Sussex Healthcare: More Than Provision, More Than Care

Sussex Healthcare is a company that is focused on helping provide medical provisions to the elderly and they are also focused on providing specialized treatments to people who have a unique set of needs. Sussex Healthcare has been a household name in their industry and they have been helping the community through their exquisite excellence in providing care for about twenty years now and they are based in the southern regions of England. They currently operate about twenty facilities around the region; highlighting full-care residential homes, day-care facilities and a top-of-the-line fitness center.

The success of Sussex Healthcare is brought about by the coupling of skills of two very talented individuals – Shafik Sachedina and Shiras Boghani. These two individuals are experts in separately related industries. Shiraz has extensive experience in the hotel, restaurant and institute management industry – and this industry is gravitated towards making people feel at home and providing utmost comfort and convenience. This was paired with the medical background and experience of Shafik as a dental surgeon. Their dynamic duo and the combination of their expertise were the foundation of Sussex Healthcare – they have been recipients of awards and recognitions because of their excellence in care.

Sussex Healthcare is very well known and respected for their company’s ability to provide care for the elderly and cater to their very special needs. The elderly who are suffering from inevitable age related diseases like dementia, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s are people who require a very specific set of needs and also a lot of patients and Sussex Healthcare has mastered how to provide medical attention and care to these individuals. Because of their excellence and extensive experience in handling the elderly and their sensitive needs, Sussex Healthcare also has opened their doors into providing care for younger adults that are suffering from cognitive diseases and neurological deficiencies.

Sussex Healthcare’s main thrust is to provide a “normal” life for people who are suffering from diseases that pull them away from living the regular life. Sussex Healthcare provides a community and an environment with the complete social, leisure and recreational experiences for all their patients and clients. They provide a better quality of living for them.

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