Steve Ritchie Sees A Diverse Future For Papa John’s

Steve Ritchie knows that the customers of Papa John’s expected better for the company and as their CEO he is determined to provide just that because they did as well. He knows that they can do better and is trying to let the world know in an advertising campaign. This campaign was the first that the company had put out since they had experienced a PR disaster earlier. While their new CEO has been working hard to make sure that they go beyond just remedying the problem, he knows that it will take a while to show their customers exactly what their company is actually about.

When Steve Ritchie took over the position of Chief Executive Officer at Papa John’s, he wrote a letter to their customers, employees, and owners about the direction that they are wanting to make within the company and how they plan to do this. The company had been going through some troubling times and he knew that he could save it if people realized that the whole company wasn’t represented by just one toxic person.

There is a lot that Papa John’s is planning on doing under their new leadership with Steve Ritchie. The leadership team at the company recently completed training to help them be aware of any unconscious biases that could affect their actions and decisions. He is leading the company in the right direction so that they can focus on growing their diversity and make sure that everyone involved with the company on any level is treated with the respect they deserve from them. These efforts will not and have not been easy but everyone that is part of the team at Papa John’s is getting involved.

Steve Ritchie had the company be put through a cultural audit by an independent company to become more aware of any issues that needed to be addressed. He and other leaders of Papa John’s traveled to cities like Chicago and Detroit so they could go to their stores and talk to the employees and customers. The company is ready to listen and they are taking action.