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No Ordinary Drinking Water

In the most beautiful places on earth an equally amazing bottled water company was born. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water was forged in 2012 by a 22 year old named Ryan Emmons. He started it with his college buddy Matt Meyer, but soon after he moved onto other ventures.

He still serves as a board member for the Waiakea water company. Learn more about Waiakea Water:

Rain and snowfall from Muana Loa volcano filters through 14,000 feet of volcanic rock. Emmons was lucky enough to rent a well that will provide this volcanic water for the next 99 years. It takes only 30 days to regenerate.

That’s 1.4 billion gallons a day! Now you are probably thinking what about all the waste those pesky water bottles are going to create. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water uses only 100% recycled water bottles.

That means no extra waste. Plus, it takes 85% less energy to make these water bottles.

This amazing Waiakea springs water is even healthy! It is alkaline and electrolyte rich and contains such mineral as potassium, magnesium, and calcium. This is good for skin, hair, and nails, but also helps with acid reflux and fights osteoporosis. Who knew water could do that?

Forbes said that Waiakea Water’s slogan is “Drink healthy, drink sustainably, drink ethically.” The third part of this trifecta of goodness is the ethical part. What do they give back to help those who are less fortunate? Well, for every water bottle purchased they donate 650ML of clean water to disadvantaged communities around the world.

Waiakea Water has partnered up with their charity partner PumpAid and have successfully donated over 500 million liters of clean drinking water to rural and disadvantaged communities in Africa. Now that’s a lot of water!

The fact that people don’t have clean drinking water is something that most developed countries take for granted. A delicious and refreshing water that does good to humanity and helps the planet is an obviously easy decision. More people should use their dollar wisely and support businesses like Waiakea Water.

Sawyer Howitt: Development at The Racquet Club in Portland, Oregon

While most of his success has been on the high school level thus far, Sawyer Howitt has turned quite a few heads. He recently partnered with The Racquetball Club located in Portland, Oregon, a club that has produced some of the most talented racquetball players in the world. There, Sawyer Howitt is able to test his skills against some of the best in the sport while honing his own style. Noticed by USA Racquetball already, it will be exciting to see how the partnership progresses in the future.


Choose A Reputable Team Of Online Reputation Management Experts

Your online reputation management is important. Online reputation management companies really help take the guesswork out of regulating your online reputation. They have knowledge of how to build and maintain a good brand or company image.

Online credibility or reputation management is an effective approach and process of tracking conversations and content about your business organization. It involves monitoring and influencing your online track record and credibility on the internet.

These days, you never know when someone is going to post a negative comment or review about your company and by having experts monitor your reputation.

According to to, while online tools have become critical in managing vigorous campaign for improved visibility and positive reputation building, negative forum comments, social media posts, news and media attacks and online search results pose a serious risk of tarnishing a person’s name, company, product, brand and their business prospects.

If you are a business owner or company executive, you are probably aware that having a remarkable track record is essential for business growth, and success. The same goes for your online or digital track record, as majority of people today use online resources when they need information about products, services or companies. If your credibility is not impressive, these people will look to your competitor. Therefore, a negative online credibility will have a negative impact on your brand or company objectives.

It is vital to have a system in place, which identifies and addresses any reputation issues that occur. When it comes to online reputation management, the best tool you can have in your arsenal is a quality online reputation management company.

Manually searching your organization name day after day may be quite helpful, but it may be very tedious and time consuming. There are more desirable strategies that service providers can utilize.

A reliable online credibility management system or technique can certainly provide you with tools and knowledge on building a good brand online. In addition to guiding build, defend, and manage your online reputation, a quality online reputation Management Company will also be able to support your enterprise’s growth and assist you in attaining your goals.


George Soros Can Support The Needy With His Benevolent Actions

George Soros is a man who is known for helping to sustain the laborious tasks that are necessary to be performed by legal professionals, who need to set loose thousands of wrongfully imprisoned citizens. George Soros is very much dedicated to providing his money to help out underprivileged students who desperately want to enroll into college – students that are so desperate that they cannot achieve financing for their academic journey.

As an established charitable humanitarian, Mr. Soros has made a mark on his community. In fact, Mr. Soros has gone out of his way to provide billions in funding, to ensure that numerous industries that were impoverished from financial hardships, have a leg to stand upon. Mr. George Soros has also seen fit to provide his economic backing to individuals who were clearly suffering from a lack of money to support their basic everyday requirements for living. If an individual has made it known that they seek to keep injustices from being carried out, George Soros will help fund their cause. The same is true for those who intend to protect the civil liberties of the public at large. In fact, any struggle that is fought against a clear injustice can count on Mr. Soros to help fight against it, including the “War on Drugs,” a propaganda-style campaign which Mr. Soros is strongly opposed to.

In many circles around the globe, George is recognized as being a strong supporter for the use of medicinal cannabis. Mr. Soros has witnessed firsthand the beneficial aid that marijuana provides to numerous people who suffer from a variety of medical conditions, such as seizures. Mr. George Soros has tried to make sure that worthy candidates for President of the Unites States made it through successfully by providing a great many millions of dollars of his money to help Hillary Clinton during her difficult campaign for the White House.

The majority of the citizens who have been polled believe that Mr. Trump is not a true President and that his only desire while in office is to bring attention to his company properties that he amassed before he became a political figurehead on Investopedia. Those who are close to Trump can attest that he has no ability to lead and can barely read at a 4th grade level.

Mr. Soros has known of such men, who have attained powerful positions without actually deserving the role. These are men who operate under their charismatic influences on and their money to buy positions, and then seek to destroy any opposition to their claim. They are men such as Adolf Hitler, from whom Mr. Soros fled his homeland of Hungary as a youth to avoid being imprisoned by the deadly Holocaust.

Check this article on Forbes.

Discover the organization making a difference in health services

The Capitol Anesthesiology Association got invented in 1973.It’s a member of the Anesthesia Quality Institute. They operate around Austin area. Its main aim is to offer anesthesiology care for all patients. Their dedicated efforts have made the organization grow to significant numbers. Currently, it has over 80 physicians and over 130 certified registered nurse anesthetists. Their enormous success has been enabled by the high qualified technicians in different fields.


The firm offers all anesthesia assistance to patients around the Austin area. The services provided are like the general, regional among many other anesthesias. They are meant to reduce the level of pain during the operation activity. The organization is also placed at a better hand to succeed with most its services being offered online like the billing. It simplifies the procedure of seeking care from the qualified personnel.


CAA is also known for their philanthropic activities. They have been involved in various projects. Their aim is to see that the people of the area have a better life. They achieve this through their members donating the time and resources to ensure that all regions globally acquire the best health care. Among the top beneficiaries of the CAA assistance is the Austin smiles, Dell Children’s surgical Global Outreach, Operation smile among many others.  Read more postings on their page.


With a dedicated team and passionate of the less advantaged in the community, the organization is deemed to go far. Their high-quality services and skilled personnel place the team at a better position to have fast growth. Surely this is a must watch company in the near future.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Educational Background

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a certified plastic surgeon who runs her own office in Austin, Texas. She is widely known in the medical world for her amazing work and her extensive training and background. Below is some of her medical training as well as where she has practiced and some of the procedures she specializes in.


Educational Background

Dr. Jennifer Walden began her educational career at the University of Texas at Austin located in Austin, Texas. She attended the University from August of 1990 until May of 1994 when she graduated with a BA in biology. She graduated with honors.


After graduating at the University of Texas at Austin Dr. Jennifer Walden then went on to the University of Texas Medical Branch located in Galveston, Texas. She attended the University from August of 1994 until May of 1998. She graduated with a medical degree with the highest honors and was also the class salutatorian.


Medical Training


After completing her time at both universities Dr. Jennifer Walden went on to have a residency training at the University of Texas Medical branch in the department of surgery. She remained in this department for close to a year performing a general surgery internship. In July of 1999 she then moved on to the University of Texas Medical Branch department of surgery and integrated plastic surgery residency.


After completing her residency training she then went on to her Fellowship training which began in July of 2003. She worked in the Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital located in New York, New York. She worked under Sherrell J. Aston who was the medical doctor chairman.


In 2004 after completing her Fellowship training and her residency training Dr. Jennifer Walden went on to be a professional associate at the plastic surgery private practice located in New York, New York. She continued to work under associate Sherrell J. Aston. Walden remained at this location until 2011 before moving back to Austin, Texas to start her own practice.


What She Specializes In


Dr. Jennifer Walden specializes in a variety of different cosmetic procedures. Below are just a few of the top procedures that she and her office staff are specialized in.


Rhinoplasty also known as a nose job


Breast augmentations


Butt lift


Face lift


Vaginal rejuvenation


Thigh lift


These are just a few of the many different procedures that Dr. Jennifer Walden and her staff have to offer. She currently practices out of her own suite located in the Westlake Medical Center.

Beating cancer with Biotechnology; the efforts being made by Clay Siegall

Many companies have been making commendable progress in the search for therapies and treatments that will cure cancer in this century. One of the companies that have been at the forefront in trying to make this happen is Seattle Genetics. We caught up with the founder, president and CEO of the company, Clay Siegall and asked him a few questions about the seemingly tough journey that he has embarked on. It is important to note that his company is already listed on NASDAQ and in the past five years, their shares have tripled their worth, which means that the business is growing well.

Since the time when he started his career in Biomedical studies, Clay knew that the one problem he wanted to solve was to ease the lives of cancer patients. In 1998, he co-founded the company with a colleague after working for a number of other companies that were also involved in cancer research. The company already has come up with one drug that has received approval by the FDA for the treatment of certain types of lymphomas. The drug has been seen to be successful and the sales of the same have really improved both locally and outside the country. In 2016, the company made sales amounting to more than quarter of a million dollars.

Siegall has a PhD in genetics from the George Washington University. There are any other professional accomplishments that he has made after his education. He started off his career as a senior investigator in research at the Bristol-Myers Pharmaceutical Research Institute. He was also a biotechnology staff fellow at the National Cancer Institute. It is after this move that he decided to help with the launch of Seattle Genetics.

The drugs that his company has been working on are approved and being used in more than 60 countries as part of their cancer therapy. In a bid to improve their level of service delivery, the company has been expanding their capacity by hiring more researchers and carrying out clinical trials on 12 more drugs. Success for Clay is to see more people join in the fight against cancer and achieve success at it.


Wengie’s 4 Super Smart Life Hacks

If you’re the type of person to just throw your belongings in your backpack without much care, and get disappointed when they come out bent or broken, then this simple hack will really help. Take a ziplock bag and cut out a piece of cardboard to fit inside of the bag perfectly. With this DIY pouch, you can keep your passports, receipts, checks, business cards, or whatever important documents have safe!


Tired of finding old, rotten liquid at the bottom of your trashcans? Take some newspaper and place it at the bottom of your trash bag. Now whenever you throw trash into the bag, the newspaper will soak up whatever liquid comes out, leaving your trashcan dry! What about when you throw something heavy into your trash can, and the bag ends fall inside? You can solve this easily by placing two upside-down wall hooks on the side of your trash can and hooking the ends of your bag on. Easy!


Many people have a favorite temperature setting when it comes to taking a shower. Finding this temperature can be hard at times, and can also take a while. You can forget about waiting if you follow this simple tip: use a permanent marker to draw a line that covers the shower handle and its base once you find the temperature of your liking. This way, you’ll be able to turn your shower dial to your favorite heat setting every time with no wait!


According to Wengie, If you often find yourself shopping and you’re unsure whether or not you have something at home already, then listen up! Take a picture of your fridge at multiple angles before heading out, so that you can look at it for reference when you’re at the store and need to know what you already have.


Careers in Law: Litigator Karl Heideck

Careers in Law: Litigator Karl HeideckWhen we picture a lawyer in our mind, the first image that usually pops up for most people is someone spending a lot of time in the courtroom wearing a suit and dealing with lawsuit after lawsuit after lawsuit. However, many don’t realize that litigation in itself is actually a very wide field which has a job description that can vary widely. Ultimately, litigators are lawyers that represent plaintiffs and defendants in civil cases, specifically. They also are responsible for managing all phases of the litigation process including: investigation, pleadings, discovery, pre-trial, trial, settlement, and appeal.

Careers in Law: Litigator Karl HeideckOne of the best litigators today is Karl Heideck. Karl practices in the Greater Philadelphia region of the United States and specializes in both risk management and compliance practices. He also specializes in several different areas and has been for over 10 years in the following areas: employment law, legal writing, corporate law, product liability, commercial litigation, and legal research. Not only is Mr. Heideck highly reputable in his field, but also has experience and is skilled in the areas which he works in, and has education to back it up. He first originally pursued English and Literature at the Swarthmore College, and eventually graduated with honors after later joining the Tempe University Beasley School of Law.

Education is the first step for someone who wants to enter the legal field, as throughout their education they develop the necessary essential skills for things such as negotiation, dispute resolution, communication, settlement, and passing the state bar exam. While working as an attorney in Philadelphia, Karl Heideck gained an extensive amount of experience in civil cases, filing complaints on behalf of clients as well as responding to different complaints. Throughout this time, he gained hands-on experience of the complete litigation process, which is why he is one of the most sought out in his field. The litigation process experience in which he worked also included filing motions and responses for both defendants and appeals. In a lack for better words, Karl Heideck can best be summed up as taking legal action against people and organizations for clients, and also defends them if and when the law is brought against them.

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Josh Verne: How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Succeed in Life and Business

Josh Verne is a serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of professional experience. In all these years, he has worked to found and sell more than 20 companies at their level of maturity. For this reason, he has gained recognition as one of the ablest business leaders in the United States. During his many years of professional experience, he learned that vision is the key to success. For those leaders who want to succeed in business, hey must embrace the true nature of business leadership in a manner that is unprecedented in the industry. For this reason, leadership is the art that lets someone see what others cannot see while standing.


  1. 1. Have a balance in life.

For you to succeed in life and business, you must struggle to balance all your life entities in a manner that depicts the true leadership in business. For this reason, ensure you understand that you can own all the money in the world without having a true family. As a matter of fact, people can be so rich without a family to enjoy their wealth. For this reason, some of the people can b own money but have a sick family. For this reason, they will never enjoy what he struggles to achieve on a daily basis. A balance in life is all about spending all you have to develop high-end capabilities in a manner that is unprecedented in the industry.


  1. Do what gives you passion

While many people lack passion in what they do, few of them succeed in what they do. For those who are passionate, they will never fail in life. However, those who lack passion will lose faith and direction. As a matter of fact, they will always lose everything they have to those with passion.