Oren Frank Talks about the Digital Revolution

Oren Frank was born in Israel and spent most of his early life marketing and advertising. He now lives in New York with his family and is the CEO and co-founder of Talkspace, a platform meant for offering therapy and space where people get to talk about anything and everything about life.

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In his talk about the digital revolution, Oren Frank talked about how Big Data is anticipated to take over the world soon. A lot of data is already connected to the web and today; nearly everything is done online. Much of human activities are linked to online platforms such as Facebook, and we have millions of apps coming up every day. People spend most of their time on their smartphones.

However, he finds it ironical that although accessing information has become easier than it was before the presence of digital revolution, the Americans still voted for a party that was founded in the 19th century. Also, robber barons still use Bloomberg and Bombardiers rather than snail mail and horses. For over 5o years, people still fly Boeings below the sound speed. Dentists are drilling, and cars still burn oils and ride on four rubber wheels that go flat and delay journeys. The fact is, there is no proof that people are happier than they were in a hundred years ago when technology and digitalization did not exist.

The technology believers are however saying that the world is getting close to the technological singularity where no one will be able to predict the implications of upcoming technologies. Oren Frank believes that the technology believers are probably right and digital revolution will still keep on changing and new things are bound to be discovered as time goes by. The revolution, however, seems to be over in people’s minds and hearts. They fail to see how communication has shifted and how it affects culture and way of life. People are no longer surprised by discoveries such as new cancer treatment, iPhone 7. It has become so obvious and boring that nothing seems exciting anymore. With this, it is hard to tell if the digital revolution is still on or coming to an end.

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