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How Edwin Miranda Brings Marketing Ideas To Life

Edwin Miranda has worked in the marketing industry for several years, and much of that has been as head of KOI IXS. Mr. Miranda founded company KOI IXS to offer full-service marketing strategies to brands around the world. Through this, he and his team have developed a highly data-driven approach to marketing that has consistently been able to produce reliable results for his clients. This is because Mr. Miranda has always kept an eye out in the marketing field for new technologies and innovations, while also innovating himself.

Because of this, Edwin Miranda has always preferred the likes of performance marketing, as it’s shown to be a reliable and effective form of marketing. Some of the most notable reasons for this include the fact that it can help brands to increase their market share, while also letting them create meaningful customer engagement, and thus acquire new customers. Many people may wonder how Edwin Miranda can constantly come up with new marketing ideas for his clients; while innovative technology and marketing solutions are part of the answer to that, the main reason is passion. This is because Mr. Miranda has always been passionate about marketing; more specifically, he’s always been passionate about ensuring his clients receive the best results possible.

With that in mind, Edwin Miranda has said that passion is one of the core ingredients of bringing an idea to life, regardless of what industry you’re in. This led to Mr. Miranda scouting out the most talented designers and staff possible when he founded KOI IXS; this has led him and his team to offer world-class solutions to all the brands that they’ve worked with. It’s also one of thing things that helps keep Edwin Miranda productive on a day to day basis, as it keeps him wanting to improve and offer impeccable results to clients.

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How Farfetch Deal will Transform the Fashion Market in China

In the e-commerce world, the space of fashion is slowly growing. is one of the entities that continue to make fashion items available to millions of people across Asia. Due to this unmatched commitment of making different fashion items available to different clients across different countries, different brands have approached as a distribution partner. Farfetch is the first entity, this year, to sign an agreement with this Chinese giant. This partnership is specifically for the premier luxury market, which according to pundits is on the increase. How will this profound deal change in Chinese luxury consumption? How will Farfetch benefit from this deal? First, according to the deal, Farfetch will get access to market.

In most Asia countries, the company remains the undisputed leader in the virtual market. With this access to the Asia market, getting a market for luxury products is also not farfetched. According to statistics, China is among the few countries in the world that have a big number of luxury consumers and therefore a huge market. Pundits predict that this is the best deal Farfetch could get in Asia. The English company wanted to make an entry in this market in different ways. From this month going forward, it will be interesting to see how Farfetch will transform this market with the help of

The deal with this English company is one of the most important deals has signed this year. The management of this Chinese company understands that partnerships in the world of trading are crucial. Apart from this partnership with Farfetch, the company has another partnership with small traders in Asia. According to the management of, the partnership with small business owners in China is aimed at helping these entities reach more people and therefore make more sales. Although the program is still in the enrolment stage, it is successful, and pundits refer to it as brilliant. In conclusion, 2019 for the Chinese entity is a season for working with different stakeholders with the aim of giving the Chinese consumers many options and better products. The management team points out that that is one of their 2019 projections.

Zeco Auriemo Chairs JHSF, a Real Estate Company in Brazil

JHSF Participacoes S.A. offers its services to the nonresidential building operators in Brazil. The company is engaged in the real estate sector. It’s also involved in the establishment, purchase as well as the sale of residential and commercial properties. JHSF is also involved in the establishment of shopping centers, the operation of hotels, tourist activities, alongside management services.

Since its founding in 1972, JHSF has engaged in various innovative approaches toward meeting its customer’s needs in the markets it’s strategically located. The company is also situated in several cities such as Sao Paulo, New York, and Manaus. Because it’s a public corporation, it has employed more than 800 employees. By pioneering innovative as well as quality products, the real estate developer has established an envied brand in the sector. Under the guidance of Zeco Auriemo, the brand is joining some of the industry’s prolific competitors.

Zeco Auriemo is currently serving as the CEO of JHSF. He’s responsible for brand management. Since joining the company at a tender age, he has progressively contributed to various partnerships with the firm, making it a household name and establishing its presence as a leading residential real estate business in Brazil. From the outset of his leadership, Zeco Auriemo has partnered with prolific brands such as Hermes, Valentino, and Jimmy Choo. He has also opened various retail outlets situated in Cidade Jardim shopping center. Zeco Auriemo joined JHSF at the age of 14. He has since served and risen the leadership ranks to the executive position he currently holds.

Auriemo was a student at the Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (FAAP) University. In 1997, he launched JHSF’s service department. It’s during this period that he also created Parkbem, the company’s parking lot management. He then delved into the development of the first shopping mall, Metro Santa Cruz.

Sussex Healthcare contribution to the community

Sussex Healthcare has been concentrating on developments and infrastructure for its establishment. The institution aims to be ahead of other health institutions in terms of treatments, developments, and infrastructure. According to them, communication is the fundamental equipment for an organization to prosper. Through this concept, they are looking forward to ensuring there is a clear understanding with clients and workers.

Every household managed by Sussex Healthcare contains a specialized professional who follows the leaders’ perspective. They do so to better the conditions, rectify problems and create a positive result on occupant’s life. The workers are dedicated to assisting the occupants of the healthcare organization. They carry out their responsibility fully as they acknowledge the significance of their work to the clients and the gain it brings. Read this article at

Sussex Healthcare is employing new nurses and care assistants to fill the vacancies needed and perform their duty to the clients. It is an amazing moment for the institution as it is adjusting to what can be changed to bring better yield. In addition, the strategies it can do to bring a positive impact to their clients. They advertise their job vacancies through newspapers, radio, and other broadcasting channels. The institution offers its staff members with a referral bonus in case somebody recommends a skilled worker. This boosts the staff to search for specialized staff to join their team of excellence and care to the clients.

Sussex Healthcare started reviewing the operations that took place in their residents’ homes. The objective of the firm is to transfer from large group operations and offer single assistance. This impact is likely to make the staff initiate innovative methods for every occupant. Afterward, each client is able to get better services as opposed to the past. The independent consultant held a meeting with some workers in the company outlining the structure of categories. Moreover, they outlined how the healthcare organization would return the culture of best quality services. This would result in prosperity if they coordinated together to fulfill the vision.



Wes Edens Background and His Career

Wes Edens was born 1961 in America. He graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in Business Administration. He is basically known for co-founding Fortress Investment Group. Moreover, he is also the co-founder of National Basketball Association’s Milwaukee Bucks and is the co-chairman of Aston villa FC.

Wes Edens has been known globally since the establishment of Fortress Investment Group as one of the greatest creative investors and basically financial manager. Initially, his company was operating as a private equity firm but today it is one of the leading asset managing firm that manages over $42 billion assets on behalf of many giant clients. The firm is diversifying their services to real estates, financial services, healthcare among others. One of their greatest achievement is financing of Brightline Passenger Rail which is now called Virgin Trains USA. This rail is linking various big cities in America.

Moreover, he has established New Fortress Energy which aims at installing the latest infrastructure for power generation due to the moving technology in the current market. This was aspired by Wes Eden ambitions to have a cleaner and a safer fuel especially in rail. He therefore established a liquid natural gas to commence his new movement. He initially used LNG for personal gain but as the time went, Wes Edens began selling this to other neighboring clients which later was distributed around the global.

Apart from just being a business man, he has also involved himself in sports where in the year 2014, he became one of the owners of NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks which. Since he joined here, the has been a drastic change in the club. The club had not won any NBA championship for over 30 years, immediately after Wes Edens Joined, the won in that year. In 2018, together with Naseef Swaris, they acquired a good number of shares in Aton Villa club. He is aspiring to see the club become one of the top club in the English Premier league table.

In association with his wife Lyn, they have tried their best to improve and support education in the areas that are very critical. These are the areas that help fix some of the upcoming worlds challenges like the field of medicine.

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Portfolio Manager Sandy Chin Provides Some Advise On What To Do During Market Volatility

Prior to the government shutdown in early 2019, the prior 20 ones hadn’t had much effect on the U.S. stock market. One study said that the stock market has taken government shutdowns in stride despite all of the endless media coverage about them. The 2019 government shutdown has given a lot of economists pause, though, since it is the longest one yet. During this shutdown, many of them are wondering if things could play out differently this time.

Experienced portfolio manager Sandy Chin provided an informed opinion on what investors should do during volatile stock markets. She said while there are reasons to stay optimistic there are also reasons to be concerned as the shutdown continues on.

The stock market going down by a lot in early December was explained by many as something having nothing to do with the government shutdown. Once the shutdown was setting records, though, it was felt that the markets just couldn’t ignore what was going on any longer. The previous shutdown record had been 21 days, in 1995, and the current one has now entered its 26th day with no end in sight.

Sandy Chin has specialized in trading staple consumer stocks during her 20 plus year career on Wall Street. She established Tidal Bore Capital, a hedge fund she created in 2016. She serves as the brainchild of this organization and uses bottom-up analysis to inform her decisions.

She had been a senior analyst at SAC Capital Management. The first time Sandy Chin managed a hedge fund was at Visium Capital Management. She has also worked at Moore Capital Management as a buy-side analyst and at Neuberger Berman as a vice president and senior analyst.

Sandy Chin started out her career at Bank of America as a sell-side analyst. At her next career stop, Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette, she met William “Bill” Leach who would become her mentor. She worked with him for 10 years learning a lot about investing and how to study other business professionals.

Sandy Chin says that Bill Leach helped her advance her career. She was able to be promoted due to his advice and acquired new titles while she was finishing up business school. Sandy Chin says that going to business school while working fulltime was an arduous 2 and a half years but with Bill’s help she met both her professional and academic goals.

To manage market volatility she says you need to research the history of the stocks you are considering. She says you should collect as many professional opinions as you can so you can see if you’re overlooking an important detail. Sandy Chin also says you should invest in new stocks especially when established stocks, like Apple, go from a “buy” stock to a “sell” stock.

Richard Liu’s humble beginnings

Every successful person has had to start somewhere and Richard Liu being one of Asia’s moguls is no exception. Born in Suqian in Jiangsu China, Richard Liu Qiangdong had an ordinary life, with ordinary parents who shipped coal for a living. Despite being humble, his parents worked hard enough to ensure he had everything he needed and Liu seeing this learned the essence of hard work.

After completing his sociology bachelor’s degree at a leading University in China, where he also taught himself coding and other computer science related topics, Richard Liu Qiangdong enrolled at the China Europe International business school where he pursued his EMBA. Even though he eventually graduated with this accolade, it was not easy as he had to raise funds for his education as well as for the treatment of his ailing granny. To achieve this, he established a small restaurant which failed miserably, but despite this, his determination remained unwavered. After completing his EMBA, Richard Liu secured a position at Japan Life where he was soon promoted to director of computers owing to exceptional skills.

Richard Liu Qiangdong however left in 1998, so he could put his entrepreneurial skills into action. Owing to his previous entrepreneurial failure, this time he knew his area of expertise better and established Technology Hub, which is what would later become

During this period, he dealt with magneto-optical goods and thanks to his previous experience in Japan life as well as his natural entrepreneurial instincts, the business soon took off and grew to 12 chain stores. Unfortunately, his hard-earned success did not last long as the SARS outbreak in 2003 forced most businesses including his to remain house-bound. Being future oriented, Richard Liu Qiangdong did not let this get in the way of his success, and he immediately took his business online in 2004.

Owing to his excellent business strategies, was on its way to success, and by diversifying the products he sold to include an array of consumer goods, it did not take long before the company began making headlines. This was the beginning of a multi-billion company and his breaking point as well.

Today, Liu serves as the CEO of the company and slowly he continues to shepherd the company to greener pastures.

Wes Edens: A Successful Financial Businessman Investing in Different Industries

Wes Edens’ career in the financial industry began in 1987 as he worked for the Lehman Brothers, one of the top financial firms in America. He worked as their managing director until he decided to leave for the BlackRock Asset Investors. He stayed with the company until 1997, and when he left, he started a company called the Fortress Investment Group, along with other founders Rob Kauffman and Randal Nardone. The Fortress Investment Group was established in 1998, and with the help of his co-founders and two other principals – Peter Briger and Michael Edward – the company became one of the top private equity firms in the country.

In February 2007, the company went public, selling shares worth $600 million. About Wes Edens continued to support the company, holding executive positions and providing instructions and strategies on how they could stay relevant in the market. By the 2010s decade, the company received offers from different conglomerates, offering a huge amount of money to acquire the Fortress Investment Group. When the Japanese conglomerate called the Softbank Group offered more than $3 billion to buy the company, Wes Edens is one of those who negotiated with the terms. The principals of the Fortress Investment Group allowed for the acquisition to take place because they were promised that they will retain their positions. The partnership with the Softbank Group ended up positively, as it opened new doors for the company and its principals.

Aside from his position at the Fortress Investment Group, Wes Edens is also focusing on his other ventures, especially in sports. He owns the franchise for the Milwaukee Bucks, and recently, he built a stadium for his NBA team. He is also handling a football team which he recently bought, as well as an e-sports team playing the highly popular “League of Legends” title. Wes Edens continues in investing with different sectors, and one of his recent investments revolve on the creation of a rail transport line in Florida called Brightline. According to him, it will decongest the number of cars plying through southern Florida, and it will offer an alternative mass transport experience for the public.

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Gustavo Martinez has been working entirely in the marketing and advertising industry for more than 30 years. During his career, Martinez has held prominent positions in various marketing companies. Martinez served as the head of McCann world group, Mather, Olgilvy and also worked as the CEO for J. Walter Thompson Worldwide which is one of the biggest marketing firms in the world.

Recently Gustavo has changed the scope of his working activities which include marketing and advertising through the creation of iconic ads into consultation. Gustavo mentioned that meeting in marketing entails formulating services at operational and strategic levels which is the cornerstone of the marketing industry. Consultancy design has been tested over time and proven to give successful results over the years.

Gustavo has differentiated the marketing industry from other industry in the sense that other industries operate on set processes which are already defined and well established. The advertising industry tends to differ since it relies heavily on creativity.

Advertising relies on artistic ways of portraying your work and just like in the art industry, different artist changes in terms of composition and method of describing art and so do different marketing agencies have different marketing strategies.

For this reason, marketing requires absolute pure creative talent so as outdo competitors and does not rely only on public figures or comic people who say interesting things.

Gustavo has insisted on recruitment measures he takes to get his team members which include mostly the top performers in several universities. He does this to have a team of creative people who can do well in consultancy even if they may not do so well in the in harsh marketing environments.

Gustavo acknowledges creativity as the critical factor to marketing, and for that reason, his team constitutes different people with different background and experience which is the key factor to bring a wide range of ideas and come up with sound problem solutions.

Being a team leader, Gustavo recognizes the value of listening to other people ideas and also knowing their worth which has been a lubricant to coming across different kind of talents. He also puts into consideration in awarding hard work done by his team members since motivating them gets them inspired and become more creative.

Gustavo also appreciates technological advancements in the marketing industry which creates room for more in-depth insights into the marketing platform and makes the industry more interesting.

As an entrepreneur, Gustavo listens attentively to anyone’s opinion. He believes that anybody can come up with something exciting or contribution towards anything regardless of who they are. Gustavo also talked about charity, he presumes charity to be a significant move, but it should be done out of good will and not to seek status recognition.

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