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Richard Dewayne Blair’s Teaching Techniques

Richard Dewayne Blair is an investment advisor. He is a University of Houston alumnus. Blair received his bachelor’s degree in Finance and Financial Management from the University of Houston. In 1993 after he finished he degree program at the University of Houston he began working in finance. After working in finance for a year, he decided to start Wealth Solutions. Wealth Solutions is a firm the provides people in Austin, Texas and surrounding area with the necessary knowledge to invest wisely and beneficially prepare for retirement. The company has many certifications and is registered to advise people that are making investments.

Richard Dewayne Blair has been able to run his company by serving his clients as individuals instead of advising them based off of a whole population. Blair grew to love educating people by watching his wife, mother, and grandmother display their love for teaching. He didn’t want to teach in a school, so he teaches at his investment advisory firm. He teaches he clients how to make smart investments rather than investments that will prove to be failures. He makes sure that his clients are putting their money in the right places so that they can be successful.

Richard Dewayne Blair can make sure that his clients are making investments that will prove to be beneficially advising them based on the three pillar system. He created this system to make sure that his firm has a map by which they lead their clients. The system allows him to get to know his client’s situations currently and where they would like to be. The first pillar of the system is where they start looking at the condition that the clients are in currently. They view how they can improve where they are succeeding and where they are failing. In the second pillar of the system, they begin to piece together a plan that will show the results. This is the goal setting stage of the process. In the third pillar of the system, the advisor watches the clients account to make sure that things are going according to the plan.

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