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Back to school hacks with Wengie

Wengie is not only a beauty guru but she also likes to make life easier for her followers! During her video School hacks, she creates 50 hacks for going back. From things as simple as it is easier to remember things in blue colored ink or saying things out loud is great for studying. She even suggests helpful ways for those emergency moments of smelly gym shoes! After gym class, Wengie suggests putting two tea bag in smelly shoes before packing them away. That way they will not make the place where you stored them smell. We have all been there and regret the day of opening a backpack with stinky shoes. She also states some very useful things for keepings yourself organized with school subjects such as coloring the top corner of notebooks so when you go home and you can find the subject easier in your backpack. We all know how identical notebooks can look when looking at them from the top. There is also another one she had said that if you left the first two pages blank in your notebook when you start a new subject, you could then go back and add a table of contents to it later. This will help for better note finding. She certainly made life a little easier and it is believed that these are just a few hacks that everyone could learn from!


Wengie’s 4 Super Smart Life Hacks

If you’re the type of person to just throw your belongings in your backpack without much care, and get disappointed when they come out bent or broken, then this simple hack will really help. Take a ziplock bag and cut out a piece of cardboard to fit inside of the bag perfectly. With this DIY pouch, you can keep your passports, receipts, checks, business cards, or whatever important documents have safe!


Tired of finding old, rotten liquid at the bottom of your trashcans? Take some newspaper and place it at the bottom of your trash bag. Now whenever you throw trash into the bag, the newspaper will soak up whatever liquid comes out, leaving your trashcan dry! What about when you throw something heavy into your trash can, and the bag ends fall inside? You can solve this easily by placing two upside-down wall hooks on the side of your trash can and hooking the ends of your bag on. Easy!


Many people have a favorite temperature setting when it comes to taking a shower. Finding this temperature can be hard at times, and can also take a while. You can forget about waiting if you follow this simple tip: use a permanent marker to draw a line that covers the shower handle and its base once you find the temperature of your liking. This way, you’ll be able to turn your shower dial to your favorite heat setting every time with no wait!


According to Wengie, If you often find yourself shopping and you’re unsure whether or not you have something at home already, then listen up! Take a picture of your fridge at multiple angles before heading out, so that you can look at it for reference when you’re at the store and need to know what you already have.


10 inexpensive Wengie hair hacks

The opening of the video just makes your happiness quotient soar. The colors, patterns and music are lively. Hugs are offered right away for being one of Wengies You Tube subscribers. Her room is decorated beautifully and feminine.


The vitamin hack

Her recommendations for vitamins and minerals remind you of the value of each particular vitamin. Omega 3 fatty acids are for shine, biotin builds strong hair, vitamin A helps keep the hair follicle and scalp healthy, Folic acid helps you avoid hair loss and lastly Vitamin C maintains and supports hair growth. Wengie recommends her sponsors vitamins because they are natural and vegetarian friendly.


The clean brush hack

Cleaning your hairbrush regularly helps keep your hair clean and healthy.


The ponytail hack

Make a double ponytail so your hair looks fresh and new.


The hair mask hack

Condition hair with coconut oil because it is anti microbial and has anti oxidants.


The hair-drying hack

Don’t dry your hair with a towel because it damages hair; use a soft tee shirt.


The hairspray hack

Wengies idea to smooth your baby hairs with a toothbrush is genius.


The split end hack

Everyone loves saving money on hair appointments; Wengie shows you two great tricks to keep split ends at bay.


The cool curl hack

Put hair into a ponytail and curl different sections for fullness and volume.


The dry shampoo hack

Use a dry shampoo to soak up the oil overnight and create volume.


The satin pillow hack

Using a satin pillowcase will help keep your hair as well as your skin smooth and beautiful. Usage of cut up nylon stockings instead of elastic hair ties is recommended if you must use a loose braid.


Wengies video

is well laid out, vibrant throughout, keeps the viewer entertained and truly wanting to observe the whole video plus her whole You Tube collection .



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Beauty Blogger Samples WEN By Chaz To See Why The World Loves It

Even though she often writes about beauty, Emily McClure has lousy hair, the kind that falls flat, gets a bit frizzy and won’t hold a style. Talk about frustrating; she fights it daily and at times, gives up. She is hair-weary and wishes she had that Hollywood mane like the stars in those iconic WEN YouTube infomercials.

As a beauty blogger, Emily gets to sample lots of products. She decided to give the famous WEN by Chaz no lather shampoo a 7-day test run. She chose the FIG cleansing conditioner for extra body for her shoulder length hair. Emily recorded her results for

WEN by Chaz has been around for a number of years now, because the amazing 5-in-1 formula works miracles for every hair type found on the planet. If you head to, you will note the ♥10K Loves the brand has received. It’s simple to see why.

Stylist-to-the-stars Chaz Dean developed the concept and brand. He removed the nasty chemicals that are present in shampoos and conditioners and replaced them with pure, healthy plant-based formulas. His special cleansing conditioners take the place of your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, de-tangler, and leave-in conditioner.

Emily McClure enjoyed washing and massaging the product into her scalp and hair. She was blown away by the instant shine, softness and volume her new mane had developed. The hair selfies she snapped show her Hollywood hair.

Emily has advice for the ultimate WEN experience:

  1. Cleanse with WEN every morning.
  1. Follow up with a blow-dry and then your favorite styling tools.
  1. Don’t be afraid to use a lot of product, because more is always better.
  1. Let your hair get used to the no lather shampoo experience.
      Pamper your mane; that’s what WEN by Chaz is all about. Check out

Visit WEN Hair Care profile page on Facebook.


Doe Deere Brings Her Passion For Makeup To Life

Passion is something that can be harnessed for good. When people are passionate about what they do, they are able to bring that passion to their work. This is a lesson that Doe Deere, owner of Lime Crime, one of the most widely admired makeup retailers online, has taken straight to heart. She knows how important it is to bring passion to everything that she does in life. She also know how important it is care about the products she sells and the image she brings to her company. This is why she has done so well in her career: passion.

Passion Is Key

As she recounts in a recent interview for Galore Magazine, her life is about passion. She cares very much about her followers and her customers. She loves that she is able to take things that she cares about such as makeup and use that to help her create a business that has been in place for over a decade. During this time, she has created a vocal and highly loyal fan base. They much admire her work and look to follow in her fashionable footsteps. Looking to her for inspiration has become second nature to many of her customers.

A Happy Base

Her life has been about showing the power of makeup and the ability to take makeup and make into a fashionable view of the world. She uses products that are only made from the finest possible ingredients. Then she takes such items and turns them into a form of personalized art. With her help, her base has found it easy to see how she can use such items to create looks that are modern and fit in well with any look. Her happy base has learned much from her use of makeup and her fashion view of the world.

Loving Her Life

Above all else, Deere loves what she does and loves the life she leads as head of Lime Crime. It is this love that comes across in all that she does. When her fans log on to her site, they know that they are being part of world that she for them, one that is all about bright color and all about being part of an artistic worldview. Her fans have come to love how she can take ordinary ideas and turn them into something that is quite unique in today’s world.

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An Apartment Tour With Wengie

Wengie gives a tour of her apartment on YouTube so that others can see her style of living. From the beautiful music to the charming atmosphere, you can see the love and personality that Wengie has put into decorating her home.

The living room features a coffee table that has been made form an old trunk. Cute candles adorn the top of the table as well as a bowl of candies. A remote control box is placed on the side of the couch. Bright pillows are on the couch. A large picture of various shoes that Wengie owns is on one wall. The living room is a place that is happy and fun to be in after a long day.

Wengie has a makeup area, which is her favorite part of the home. There are several boxes that extend up along one wall. These contain some of her favorite pieces of makeup. There is a cushion that looks like a button on her stool that sits in front of her mirror. She has all of her perfumes, nail polish and foundations on the wall with coordinated flowers for each item.

There is a good bit of storage in Wengie’s apartment. A large table that holds her television in the living room also has several drawers and storage compartments. She enjoys flowers as they are seen on shelves and tables throughout her home. Decorative boxes line her walls and feature some of her favorite figurines. The bedroom features an open wardrobe and colorful floral prints on the walls.


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