Sharon Prince: The Pioneer of Vision for Grace Farms

Sharon Prince is the chair and principal of a Grace Farms Foundation. This foundation was set up in 2009 with the aim to improve the quality of life through arts, nature, justice, and faith. Sharon Prince remarked that the concept of Grace Farms was derived from the land. The land was so expansive and it inspired a feeling of awe and again it was so beautiful. Sharon Prince pioneered the vision of Grace Farms and since its opening, the farm has turned out to be a place of peace and grace for a lot of people.

Grace Farms is a cultural and community center that lies on more than 80 acres of unperturbed natural beauty. The Foundation uses ample outdoor surroundings to serve a variety of functions such as inspire thought, promote education, enhance communication, garner preservation and boost appreciation of all features of nature. Grace Farms is open all days of the week and can be accessed by the public. It welcomes visitors to participate in different programs that are run in the site, it facilitates interactions of individuals from different backgrounds.

During summer, activities at Grace Farms are plentiful and they vary from capture and recapturing of fish at Cattail Pond, the exploration of lush greenery and cultivated fields through walking in trails.

Under the sun, Grace Farms offers a spectacular sight, shining brightly and offering a peaceful environment despite the daily bustle and stir of life. Grace Farms has been awarded a number of awards for its exemplary contribution to environmental sustainability, architecture and social good.

Through her position at Grace Farms, Sharon Prince has incessantly fought to curb human exploitation, child exploitation, and gender-based violence on both local and international spectrum. Sharon Prince is also a board member of Freedom Needs Fighters, a universal media campaign that strives to curb the present day slavery.

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