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Chamonix Genucel Beauty Products

Genucel Company is prominent for its effort to give the abuse victims second chance to self- realize themselves after being physically and emotionally abused. Most women have fear to share their problems, but with a place hosting such people, they gain confidence as they have a feeling of belonging somewhere. Genucel works hard to provide products to repair damaged skin resulted from physical abuse. They have adopted modern technology that is made with natural products to enhance skin healing. This technology improves the appearance of people by removing divots and wrinkles. When victims of physical abuse suffer from the stress, they get an aging appearance with wrinkles.




Genucel has established many products using Chamonix Genucel plant which consists of natural active elements to manufacture efficient and convenient treatment products for the skin. These products are offered at fordable prices and are readily available in various online marketing platforms. The products are in multiple sizes and different types to give options to the buyer. Some of the Genucel products include; Genucel plant stem cell Therapy for bags and puffiness, especially for the eyes. They also provide anti-aging products to give people looks they desire.


Genucel products are readily available and convenient. Victims are offered with a 60-day package that serves numerous purposes which include; reducing fine lines, under-eye puffiness, and aging appearance. Their products have not shown any side effects on the users.


Genucel by Chamonix company has joined hands with other associations such as Women Aware to provide a place for survivors. Women Aware was founded in 1981 with the primary focus to provide basic needs for survivors in New Jersey. The association also provides access to emergency shelter as well as recovery programs to those people experiencing domestic-based violence. They have hired experts to get often to know what they are going through they recommend treatment methods which include self-recovery methods. The experts keep reminding people how much they are worth, beautiful and their families love them. The association began the Moving Beyond 5-K Race and Charity walk. This walk is conducted annually to create awareness among women on how they can free themselves from abuse and start a new life full of happiness.


Community members contribute to raising funds to serve women facing abuse. Women Aware has also established contact lines which operate throughout to help and provide advice to clients on how they can manage stress and avoid domestic violence. Learn more about Genucel on LinkedIn.


Prime Your Hair For Growth

Your hair is probably one of your most prized assets. Hair can be styled in a myriad of ways, it come in many colors, and it can be worn short or long. The ideas are virtually endless when it comes to your locks, but are you truly taking good care of your follicles? If you want to sabotage the appearance of your hair, then it certainly isn’t hard to achieve. Some of the things that people do on a regular basis is directly effecting the health of people’s hair. Eating a healthy diet is crucial to maintaining healthy looking follicles. Iron and protein are two of the main ingredients that you’ll need an abundance of to keep your hair silky smooth.

Eating about 12 mg of iron per day is a good start. Beans, leafy vegetables, fish, pumpkin seeds and cereal are great options. You should also drink plenty of water for hydration purposes. If you’re not a large eater, then try supplementation. Amino acids can be purchased in capsule form from health-food stores because amino acids are the building blocks for all cells.

For a more hands-on approach, try using haircare products that are gentle on your scalp. There are a number of mainstream brands to choose from, but many of them tend to be loaded with parabens and sulfates. Wen is a great route to take because these products are full of organic ingredients that grow from the earth itself.

Wen by Chaz offers cleansing products, nourishing mousse, styling crème, re-moist treatments and boar-bristle hairbrushes. Of course, you don’t necessarily have to use every product to see wonderful results. has a huge selection to choose from so you’ll definitely be able to find the best product that fits your need. Visit the Facebook page at WENhaircare and follow Wen on Instagram.

You May Never Consume A National Brand Energy Drink Again After Reading This

Any super-fans of national brand energy drinks out there such as Red Bull, Monster, NOS, etc. might not want to hear the news contained in this article. They may prefer to live in ignorance of the fact that there is now a healthier way to consume the energy drinks that you know and love. They might just want to slam their computer shut and pretend that they never read these words.

The truth is though, there really is a new energy drink in the market that is making waves with a wide swatch of the public. That drink is called Nevo, and it does things differently from the others. Nevo is the energy drink answer from Jeunesse Global.

For those who don’t know, Jeunesse Global is a health and beauty company established in 2009 by two formerly retired individuals. They decided that they would take their wonderful ideas about health and beauty products to the public and make some money doing it as well. By using a contributor network to help sell their products, they are also helping to make some money for their contributors as well!

The Nevo energy drink is obviously not an original idea. Energy drinks have been on the market before, but there have never really been any quite like this one. It strips out the most harmful ingredients that one might find in a regular energy drink. Namely, it gets rid of things like artificial flavors, sweeteners, and excessive calories. You see, in a can of Nevo you only have to deal with fifty calories in your beverage. There is no reason why you should have to consume more calories then that when all that you are really trying to do is drink down some delicious energy drink beverage in order to contribute to the energy levels that you feel in your everyday life.

Jeunesse Global always has your health and best interests in mind. They do not put anything in their beverages that they do not believe belongs in there. You can trust them for their judgement and for their ability to bring you the kind of quality energy beverage that you crave.

Women Everywhere Are Using Wen By Chaz

There are times when a woman wants to give up on her hair. She gets tired of fighting with, and trying to make it look nice for the particular outing that she needs to go on. The problem is that other people notice a woman’s hair, and she needs to try to keep it looking great. Now she can. By using Wen by Chaz, she will see a dramatic improvement in her hair, and she will find that it will work with her too.

Why Is Wen By Chaz So Special?

When women are looking for a product that will work well with their hair type, they will want to look into purchasing Wen hair by Chaz. This product will work with any hair type, whether she has dry or oily hair. It will leave her hair manageable and soft to the touch. Wen by Chaz will give a woman the ability to style her hair as she sees fit, and it will work easily for her. Using Wen by Chaz will improve the look of her hair too. It will be shinier than ever before.

Wen By Chaz Is Simple To Use

Perhaps women love Wen by Chaz because it is so easy to use. It is a shampoo and conditioner in one, and this saves her time and money when she is taking care of her hair. With Wen by Chaz, she doesn’t have to spend a fortune on all different kinds of hair care products. She just needs one, and that is Wen by Chaz.

Women are seeing fantastic results when they use Wen by Chaz. They love the way their hair looks and feels, and others notice too. She can feel confident in how she looks once again when she uses Wen by Chaz. Wen hair care products are Sephora available and can also be ordered online thru

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Lime Crime Specialty Makeup Company Instagram Following at Over Two Million

The Lime Crime is specialty makeup brand that sell makeup that is exceedingly bright in color and fun makeup trends in the beauty industry recently made it to over two million followers on Instagram this May. Lime Crime uses social media to demonstrate their products, share beauty inspirations and to connect with their fans.

Instagram followers of Lime Crime can share their Lime Crime makeup looks on Twitter and Instagram so Lime Crime and other fans of the specialty makeup brand with the hashtag #limecrime or with Lime Crime directly with @limecrimemakeup. These photos appear on Twitter, Instagram and on the Lime Crime web store.

The ability to connect with Instagram is a good ecommerce business situation. It gives Lime Crime more sales and more attention and it shows fans of the makeup brand exactly what each makeup product actually looks like in real life on real people instead of models.

Lime Crime has always been on top of ecommerce business during their time as a makeup since 2008. They were one of the first makeup companies to put makeup lip swatches on their website and not just a picture of the lip color. This makes it easier for customers to see what the makeup looks like on real lips rather than just in the lipstick tube. Since lip colors are the primary makeup sold by Lime Crime it makes sense that they would use lip swatches as samples to show customers. Lime Crime’s newest lip products are their lip bundles. They have to Two Moods duo which has a dark lip color and a nude lip color. Lime Crime’s other new lip bundles are the two packs of the matte Velvetines and the shimmery Perlees.

You can shop from Lime Crime at their website, Urban Outfitters and other select fashion or beauty retailers.