Madison Street Capital –M&A Turnaround Deal of the Year Award Winner

It was a major breakthrough for Madison Street Capital, an Investment Company based in Chicago, when it won the M&A Turnaround Deal of the Year Award. The company’s top management was so excited with the news that they could not hide their joy. From the CEO to the lowest ranked employees, it was a satisfying moment to know that their company had been recognized by some of the most respected professionals in this sector. When the award was announced, they were there to receive it, and they were all smiles. This shows how much they love their company and how passionate they are when it comes to success.




Top-notch financial advisory services




The main reason why Madison was recognized is its financial advisory service. The company has been at the center of significant transactions. Some of these transactions have made headlines for many months and therefore, the company has always been in the limelight. The most significant deal in the last year is the one that they facilitated between RMG Networks and Sachs Capital Group. The companies were in involved in a take-private deal and so, they needed a financial advisor to make the deal go through. They did not disappoint and so, they caught the attention of many observers.




Accepting the award




As he accepted the award, the CEO of Madison said that he was happy that the company had emerged victorious in a category that had some of the biggest names in the industry. He said that the companies that were fighting for the same award had also achieved extraordinary things in that year and so, they all deserved to win. However, it is the innovative nature in which Madison does things that enabled them to beat the competition. In addition to that, he assured the industry that they will continue coming up with better solutions for their customer especially he it comes to business deals.




Things to note about Madison Street Capital Reputation




Madison is a company that is based in Chicago, Illinois. It has specialized in the provision of financial services with an inclination towards investment. For their customers, the company wants to provide the best solutions to the challenges that they face every day. That is the reason they always come up with different working styles. They have been helping big companies and medium investors to find the right financial advice. For example, the award that they recently won came because they helped to seal a take-over deal.


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