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Jason Hope’s New eBook Is A Must Read

With the era of technology only rising, Jason Hope gives a new understanding of the web. As an entrepreneur and investor, Hope explains all things IoT in his new eBook, “Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A quick guide for thriving in the IoT era. Not only does he have the knowledge, but he has gained the experience to back up his ideas. Hope originally hails from Scottsdale, Arizona, and has built his own profitable technology business. Hope is also involved in politics as they relate to technology. He has a degree in finance from Arizona State University, and an accompanying MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Hope has also been asked on numerous occasions to write for various technology-related sites.

Recently, philanthropy has become an area that Hope is passionate about. He publicly stands behind a company called SNES. Hope is particularly fond of their innovation as they are approaching the cures for diseases like Alzheimer’s in a new way. Hope believes that progress comes by challenging the traditional school of thought.

In his eBook, Hope explains that IoT stands for The Internet of Things. In a nut-shell, this is the way that internet-connected devices share information. Hope’s new eBook serves as a short guide that will give you all you need to know about how to protect yourself, and how to use these devices responsibly. Hope also asserts that IoT continues to reform and change the way businesses operate and serves are rendered. As technology is only growing, IoT will continue to influences both consumer and industrial activity more and more. In fact, technology is becoming more involved than ever in our homes and daily lives. With the growing trend of technology in education, it is more pressing than ever to ensure safety. For this reason it is important understand what IoT is, and how it works.

You can find Hope’s new eBook on, and it only costs $2.99. If you still aren’t sure whether this eBook applies to you, you can access a short excerpt from his book on amazon to get a taste of what you’ll learn.

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Rocketship Education Is Getting Everyone’s Attention

Rocketship Education is a public charter school structure that locates itself into lower economic neighborhoods where there is little to no quality education available. It is a partnership between students, teachers, parents, and the entire community at large. When everyone buys in on the concept together it has meaningful and positive results.

Rocketship Education uses a different model in its teaching approach apart from the traditional teaching model. Instead of forcing students to sit through four or five hours a day of lectures, which does little to foster real learning, Rocketship Education does have some general sessions, but much of the time is spent in smaller groups and digital learning.

The smaller groups offer students the opportunity to cover material more in-depth and time to ask questions. In groups of 6 to 8 students there is more interaction and informality. Subject matter can be covered with practical examples and student projects that get to the heart of the matter.

Digital learning is used to cover repetitive items such as math rules, language, history, and other factual items where a logical path can be followed individually. The students use laptops, smartphones, and tablets, equipment that the students usually already know how to use.

With the digital learning modules, students can progress at their own pace as they follow the on-screen lessons and reviews. Here they are truly on their own as far as the pace of learning which helps relax the situation and many of the lessons are lots of fun, thus keeping the interest levels high.

The schools are truly community schools as the families of the students are deeply involved with the schools’ operation and planning. The families actually name the schools, they help design the offerings for enrichment, and select the unique fifth core value. Each fall the teachers and leaders pay a visit to the home of each family, turning around the usual formal school hierarchy and making the event an informal visit by a friend. Here friendships are developed and bonds are made that last a lifetime.

The results speak for themselves as the average rocketship student graduates from high school a full year ahead of the average public school student.

When It Comes to Marketing, Listen to Experts Like Lori Senecal

When it comes to marketing, you need to pay attention to what the experts say. Lori Senecal is an expert. She has had a career that can only be described in glowing terms. Lori is known as a leader in the marketing industry. Lori Senecal is unmatched in her ability to bring a company to success through her marketing efforts and leadership qualities. Lori Senecal has turned every company that she touched into a success story. Lori Senecal has received many awards for her great work and her great success stories.

When it comes to Facebook and digital advertising, Lori Senecal is also unmatched. She says that you have to take into account all of the latest trends. You also have to know what your goals are. You should have three main goals in your marketing campaigns. First of all, you need to make sure that you reach the right audience. Second of all, you need to make sure that you have the right message. Finally, you need to make sure that the message is one that will cause people to take action. For more details visit Bloomberg.

One trend is to use real humans in your pictures. This will make it easier for people to relate to you. You should always strive to make your ads more engaging and interesting. If you have video ads, make sure that they tell an interesting story. You can even use 3D videos or 360 videos to make your ads more engaging. When you use images, you should use bright colors that stand out and give you more exposure. This way, you will not lose out to banner blindness. Check out Ideamensch to see more.

You should also focus on an emotional response. By evoking emotion, you will get more people to relate to you. You also have to make sure that you are optimized for mobile devices. Otherwise, you are missing out on a wide audience. Mobile is very important in this day and age and is only getting more important.

Lori Senecal was the Global CEO of CP + B. She headed KBS. You can visit mediapost to know more.

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How End Citizens United Plans to Protect Johnson Amendment

There is a new political action committee in the United States. The panel is sponsored by the End Citizens United group. The board aims at transforming the campaign financing in the nation. Through this, the committee intends to support various democratic candidates contesting for political seats in the Senate and the Congress.

The committee is trying to extend the fight that the United Citizens group has been fighting for a long time. Currently, the organization is on a mission to pass a constitutional amendment that aims at reversing a Supreme Court decision of 2010. In the ruling, the court gave rise to mighty PACs, thus allowing a tidal wave of dark money to flow into the political space. So far, the group has managed to collect over 325000 signatures to force Congress to make the amendment.

With the many gains that the End Citizens frontier has made in the campaign financing laws, the Republican leaders are watering these benefits down. They are slowly stripping some of these rules. The big question therefore is, will the Supreme Court of the United States allow for the tax-exempt financing laws to be extended to various churches and nonprofit bodies? Only time will tell.

Already, President Donald Trump has issued an executive order that attempts to curtail the gains made by the Johnson Amendment Act. In the amendment, the law prohibits any church or a non-profit making organization from engaging either directly or through proxies in activities that are seen to support or oppose an individual candidate. Now, the Congress and the Republican politicians are determined to abolish the law in its entirety.

In the current developments, the End Citizens United frontier has issued a statement where they vehemently condemn such a political move by the state. In the message, the frontier asperses its fears that politicians may turn churches into secret dens for soliciting for campaign funds and spending them. And as if the law is not enough, the money will be sent tax-free to various churches. As such, the funds will be sent to support a political cause, and those donating will also be entitled to a tax deduction.

The bill, as sponsored by Lyndon Johnson had insulated churches and other nonprofits from political shenanigans. For a long time, the law was not seen as an issue by most players in the sector. In fact, most groups had accepted the proposal as part of the separation between the state and churches as envisaged in the constitution.

However, contrary to what people believe, the law does not bar these organizations from engaging in political activities. It has been evident how various churches have been involved in mobilizing voters to come out in large numbers and cast their votes.



George Soros Gives $18bn to His Charitable Foundation

George Soros is one of the richest liberal billionaires and philanthropists the world has ever seen. George Soros is also the CEO and Founder of the Soros Quantum Fund based in New York. While he has managed all the operations of this fund, George Soros has made a fortune through betting against the risky currency trades in the world. His capability to locate a market niche in this category makes him a target for better business revisions. Perhaps this is the reason why he is assimilating better innovation structures. George Soros has worked in the company for more than four decades to become the richest hedge funder in the world.George Soros is also the CEO and Founder of the Open Society Foundations based in the United States. When he realized that his money was enough in a lifetime, he decided to found the Open Society Foundations to help him achieve the best for the marginalized groups in the world. His main aim with the Open Society Foundations is to assist other people to achieve their desired growth through becoming a voice for the voiceless.

Since the Open Society Foundations was opened, George Soros has issued more than half of his net worth to the poor. His charitable work began in South Africa when he funded the poor children for their education in 1978.George Soros’s success in the hedge fund industry allowed him to pursue his ambitions in the recent past. For this reason, the Open Society Foundations has a presence in more than 200 countries in the world. Since George Soros began his work with the Open Society Foundations, the group has gained favor among many parts of the world. Because George Soros is committed to bringing change to the world, his achievements have not also limited him to the United States. For those who are near George Soros, they say that he is more involved in the United States politics more than ever before. His involvement in the world of politics has led him to align himself with the Democrats.

In the past general elections, George Soros was the leading funder of the Democrats campaigns to help Hillary Clinton become the next president of the United States after Barrack Obama. During the election mod George Soros stated that he believes that the Democrats stand in for a chance to correct the wrongs made by the previous governments under the Republican rule. George Soros also calls in for justice in a way that depicts his allegiance to the truth. George Soros also fights for a government that respects the rights of the people no matter their origin. This is because many non-Americans pursue greater business needs in a manner that sidelines their rule.George Soros has issued more than $18 billion towards charitable activities in and out of the United States through the Open Society Foundations. This action ranks the Open Society Foundations the third-largest charitable organization in the world. This brings his lifetime giving to $32 billion.

Johnson Amendment Threats Highlighted By End Citizens Unites

The Johnson Amendment has been one of the last bastions of protection for those looking to keep the vast amounts of money seen in recent years out of U.S. political elections. Introduced in 1954 by Senator Lyndon Johnson before he became U.S. President, the Amendment has been one of the least controversial pieces of campaign finance legislation in the history of politics as its sole aim was to keep charitable groups out of funding political elections and campaigns; however, the arrival of President Donald Trump in The White House in 2016 resulted in the Johnson Amendment coming under threat from the power of the Presidency. Visit to know more.

End Citizens United has entered the fight to keep the Johnson Amendment in place in the face of an Executive Order designed to use stealth to overturn the will of the Senate in bringing this piece of legislation into law. The Executive Order signed by President Trump called on the Internal Revenue Service not to enforce Johnson’s Amendment which has basically allowed any charitable group to provide campaign funding for politicians and political parties; End Citizens United believe this Executive order flies in the face of the law and could have major consequences for millions of people living and working in the U.S.

The Executive Order signed by President Trump is not the only attempt by Republicans to remove Johnson’s Amendment from the rule of law without specifically bringing any new laws to the attention of Congress. The 2017 tax reform bill which has proven so controversial includes a specific article stating Churches and religious groups will be exempt from the constraints of the Amendment which also covers universities and charitable groups; the battle to bring an end to Johnson’s Amendment looks set to continue with the power of the religious right being used in a bid by Republicans to retain power by allowing religious groups preferential treatment during campaigning seasons.

Formed in 2015, End Citizens United has been fighting to reform a set of campaign finance laws the group feels are unfair to regular voters who are being offered political choices based on the whims of the billionaire donor class. To maintain a transparent and politically independent organization, End Citizens United operates as a traditional PAC with limits placed on the level of donations allowed by individual donors; the group has continued to fight for the future of the campaign financing system by lending its support to candidates for political office at all levels who share a passion for bringing an end to the Citizens United Supreme Court decision of 2010. Despite a financial limit placed on donors, the PAC announced it had received enough in grassroots funding by the middle of 2017 to set a campaign funding target of $35 million by the 2018 midterm elections. Know more:

Roberto Santiago – An Icon in the World of Entrepreneur

Roberto Santiago is legendary Brazilian entrepreneur who has done well in the mall industry of Brazil. He was born in Joao Pessoa on July 16th, 1958. He has a degree in Business Administration which he obtained from University Center of Joao Pessoa. Before that, he had attended Marist College.

He founded a firm dealing with producing decorative and utilitarian products which attribute to his success. He had interests in sports where he has won several trophies in motocross and Kart competitions. He is a fun loving person which has seen him invest deeply in a high-tech entertainment hub with 11 movie theaters of high technology. People can enjoy their most loved 3D movies and other extras like popcorn and cream in these theaters.

His most noteworthy investment that has seen him gain fame is the Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall. The mall was constructed with the aim of strengthening customer relations which have seen develop into one of the best malls in Joao Pessoa. It gives quality customer support and great products. It not only offers services to people of Joao Pessoa but also it is a center of attraction for people all over Brazil. Visitors can get acquainted with Brazilian culture from Domus Hall. It hosts cultural festivals, exhibitions and live concerts at the Manaira Shopping Mall. The shopping Mall is thriving to create a haven that surrounds sales, leisure and a tour center all in one place.

The shopping mall addresses the needs of people from all walks of life. It has a parking space for more than 3,000 cars. It is always full of activities hosting events to keep people engaged and entertained. There are many local and international brands to choose from in this mall. Right from sports gear, jewelry, stationary, furniture, to clothing and much more, this mall is well fitted to cater for a variety of needs.

Roberto Santiago has another Shopping Mall called Mangeira which was built in 2013. The economic and social life of Joao Pessoa has seen an increment as a result of the two malls. Many firms have moved their business to the city leaving the residents spoilt of choice.

He is determined to shape Brazil and make it a right place for shopping. Being passionate, committed and hard work are the attributes that contribute to his success.

It is the wish of every man or woman to develop a successful business to cater for his or her generations. At 58 yrs of age, Roberto has done more than that and has given back to the community and given them cultural encounters they would not have enjoyed. He advises young people venturing into the world of entrepreneurship to go out in the world and implement their ideas practically.


Desiree Perez Steers Roc Notion towards Successful Business Dealings

The Chief Executive Officer and President of ROC Nation, Desiree Perez is a successful and influential businesswoman who participates various ventures. She has so far played very active roles in various departments including publishing and even management. She has partnered with celebrities like Rihanna in promotional jobs for various companies like Samsung just to mention a few.

Besides, she is known to be business partners with the famous musician and business mogul, Jay Z. The two have run business enterprises successfully for close to 20 years now. At Roc Nation, she has as well run collectives such as Hova Circle of Influence and much more. Additionally, she has impacted on the success of other single entities such as Jay Brown, Jana Fleischman, Chaka Pilgrim and many other lucrative enterprises. The music recording business has so far earned her enormous achievements and personal growth.

Her able business partner, Jay Z is set to terminate his contract with Live Nation and focus his efforts entirely on Roc Nation. However, his partnerships at Live Nation earned him clean money worth $150 million and more in a span of about 10 years.

However, Live Nation still wishes to do other businesses with Jay Z but music recording. This is as a result of Live Nation quitting their interests in purchasing music that is already recorded by various artists. However, the relationships that they have built with various artists such as Jay Z are meant to stand the test of time for as long as possible. Roc Nation, on the other hand, is still entertaining artists and their music and some of their regular clients include Rihanna, Meek Mill, Shakira, Jay Z and Fat Joe.

Recently, Jay Z and Desiree Perez organized meetings with the Chief Executive officer and president of Universal Music Group at Sir Lucian Grainge’s luxurious offices in Santa Monica. The meeting was purely for business purposes. Indeed, Desiree Perez has greatly impacted on the growth of Roc Nation.

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Lifeline Screening Preparation Requirements Are An Essential Part Of Obtaining Accurate Results

Lifeline Screening is an agency that offers tests for preventative health care. These tests are available to the general public at any time. To better serve the needs of those individuals interested in taking steps to prevent potentially harmful health conditions from occurring or getting worse, Lifeline offers a simple online guide for preparation.

These steps are essential to the screening process in that they allow the methods used to provide more accurate results. In most cases, preparing for a screening from Lifeline requires no more than the wearing of comfortable clothing.

Since some of the testing available through Lifeline is for the detection of glucose or cholesterol levels. The preparation for these tests would include certain fasting requirements. Although these levels are tested using blood samples drawn from a simple finger stick method, the fasting requirements need to be adhered to in order to get the best readings possible. For a complete lipid panel an individual needs to fast for at least 12 hours before having their screening performed. This same time period is required for a glucose test as well as for the screening for Lifeline’s 6 for Life Package, which includes the testing for heart disease. The screening for an abdominal aortic aneurysm has a shortened fast period of 4 hours with specific meal requirements.


In some instances, the preparation for a Lifeline screening could include the type of clothing a person wears. This is usually to make accessing certain points on the body easier for the purpose of obtaining more accurate information. Short sleeved shirts and open collars are often required for tests which require the monitoring of the heart rate. The test for peripheral arterial disease specifically requests that pantyhose not be worn. This screening along with the one for abdominal aortic aneurysm, also requests that the individual wear loose clothing in the form of a two-piece outfit.

As a facility focused on providing patients with the best care possible, the team at Lifeline Screening offers a 14-point promise to everyone they assist. Included in this is their promise to make sure every person receiving a screening is well informed and comfortable. They also promise to use the highest quality equipment in combination with certified procedures to ensure the results obtained are of the highest level of accuracy. They also promise to take steps toward informing individuals of anything they believe to be of an immediate concern to their health.


Global Crispin Porter & Bogusky CEO Lori Senecal’s Successful Career

Lori Senecal the Global CEO at Crispin Porter & Bogusky is one of the few successful professionals who have been able to have it all in their career. From a tender age, Mrs. Lori was motivated by the success of her elder siblings a factor that made her commit to being the best thus achieving the success that she enjoys now. Going by the achievements Lori Senecal has had so far, its fair to say that she has been able to achieve her dreams and even surpass them.

After graduating from University with a sales and marketing degree, Lori Senecal has enjoyed quite a remarkable career. Arguably, whatever Ms. Lori lays hands on prospers. Her first employment opportunity was with McCann Erickson New York office where she was the President. It is while at this position that Lori Senecal founded TAG Ideation a platform that provide young-adult a platform to grow and increase their marketing knowledge. The simple idea of TAG Ideation would later grow into one of the biggest achievements of her career. This platform allowed Lori to work with some of the biggest companies in the world including Xbox, Sprint, Nabisco, Staples, Molson and Weight Watchers to name but a few.

Later after leaving McCann Erickson, Lori would later join KBS as its CEO and Chairperson. At this position, Lori would help grow the company from a 250- populated agency to one with over 900 individuals. Currently, Lori Senecal is in charge of the global operations of CP+B where she coordinates and manages the growth and expansion of the agencies global operations. In a time record of two since joining the agency in 2015, Lori has been able to impact tremendously on the culture and operations of the business helping it achieve most of its objectives.

The above deployments may seem like the highlights of her career but they are not. These are just but a stepping stone for the executive to achieve her objectives. Under these positions, Lori Senecal has been recognized and awarded for her personal efforts and also the agencies efforts. Some of these achievements include Creativity Innovators of the Year 2017, Agency Executives to Watch 2016 and Women to Watch 2013 to name but few. Check out Campaignlive for more.

If you are looking for a role model in the business sector then Lori Senecal is the perfect role model to pick. Her resilience and sheer determination to succeed are qualities worth emulating. You can follow her Twitter page.

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