Agera Energy Collaborates With Local NGOs to Help Underprivileged Citizens

Agera Energy is known for supplying customized energy plans to the United States’ commercial and residential energy consumers. Into the bargain, the utility company has been on the vanguard of advocating for energy conservation.

Outside of the energy industry, Agera Energy spends its resources in supporting non-governmental organizations that campaign for important humanitarian courses like poverty eradication, food security, and empowerment.

Agera Energy supports Food Bank Association of New York State, a charitable organization that promotes food security. Food Bank Association provides food and shelter to people low-income people in New York. Furthermore, the organization empowers citizens on the benefits of food banks.

Besides Food Bank Association, Agera Energy supports Volunteers of America, one of the oldest Charities in New York. It was established in 1896. This non-profit organization provides shelter for victims of violence, homeless kids, as well as victims of a disaster. Moreover, Volunteers of America help the victims start a life of sufficiency.

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