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Global Crispin Porter & Bogusky CEO Lori Senecal’s Successful Career

Lori Senecal the Global CEO at Crispin Porter & Bogusky is one of the few successful professionals who have been able to have it all in their career. From a tender age, Mrs. Lori was motivated by the success of her elder siblings a factor that made her commit to being the best thus achieving the success that she enjoys now. Going by the achievements Lori Senecal has had so far, its fair to say that she has been able to achieve her dreams and even surpass them.

After graduating from University with a sales and marketing degree, Lori Senecal has enjoyed quite a remarkable career. Arguably, whatever Ms. Lori lays hands on prospers. Her first employment opportunity was with McCann Erickson New York office where she was the President. It is while at this position that Lori Senecal founded TAG Ideation a platform that provide young-adult a platform to grow and increase their marketing knowledge. The simple idea of TAG Ideation would later grow into one of the biggest achievements of her career. This platform allowed Lori to work with some of the biggest companies in the world including Xbox, Sprint, Nabisco, Staples, Molson and Weight Watchers to name but a few.

Later after leaving McCann Erickson, Lori would later join KBS as its CEO and Chairperson. At this position, Lori would help grow the company from a 250- populated agency to one with over 900 individuals. Currently, Lori Senecal is in charge of the global operations of CP+B where she coordinates and manages the growth and expansion of the agencies global operations. In a time record of two since joining the agency in 2015, Lori has been able to impact tremendously on the culture and operations of the business helping it achieve most of its objectives.

The above deployments may seem like the highlights of her career but they are not. These are just but a stepping stone for the executive to achieve her objectives. Under these positions, Lori Senecal has been recognized and awarded for her personal efforts and also the agencies efforts. Some of these achievements include Creativity Innovators of the Year 2017, Agency Executives to Watch 2016 and Women to Watch 2013 to name but few. Check out Campaignlive for more.

If you are looking for a role model in the business sector then Lori Senecal is the perfect role model to pick. Her resilience and sheer determination to succeed are qualities worth emulating. You can follow her Twitter page.

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