Serge Belamant: Write Comment for Article

I wonder why there are so many ultra-successful people who have not finished college. Makes you question the whole college system. Of course if you want to be a politician you need college, but a lot of people who are the backbone of major advancements in business and entertainment never finished it. Serge Belamant is the “father of blockchain technology” and chose not to complete his education when university red tape wouldn’t let him transfer his credits. I think that’s a wise choice, seeing as how he obviously had talent to create his own start-up and build his career. Most universities don’t care about the wellbeing of individual students or practical matters like not making students repeat coursework they’re already done. You have college dropouts like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates who, like Serge Belamant, are also pioneers in the technological field. But these days it’s impossible to be considered for a job without a college degree, and your shot at making it in any sector even with one are low. It’s interesting that he received an honorary Ph.D from Burkes University that was found not to be legitimate. Why would he need an honorary degree? How exactly did the law decide that there was ‘no wrong doing’ on Serge or his company’s part? I’d like to see more information on that because the article does not specify what exactly was found to be untrue. I believe that to get that far in a field, especially the technology one, people often pull stunts like fake degrees or shady practices to help their business succeed in a cut-throat market. Whatever he may have done, it does not take away from the significance of blockchain technology itself.

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