“James Rivers Capital on Leadership Skills “

James Rivers Capital is a company that is based in the USA. It is a financial advisory company that is involved in offering advice in finance and business to its clients. Paul Saunders is part of this company, and he works as the Principal.


A leader is not born but is rather a skill that is acquired over time. Some people may have the niche of being a leader, but they still need to develop these skills if they want to create an impact. Being a leader takes time and dedication. It is not something that you can learn in one day, but it is learned overtime. If you are a leader already, there are some changes that you can make in your approach to leadership at the work place. The following are some of the changes that you can make to ensure that your leadership is on another level.


  1. Instead of leading, support.


One of the key features of an effective leader is one that can support their team instead of leading them. If you lead you are telling your team what to do, and this does not create a good relationship with you and the team members. The team members will be incapable of performing any task unless they are told to. Consider supporting the team members so that they can be leaders in their way as well. Learn more: https://www.cbinsights.com/investor/james-river-capital


  1. Encourage your team by bonding with them


Studies show that employers who are strict and do not encourage their team members to participate are feared in the workplace. If a team member has a creative idea that may be of help to the organization they may be afraid to air it out because of fear they will be ridiculed or in trouble. Build a personal relationship with your team members so that they can come to you free when they want to share a great idea. This kind of encouragement helps bring the team closure and foster good working relationships.


  1. Consider all team members


A good leader is one who considers all the team members as important. This means that if they have opinions, you have to listen to all of them and consider them. Discriminating against certain team members only shows that you are not a great leader and practice favoritism in the workplace.