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Capitol Anesthesiology Association Services

Capitol Anesthesiology Association is equipped with a team of highly skilled physicians that specialize in anesthesiology. Capitol Anesthesiology Association provides several types of anesthesia services.


General Anesthesia


General Anesthesia is used when a patient is in need of an extensive operation. General anesthesia is commonly used for operation of the brain, heart, and/or stomach. During general anesthesia progressive observing and control of breathing is done.


Regional Anesthesia


Regional Anesthesia is also offered at Capitol Anesthesiology Association. Regional Anesthesia helps to control the level of pain during an operation as well as after the operation. This type of anesthesia is used on arms, lower stomach, and/or legs. Regional anesthesia is placed next to the patient’s nerves that supply the operated body part.


Local MAC/ (Monitored Anesthesia Care)


Local MAC is also referred to as the Twilight Sleep. Typically a patient receives Local MAC when small areas of tissue are being operated on. First medications are inserted through an IV that helps to decrease nervousness and discomfort. Then Local MAC is inserted in the patient’s skin and the tissue area. The patient’s level of awareness is controlled during the operation.


Pediatric Anesthesia


Pediatric Anesthesia requires individuals working in this specific area to have additional training and certifications. Capitol Anesthesiology Association provides the most current and expert pediatric anesthesia care. CAA thoroughly examines the child’s size, health circumstances, and age in order to assure marvelous medical results.


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