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The Excellence of Nicolas Krafft

On September 30, Paris saw the second annual L’Oreal Paris fashion and beauty show beside the river Seine. The goal of this free and public event is to make the fashion and beauty industry more accessible to everyone. While there were invited guests who were given a specially designated area for the event, Large TV screens were set up all over the place so that the public of Paris could watch it for free. Many people also caught a good live look from the banks of the Seine. In addition, the event was broadcast on several different TV channels all over the globe.

Plus, It is an excellent opportunity to showcase L’Oreals latest fashion and beauty lines. This year saw a floating 60-meter catwalk gracing the river. This catwalk was so uniquely complex that after the show was over, it took 8 days to take it down. The featured models who walked the catwalk that night included celebrities like Eva Longoria, Elle Fanning, Louise Bourgoin, and Paralympic ski champion, Marie Bochet. Also present as spectators were actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and many leading names throughout the fashion and beauty industries.

For the purposes of the show, L’Oreal partnered with several other top brands, including Miu Miu, Balmain, and Chopard. Prior to and during the show, makeup artist, Val Garland, and hair artist, Stephanie Lancien, teamed up to create 70 different looks. These two are internationally famous for their work in their industries. Heading up all of this was Nicholas Krafft, L’Oreal’s Global Business Development Vice President. He has served in this role since 2014. Krafft first entered adult life by earning a Business Management degree from the University of St. Gallen in 1995.

In 2006 he also earned his CEDEP. Since then he has gone on to make a name for himself throughout the fashion industry.

Global Investor Relations Head Gareth Henry

Gareth Henry is an executive in the financial services sector. He is a global head of investor relations who has a lot of experience overseeing the operations of alternative asset management firms. Henry brings a lot of expertise and experience to any organization that he is a part of due to his knowledge of the financial markets and trends. During his career, Gareth Henry has worked for a number of financial management firms which include Shroders PLC and Fortress Investment Group.

Before starting his career, Gareth Henry completed a degree in actuarial science and mathematics. With his background in these fields, Henry looked to pursue a career in which he can combine finance and mathematics. After learning about economics and risk management, Henry was convinced to enter the field of finance. What has allowed Henry to become successful in this career field is his willingness to talk to a number of people about investment options. He has also been drawn to investor relations and finding ways to raise capital as well.

On a typical day Gareth Henry will make a lot of calls and attend a number of meetings. In order to provide the best service, Henry believes that he needs to see clients in person to find out more about their needs as well as the particular needs of the organization that he is a part of. Gareth makes about 10 calls per day and goes on two face to face meetings. When his day starts, he begins calling clients at 7AM in Europe and Asia. He will then see a client for lunch. Later on in the day, he will review documents and then visit a client or colleague. Henry ends his day with a dinner.

According to Gareth Henry, there are a few things that you need to do in order to succeed. He believes that having passion and enthusiasm will allow you to accomplish many things in your career. Henry also believes that it is important to receive feedback from colleagues and clients. Another key to success is that it is very beneficial to seek mentorship which will help you learn more about your occupation and find ways to improve. Heriot-Watt Alumnus Establishes Gareth Henry Access Bursary And One-To-One Mentoring Program

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There Is Advocacy Help Out There for SEC Whistleblowers:

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, known as the SEC, is an agency of the government of the United States that acts in an independent manner. The primary focus of the agency is to enforce the laws that exist in regard to securities as well as the stock and option exchanges of the United States. One of the major programs within the SEC is the Whistleblower Program. This is a program that provides incentives for those who provide SEC Whistleblower tips. Facilitating incentives to those who report activities that violate what is known as the Commodity Exchange Act is the primary focus of the SEC Whistleblower Program.

Labaton Sucharow is a leading firm for SEC Whistleblower advocacy. The firm has a commitment to providing support to individuals who courageously come forward and expose illegal activities in the financial industry. This firm has built its reputation on being there for its brave clients who refuse to let the system become corrupted and courageously come forward to make a difference. This courage helps to ensure that there is fairness in the market and helps to ensure the safeguarding of jobs as well. To accomplish this goal of providing support to these whistleblowers, Labaton Sucharow has built up a fantastic team of experts in their field.

Jordan A. Thomas leads Labaton Sucharow and the firm’s Chair. His experience in working with SEC whistleblowers is extensive as he is one of the major contributors to the development of the SEC Whistleblower Program. This was during Mr. Thomas’s time as the SEC’s Assistant Director in its Enforcement Division. These days, he heads up the Labaton Sucharow team in providing advocacy for those brave individuals who choose to come forward and report violations to the SEC. During his time with the firm, he has helped to attain some of the most impressive results in Whistleblower Program history as well as prestigious awards.

One of the most impressive accolades accomplished by the Labaton Sucharow team occurred as a result of the advocacy the firm did for whistleblowers who came forward in reporting Merrill Lynch. This was during the 2016 calendar year and the final settlement announced by the SEC came to an impressive total of more than $400 million. This was due to the misuse of funds provided by customers and this was brought to light by brave whistleblowers that were represented by the team at Labaton Sucharow. This is just one prime example of the fantastic work that this revolutionary firm does.

“James Rivers Capital on Leadership Skills “

James Rivers Capital is a company that is based in the USA. It is a financial advisory company that is involved in offering advice in finance and business to its clients. Paul Saunders is part of this company, and he works as the Principal.


A leader is not born but is rather a skill that is acquired over time. Some people may have the niche of being a leader, but they still need to develop these skills if they want to create an impact. Being a leader takes time and dedication. It is not something that you can learn in one day, but it is learned overtime. If you are a leader already, there are some changes that you can make in your approach to leadership at the work place. The following are some of the changes that you can make to ensure that your leadership is on another level.


  1. Instead of leading, support.


One of the key features of an effective leader is one that can support their team instead of leading them. If you lead you are telling your team what to do, and this does not create a good relationship with you and the team members. The team members will be incapable of performing any task unless they are told to. Consider supporting the team members so that they can be leaders in their way as well. Learn more:


  1. Encourage your team by bonding with them


Studies show that employers who are strict and do not encourage their team members to participate are feared in the workplace. If a team member has a creative idea that may be of help to the organization they may be afraid to air it out because of fear they will be ridiculed or in trouble. Build a personal relationship with your team members so that they can come to you free when they want to share a great idea. This kind of encouragement helps bring the team closure and foster good working relationships.


  1. Consider all team members


A good leader is one who considers all the team members as important. This means that if they have opinions, you have to listen to all of them and consider them. Discriminating against certain team members only shows that you are not a great leader and practice favoritism in the workplace.


How has been Championing Social Responsibility Since its Inception

Even though social responsibility is not a legal requirement, it is essential for businesses to operate in a way that benefits the society as well as the environment. This is a fact that, a China-based e-commerce retailer giant understands all too well. Since its inception,, also known as Jingdong has always been on the frontline of addressing social and environmental issues through its unique production methods as well as spreading goodwill through charity donations the less fortunate. The company always goes the extra mile in ensuring transparency with its over 300 million active users as well as suppliers and partners by informing the public about its various social responsibility projects.

For instance, it recently released a corporate social responsibility report in which it highlights its multiple projects since 2013. The report gives in-depth details on how Jingdong has been changing the lives of people as well as impacting the environment positively by highlighting some of its projects. In the past five years, has donated over a million clothing items and more than 40,000 toys to the less privileged. To enable those who come from less fortunate areas attain self-sufficiency the company sources more than 3 million of its products from rural areas.

To ensure environmental sustainability, Jingdong also reports that it replaced over 5000 fuel fleet vehicles with more energy efficient ones as a way to reduce the environmental impact caused by emissions from the latter. In addition, its environmental sustainability initiatives such as the Green Stream Initiative has helped reduce emissions and waste significantly through recycling. As a result, this has been beneficial to the society, the environment as well as to as some of its social responsibility programs enable it to cut costs. For instance, in the report, the company says that through its innovative program it has been able to save approximately 250 million meters of packaging tape.


As mentioned at the beginning, Jingdong is a China-based e-commerce giant. It is situated explicitly in Beijing and is among the pioneers of online shopping in the Asian realm. Led by Richard Liu, the company has been changing the perception of business through its innovative use of technology for the greater benefit of everyone. It is the largest online retail company in the region.

How Alex Hern Will Take Advantage of 5G

Alex Hern is the CEO of Tsunami VR. His technology company is ready to take advantage of the new 5G towers being built in different cities. 5G is faster and it improves latency of receiving and sending information. Alex Hern has created a software that would improve how offices around the business world will collaborate with each other. The software to improve collaboration in the office is called XR or Across Reality. XR will allow people to use almost any device such as a laptop or smartphone.

Alex Hern will have his XR software in a market that has seen companies like Google spend $1.4 billion for hardware created by a company called Magic Leap. Alex Hern has been able to move forward in an industry that allows XR technology seem more real. Technology that is finding its’ way into several different new software applications.

Expert Alex Hern understands XR technology is quite flexible and encompasses several different terms such as virtual reality or augmented reality. There is a lot of room for growth for XR technology because it can offer users the flexibility.


Serge Belamant

Serge Belamant founded blockchain technologies. He started his life out in France, but was not very old when his family moved to Africa. Upon moving to Africa he had to learn to speak and read the English language. Serge Belamant grew very quickly, and eventually went off to study computer science. Upon graduating from school Serge Belamant worked for many different companies before settling on the career he wanted.

Serge Belamant used his skills and learning to help create technological ideas that would advance and change the way we know banking systems. The things that he created changed banking for the better. He gained a talent for digital transactions, and knew that this would make banking processes quicker and more convenient.

Serge has developed many things that have made banking easier over the years including chip cars and digital payment systems. He recently helped to found a company called Zilch Technologies which was developed in the United Kingdom. The idea for this company came from Belamant’s son. They thought that it could help younger people out with financial products that were affordable to them. Serge brings his ideas to life through hard work and determination. It does not come easy, but if you set your mind to something you can and will accomplish it.

Serge Belamant has always been a hard working individual who sets his dreams high and does not stop until he reaches them. Belamant has truly changed the way we once knew banking, but he changed it for the better. Belamant is a man who wants to see progress within the world. He wants to create things that will make life easier, and that is just what he did. He create a way to make banking quicker, easier, and much more convenient. Belamant is changing the way of the future.

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Michael Nierenberg as a Representative for Success in Business

Michael Nierenberg serves at New Residential Investment Corp. as its manager and Board Chairman. He became a board member in 2013 before being promoted into the leadership position in 2016. Michael Nierenberg aspiration to achieve success commenced during his early life upon the completion of studies. He had worked at different organizations before settling at New Residential Investment. The prestigious firms that he had interacted with include Fortress, the Bank of America and JP Morgan. At Fortress, his exemplary performance was almost being rewarded before he switched companies. At JP Morgan, he was responsible for heading the Global Securitized items produced.

Serving as an executive in these companies was not sufficient for Mr. Nierenberg. He has played significant roles in guiding other organizations including the Bear Sterns for over fourteen years. At the company, Michael’s roles entailed heading the corporation’s foreign exchange marketing affairs and co-chairing the mortgage-backed securities. Each working instance provided him with a clear view of the professional world. He thus gained sufficient knowledge, expertise and exposure necessary to help him in the management operations at New Investment Corp.

Recently, Reuters, the globe’s multimedia provider for news featured Mr. Nierenberg. The hugest news feed provided the detailed working experience of Michael. Reuters also demonstrated the stock on the organization under the guidance of Mr. Nierenberg. Under his management, he had traded share worth 1,150,000 costing $14.75. Michael and his colleagues work exhaustively at New Residential Investment Corp. Other stock markets regarding the shares sold by the company’s CEO include trading 558,708 for $15.38 and 1,369,531 for approximately $18.66.

His operations at the company contribute immensely to the growth of the organization. He uses his skill learned in school and experience gained from other companies. Michael attended the Amherst College and the Wharton Business School situated at Pennsylvania University. He graduated with a Business Administration undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. He has experienced growth nurturing his skills and developing the appropriate attitude to work with people. At the organization, Mr. Nierenberg associates with eminent individuals including Robert McGinnis, David Saltsman, and Alan Tyson among others. Reuters reports Mr. Michael as an icon in the business industry.

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Mr. Eric’s Next Move

Eric Lefkofsky is one of the most powerful people in the field of technology in Chicago and the Co-founder of Groupon. During his life, he donated millions of dollars for the cancer research. He is now struggling hard and following a startup company which is in the race of finding the cure of cancers. Since Mr. Lefkofsky left his CEO position at Groupon, Chicago Inno after that learned that he has been working with a health-tech startup named as Tempus. This health-tech startup was focusing on to build the infrastructure which could modernize the cancer treatment. Their company was also found working silently with the Lightbank. It’s a VC firm of early-stage whose founder is Mr. Eric Lefkofsky.

Few people who have the knowledge of matter about the company state that Mr. Lefkofsky is the company’s president of a corporate/LLC search through the Illinois Secretary of State for Tempus Health Inc. According to a website of Tempus, it says that it is actually serving the healthcare professionals and doctors who make personalized and real-time treatment decisions on the basis of patient’s data. They make these decisions by analyzing a patient’s genetic code in the context of molecular therapies. According to Tempus, the advanced genomic sequencing and analysis methods are used by them which aid doctors to understand a tumor of a patient better. According to their website, the data collected by Tempus is useful in a sense to help doctors to create better care plans and treatment for the patients.

The Tempus website also proclaims that it gathers and analyzes the huge amount of genomic data by using proprietary algorithms and statistical analysis. This collected data is used to reveal opportunities for a patient’s physician by providing more modified and precise medicine. After working with patients with pancreatic, lungs and breast cancer, Tempus believes that it can find cures for more types of cancers in the future eventually. Through the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, Mr. Eric and his Wife Liz often donate money for cancer research causes. About over $1 million was donated by Mr. Eric to the Comprehensive Cancer Center of Robert H. Lurie at Northwestern University.

Dick DeVos Has Been A Major Influence In Grand Rapids And Beyond

Dick DeVos is one of the top businessmen in the country. His father Rich DeVos was as well. Now that Dick DeVos has joined the FAA and co-founded his own business, he has come into his own. He now is the owner of a private equity firm called The Windquest Group, which helps organizations who want to make the world a better place, including businesses like Boxed Water. In addition, DeVos is committed to philanthropy work. However, what has he done that qualifies him to work with the Federal Aviation Administration?


Well, in a word, everything. He has done everything possible to help his airport in his hometown, and because of his commitment, the airport has skyrocketed in growth, leading to record-breaking sales and passengers in 2018. The growth has continued for a number of years, following a single phone call that DeVos made to the CEO of AirTran Airways in early 2000s.


The call was made on behalf of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. Once the call was made, the airport was bound to be successful. DeVos had a connection with the CEO and was able to bring in new destinations. These new flights would cause a frenzy with ticket sales, and soon, those sales boomed. The economic boom taking place in Grand Rapids was finally on a rising trend after years of stagnant economic prospects.


Devos continued to help the airport through major changes and upgrades. Southwest came to the airport, and there were rumors that it would shut down terminals belonging to AirTran Airways. However, DeVos made another phone call and helped the airport once more. His partnership has placed the airport on the map and led to such a huge increase in sales that there were 3.26 million passengers in the airport in 2018.


DeVos has been working with the FAA’s council now for over a year. His insights into the business aspect of airports has helped tremendously to prepare new budgets, policies, and future growth opportunities. Last year, the FAA made considerable changes to certain policies and budgets, including a new renovation announced for the GSO Tower that would cost $40 million.


While the council only meets once every quarter, DeVos is one of the key members of the council to have experience in what the FAA is looking to do across America with every airport. President Trump challenged the aviation industry in one of his first addresses, stating that America’s airports had fallen behind. Ever since then, there has been a lot of emphasis on upgrading airports and making them a better place to fly from.


Gerald R. Ford International Airport used to be small but now it’s a bustling travel space with a new business traveler’s area and food court. He will continue to help the airport as well as its pilot training school. DeVos co-founded the school with his wife Betsy DeVos, who is the 11th US Education Secretary.


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