The RealReal Extends Luxury Consignment Across The Online And Physical Spaces

The RealReal is all about extending the lifecycle of luxury products. They operate an online consignment shop that has also opened a few bricker and mortar locations in Los Angeles and New York City’s SoHo. Some of their products are shown on their Instagram account which also includes contests and quotes from luxury brand designers.

Many of the pictured products right now are Gucci and Fendi brands. They have bot a Fendi shirt and bag posted that are available for sale. This brand is known for its highly colorful and distinctive patterns. They also have a contemporary Gucci shirt that was released in 2013 for sale. This shirt is yellow with brown and white patterns on it.

At the RealReal, they make sure every product they receive under consignment is authentic before it is put up for sale. They have made shopping on consignment very popular with even billionaires wanting to get in on the action. Their customers enjoy the thrill of the hunt and finding unique fashion products that they will look good in or using.

Julie Wainwright established this company in 2011 and is the chief executive officer. She started working in the world of technology in the 1990s with her most prominent job being the top executive at She enjoyed consignment shopping and figured that an online site that made sure every product they sold was the real thing would be a great idea and solution for consumers who end up paying big bucks for fake stuff.

The items in both brick and mortar stores are also available to online shoppers. This means that if you’re shopping in one of their stores you better grab something you really can’t do without because it could be gone in the blink of an eye if someone online also really likes it.