purchase the homes that they want without the worry of an interest fee getting in the way of their dreams. Because two-thirds of American’s dream of owning their own properties and homes, New Residential Investment Corp is able to make this a reality without the worry of expensive and problematic interest rates that get attached to the mortgages they are taking out. Wall Street professional and investor Mike Nierenberg founded New Residential Investment Corp back in 2013 and has since grown it to be one of the largest investment companies in the world.

In fact, you can even see the company as the top mortgage REIT in the world, so you can be sure they are working to ensure their customers are able to get a high-quality mortgage option without the problems that might come from having an expensive and difficult-to-afford interest rate. For this reason, Mr. Nierenberg is constantly working to expand his company and get it to a point where it is helping the vast majority of homeowners who need better quality mortgage rates. The company uses borrowed equity from funds in an effort to yield the best rates for homeowners utilizing their company.

You will also find New Residential Investment Corp on the stock market with high-yielding stock for those who are interested in investing within the company. New Residential Investment Corp has grown exponentially throughout the years and continues to make strides in the REIT business so that people can actually benefit from what they are able to do for them. While there are many mortgage REIT companies out there, there is simply nothing like New Residential Investment Corp since they were launched many years ago. There was a gap in the market for a homeowner option and this is why the company was started and has grown to be what you see today. Be sure to look into New Residential Investment Corp and what the company is able to do for you if this is something that you feel you can benefit from in order to get the best mortgage at a rate that you can afford.

Ahley Lightspeed and the Booming Venture Capital Industry

Interested in Creating the Future? Turn to Venture Capital

Venture Capital is a fascinating industry because it can help individuals to hop in and learn a lot about what will be present in the future. The industry is certainly a fascinating one because of the fact that there is all this innovation, enthusiasm, and excitement taking place all throughout the industry in more ways than one. Not only will one individual gain exposure to various emergent interesting ideas and technologies, a venture capitalist such as Ashley Lightspeed will also run into many different amazing people who work on what they love and want to change the world for the better.

Let us take a look at the industry that Ashley Lightspeed is in today.

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The Economy of Invention and Innovation

The fact of the matter is that invention and innovation are what moves the US economy forward. When entrepreneurs stop moving and invention and innovation start to slow down, the US economy whithers and individuals and businesses become more cynical and complacent. This is quite certainly true for large businesses such as IBM, GE, GM, and others that have been around for a while but have failed to innovate and do good work that can help to drive the future.

When proper invention and innovation doesn’t take place real issues can occur within the company and the company might become a relic, a dinosaur, something that once was. As such, it is important for companies who are finding themselves in a more tired situation to learn more from the market and driver of economic innovation such as Ashley Lightspeed. Connecting with people who are interested in creating the future in some form or fashion and exposing their employees to people who are the forefront of learning new things within the industry is what help to take companies and economies out of their respective doldrums.

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Serge Belamant: Write Comment for Article

I wonder why there are so many ultra-successful people who have not finished college. Makes you question the whole college system. Of course if you want to be a politician you need college, but a lot of people who are the backbone of major advancements in business and entertainment never finished it. Serge Belamant is the “father of blockchain technology” and chose not to complete his education when university red tape wouldn’t let him transfer his credits. I think that’s a wise choice, seeing as how he obviously had talent to create his own start-up and build his career. Most universities don’t care about the wellbeing of individual students or practical matters like not making students repeat coursework they’re already done. You have college dropouts like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates who, like Serge Belamant, are also pioneers in the technological field. But these days it’s impossible to be considered for a job without a college degree, and your shot at making it in any sector even with one are low. It’s interesting that he received an honorary Ph.D from Burkes University that was found not to be legitimate. Why would he need an honorary degree? How exactly did the law decide that there was ‘no wrong doing’ on Serge or his company’s part? I’d like to see more information on that because the article does not specify what exactly was found to be untrue. I believe that to get that far in a field, especially the technology one, people often pull stunts like fake degrees or shady practices to help their business succeed in a cut-throat market. Whatever he may have done, it does not take away from the significance of blockchain technology itself.

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How Farfetch Deal will Transform the Fashion Market in China

In the e-commerce world, the space of fashion is slowly growing. is one of the entities that continue to make fashion items available to millions of people across Asia. Due to this unmatched commitment of making different fashion items available to different clients across different countries, different brands have approached as a distribution partner. Farfetch is the first entity, this year, to sign an agreement with this Chinese giant. This partnership is specifically for the premier luxury market, which according to pundits is on the increase. How will this profound deal change in Chinese luxury consumption? How will Farfetch benefit from this deal? First, according to the deal, Farfetch will get access to market.

In most Asia countries, the company remains the undisputed leader in the virtual market. With this access to the Asia market, getting a market for luxury products is also not farfetched. According to statistics, China is among the few countries in the world that have a big number of luxury consumers and therefore a huge market. Pundits predict that this is the best deal Farfetch could get in Asia. The English company wanted to make an entry in this market in different ways. From this month going forward, it will be interesting to see how Farfetch will transform this market with the help of

The deal with this English company is one of the most important deals has signed this year. The management of this Chinese company understands that partnerships in the world of trading are crucial. Apart from this partnership with Farfetch, the company has another partnership with small traders in Asia. According to the management of, the partnership with small business owners in China is aimed at helping these entities reach more people and therefore make more sales. Although the program is still in the enrolment stage, it is successful, and pundits refer to it as brilliant. In conclusion, 2019 for the Chinese entity is a season for working with different stakeholders with the aim of giving the Chinese consumers many options and better products. The management team points out that that is one of their 2019 projections.

How has been Championing Social Responsibility Since its Inception

Even though social responsibility is not a legal requirement, it is essential for businesses to operate in a way that benefits the society as well as the environment. This is a fact that, a China-based e-commerce retailer giant understands all too well. Since its inception,, also known as Jingdong has always been on the frontline of addressing social and environmental issues through its unique production methods as well as spreading goodwill through charity donations the less fortunate. The company always goes the extra mile in ensuring transparency with its over 300 million active users as well as suppliers and partners by informing the public about its various social responsibility projects.

For instance, it recently released a corporate social responsibility report in which it highlights its multiple projects since 2013. The report gives in-depth details on how Jingdong has been changing the lives of people as well as impacting the environment positively by highlighting some of its projects. In the past five years, has donated over a million clothing items and more than 40,000 toys to the less privileged. To enable those who come from less fortunate areas attain self-sufficiency the company sources more than 3 million of its products from rural areas.

To ensure environmental sustainability, Jingdong also reports that it replaced over 5000 fuel fleet vehicles with more energy efficient ones as a way to reduce the environmental impact caused by emissions from the latter. In addition, its environmental sustainability initiatives such as the Green Stream Initiative has helped reduce emissions and waste significantly through recycling. As a result, this has been beneficial to the society, the environment as well as to as some of its social responsibility programs enable it to cut costs. For instance, in the report, the company says that through its innovative program it has been able to save approximately 250 million meters of packaging tape.


As mentioned at the beginning, Jingdong is a China-based e-commerce giant. It is situated explicitly in Beijing and is among the pioneers of online shopping in the Asian realm. Led by Richard Liu, the company has been changing the perception of business through its innovative use of technology for the greater benefit of everyone. It is the largest online retail company in the region.

Serge Belamant

Serge Belamant founded blockchain technologies. He started his life out in France, but was not very old when his family moved to Africa. Upon moving to Africa he had to learn to speak and read the English language. Serge Belamant grew very quickly, and eventually went off to study computer science. Upon graduating from school Serge Belamant worked for many different companies before settling on the career he wanted.

Serge Belamant used his skills and learning to help create technological ideas that would advance and change the way we know banking systems. The things that he created changed banking for the better. He gained a talent for digital transactions, and knew that this would make banking processes quicker and more convenient.

Serge has developed many things that have made banking easier over the years including chip cars and digital payment systems. He recently helped to found a company called Zilch Technologies which was developed in the United Kingdom. The idea for this company came from Belamant’s son. They thought that it could help younger people out with financial products that were affordable to them. Serge brings his ideas to life through hard work and determination. It does not come easy, but if you set your mind to something you can and will accomplish it.

Serge Belamant has always been a hard working individual who sets his dreams high and does not stop until he reaches them. Belamant has truly changed the way we once knew banking, but he changed it for the better. Belamant is a man who wants to see progress within the world. He wants to create things that will make life easier, and that is just what he did. He create a way to make banking quicker, easier, and much more convenient. Belamant is changing the way of the future.

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Mr. Eric’s Next Move

Eric Lefkofsky is one of the most powerful people in the field of technology in Chicago and the Co-founder of Groupon. During his life, he donated millions of dollars for the cancer research. He is now struggling hard and following a startup company which is in the race of finding the cure of cancers. Since Mr. Lefkofsky left his CEO position at Groupon, Chicago Inno after that learned that he has been working with a health-tech startup named as Tempus. This health-tech startup was focusing on to build the infrastructure which could modernize the cancer treatment. Their company was also found working silently with the Lightbank. It’s a VC firm of early-stage whose founder is Mr. Eric Lefkofsky.

Few people who have the knowledge of matter about the company state that Mr. Lefkofsky is the company’s president of a corporate/LLC search through the Illinois Secretary of State for Tempus Health Inc. According to a website of Tempus, it says that it is actually serving the healthcare professionals and doctors who make personalized and real-time treatment decisions on the basis of patient’s data. They make these decisions by analyzing a patient’s genetic code in the context of molecular therapies. According to Tempus, the advanced genomic sequencing and analysis methods are used by them which aid doctors to understand a tumor of a patient better. According to their website, the data collected by Tempus is useful in a sense to help doctors to create better care plans and treatment for the patients.

The Tempus website also proclaims that it gathers and analyzes the huge amount of genomic data by using proprietary algorithms and statistical analysis. This collected data is used to reveal opportunities for a patient’s physician by providing more modified and precise medicine. After working with patients with pancreatic, lungs and breast cancer, Tempus believes that it can find cures for more types of cancers in the future eventually. Through the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, Mr. Eric and his Wife Liz often donate money for cancer research causes. About over $1 million was donated by Mr. Eric to the Comprehensive Cancer Center of Robert H. Lurie at Northwestern University.

Randal Nardone of Fortress Investment

Randal Nardone is currently a successful co-founder and principal at Fortress Investment since the year 1998. His career at an investment firm came as a surprise to many since his education background was in the science sector and law.

His years of service as a lawyer at Thatcher Proffitt & Wood molded him into a leader since he became partner prior to diversifying into an alternative investment options company. This decision was supported by his role as principal at an investment company BlackRock Financial Management, and UBS.

It is clear that Randal Nardone is an intelligent businessman since he was able to identify opportunities and maximize on the same till date. His roles at Fortress Investment are mainly on legal matters which utilize his years of experience as a law partner. He also foresaw the acquisition of Fortress Investment by Softbank.

His leadership technique allows employees to make decisions that benefit the firm. He inspires change, integrity and purpose in the line of work and hence employees at Fortress Investment view this as an opportunity to develop their skills and careers. More about of Randal Nardone at

Randal Nardone further serves at various boards due to his expert knowledge at both finance and legal issues. These boards include Eurocastle Investment Limited, Brookdale Senior Living, and GAGFAH S.A among others. He also has leadership roles as a vice president at Newcastle Investment Holding. In the recent acquisition process of Fortress Investment by Softbank, Randal Nardone leadership skills were evident as he remained optimistic about the future of the company.

In his opinion, this move to sell the company on a cash basis of 3.3 billion allowed the company to adapt to new strategies which will translate to higher growth levels. He attributes this to the agreement that Softbank would not interrupt with the business model and would only focus on the shares acquired.

This aligns to Fortress Investment business goals and thus the move was strategic. He further states that the acquisition did not mean that his commitment to the company has wavered as he still has an active interest in ensuring that all the company clients continue to enjoy their returns on investments. Randal Nardone embodies proactive leadership skills and his ability to take risks steers the company into higher profitability.

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Felipe Montoro Jens: The Business Man Who is Improving Brazil

Felipe Montoro Jens is from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He has been a successful business man within the international community for twenty five years. He has supported improvements for Brazil, and has been open to new innovations within the economic growth. His experience includes finance and infrastructure decisions. Felipe is known to help large corporations and private practices within financial strategies. His infrastructure background has guided state government strategies, economic waste solutions, corporate waste elimination, and environmental projects. As Brazil is going through an economic growth, Felipe is hoping that he can provide multiple improvements to infrastructure regions. Visit their website to learn more.

These improvements would include the new housing project through the Metropolitan Housing Company. Felipe envisions the construction of 34,000 new housing projects in Sao Paulo. The development will take six years to complete, with the hope of 100,000 new jobs for Brazilian residents, according to Felipe Montoro Jens, who serves as the Infrastructure Project Specialist. The housing project will generate jobs, services, and industrial growth for the region. In accordance with his infrastructure experience, Felipe has partnered with agencies to bring clean and safe waste removal from regions of Brazil. Through infrastructure and development, he has successfully provided environmentally safe waste removal. The removal of waste from the cities and towns of Brazil, has improved life in the regions.

Felipe Montoro Jens has had a very successful business career, which began with a prestigious education. He studied business at the Getulio Vargas Foundation, one of the best business schools of Brazil. After his completion there, he continued his education at Arizona State University’s Thunderbird School of Global Management. This serves as the top University for global business and management training. With his education as a stronghold, he began to move quickly through the corporate world. He received many business promotions and affiliations, while working for global companies. Felipe Montoro Jens holds twenty five years of infrastructure experience, as he is more determined to help with the economic development of Brazil.