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Guilherme Paulus: The Skilled Entrepreneur Who Defines Brazil’s Tourism Industry

In business, diversification is a strategy that helps to reduce risks by allocation investments in various financial instruments, vehicles, and industries. It’s important to note that diversification helps to maximize returns through investing in various areas that would react differently in the same event. Skilled entrepreneurs indulge in portfolio diversification to help spread the risks involved in a business. Guilherme Paulus is one such business professional with vast knowledge in portfolio diversification.

Guilherme Paulus was born and raised in Brazil’s Sao Paulo. He started working at IBM as a computer specialist immediately after graduating from college. But, he didn’t like his profession. Therefore, he joined the tours and travel industry as a salesman. Over the years, he cultivated entrepreneurial strategies and learned how the industry was operated. He would later meet Carlos Vicente who financed his first business, a tours and travel company called CVC Brasil.

CVC Brasil was established in 1972 with the objective of providing unmatched quality leisure travel products as well as services for all families regardless of their income. For more than a decade, the company has been providing prepackaged as well as customized products as services with acceptable payment terms for the majority of clients. The company is among the first providers of affordable leisure travel products to Brazilian families. It also offers a wide range of products catering to various income levels. Under the guidance of Guilherme Paulus, CVC Brasil offers ground transportation, airfare, buses, hotels and cruise ships, among others. The asset-light business model has allowed the company to garner more returns.

Guilherme Paulus identified a niche in the tourism industry that required to be filled by a high-end hotel. He started GJP Hotels and Resorts, a series of hotels under the same management that provides luxury dining and lounging areas. The company is based in Sao Paulo and has employed over 1,900 employees. It’s also considered one of the most famous resorts in Brazil. Paulus is seized every opportunity in the tourism sector thereby formulating a plan to be a market leader. He has since been conferred ‘The Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2017.’

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Flavio Maluf Carves His Way through the wood industry

Flavio Maluf is the president of Eucatex, a company based in the Brazil that produces a wide range of wood paneling. Eucatex got its name from Eucalyptus which is the wood that the company uses in making their product.

Flavio Maluf’s focus on the end product of the wood products rather than the product itself and his vision has resulted in Eucatex remaining a leader in the sector. One of the reasons for the success is the amount of patents the company has, and he is in the process of opening up his first plant in Salto, São Paulo state. Flavio Maluf exports to over 37 countries in the world the plan is to export 40% of the product. Visit to learn more

Flavio knows the importance of hard work and the role of a business leader requires dedication and a desire to achieve greatness. Flavio also breaks the notion that in order to start a business one requires a great deal of money at the beginning.

One element Flavio uses to his advantage is the tax laws. Many see Brazil’s taxation system as overly burdensome, but Flavio knows that Brazil offers many tax incentives at both the national and local level. The government offers regional tax benefits to companies who move to areas of greatest need and areas with high unemployment. It is a win/win as Eucatex pays a reduced tax rate and hard-working citizens of low employment areas are given the work they need.

Flavio also knows that in order to remain sharp in the business world he also has to look after other areas in his life. Along with almost 9 hour work days, he finds time to exercise twice a week although he is always on the look out for new ideas to help his business grow. Flavio does not know where the next great idea will come from so he looks everywhere for something different, including when he is surfing the web for pleasure.



Hussain Sajwani- An Entrepreneurs Journey

To succeed as an investor, you have to be knowledgeable about the particular industry that you are venturing into. You may gain the necessary tips from other renowned investors. For example, if you are interested in joining the real estate industry, you may follow in the footsteps of real estate gurus such as Hussain Sajwani. Renowned investors such as Hussain Sajwani once owned start-up companies such as DAMAC Properties. Through the necessary input in terms of good leadership, DAMAC Properties has excelled in the Dubai real estate market. Hussain Sajwani has amassed years of experience in the real estate sector by following up closely on the real estate market and consumer trends in Dubai. His entrepreneurial skills and positive attitude towards solving various challenges have also come in handy.

About Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is a real estate investor in Dubai, UAE. Ali Sajwani, also a businessman in Dubai is Hussain Sajwani’s father. Despite owning a small family shop, Ali Sajwani was able to fend for his nuclear family by spending most of his time at the family shop. As a businessman, Ali Sajwani was equipped with skills such as being knowledgeable about handling his clients at the family shop. Since Hussain Sajwani would spend a considerable amount of time at the family shop, he got to learn more about entrepreneurship from his father.

Although Hussain Sajwani had the honor of inheriting the family business, he refused the offer. Instead, he went abroad for further studies at the University of Washington. Through a government scholarship, Hussain Sajwani was able to undertake Industrial Engineering and Economics. He was then issued work at GASCO as a contracts manager. After working tirelessly for two years, Hussain Sajwani (@hussainsajwani) retired after saving enough cash that would help him launch a catering business in the 1980s. He worked with clients such as the U.S. Military and Bechtel (a construction company in the U.S.). He also purchased land where he developed small hotels all around Dubai, UAE.

Afterward, Hussain Sajwani dived into the Dubai real estate sector in 2002 by launching DAMAC Properties. He made this move after foreigners were given the authority to own land within Dubai. Many years down the line, DAMAC Properties has prospered under the leadership of its chairman-Hussain Sajwani. Subscribe to Sajwani’s YouTube channel.

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Stream Energy Continues To Build On Its Already Impressive Record Of Philanthropy:

Stream Energy is a company that is really serious about philanthropy and particularly passionate about giving back to its home state of Texas. When it comes to philanthropy at Stream Energy, the whole team is involved. From the executive leadership team to entry-level employees, the Stream team all get involved in the charitable work that the firm does. Charitable work has become such a big part of what Stream Energy does that the company has founded a special department called Stream Cares for the specific purpose of charitable works. The Steam Cares team have been busy helping to further the Stream Energy reputation for philanthropy. This is being accomplished through to significant efforts that are regularly made by the company’s employees in the spirit of giving back. Patch is a place that has made a big effort to feature the philanthropic work that is done by the team at Stream Energy.


Many of the communities of the state of Texas were devastated when Hurricane Harvey came roaring through. This storm cut a real path of destruction that left many with their lives completely upended. This is where organizations like Stream come in and the company did not hesitate to mobilize Stream Cares to help out with this desperate situation. Helping to give assistance to Dallas area homeless individuals is another big project that the Stream Cares team has been engaged in recently. The organization joined up with a group called Hope Supply Co. in order to provide this essential assistance to the needy of Dallas, Texas.
Stream Energy is known for providing top-notch electricity services and services for various aspects of customer’s lives. With Stream Cares, the company is providing to those that are in need of it. Supporting the efforts of local communities is a top priority to the Stream Cares team. It is not a surprise to see such an innovative company also making such significant efforts toward community service and philanthropy. Stream has one of the most unique business models in the energy business and the company and its representatives take a great deal of pride in passing along their successes in the form of philanthropy.

The RealReal Extends Luxury Consignment Across The Online And Physical Spaces

The RealReal is all about extending the lifecycle of luxury products. They operate an online consignment shop that has also opened a few bricker and mortar locations in Los Angeles and New York City’s SoHo. Some of their products are shown on their Instagram account which also includes contests and quotes from luxury brand designers.

Many of the pictured products right now are Gucci and Fendi brands. They have bot a Fendi shirt and bag posted that are available for sale. This brand is known for its highly colorful and distinctive patterns. They also have a contemporary Gucci shirt that was released in 2013 for sale. This shirt is yellow with brown and white patterns on it.

At the RealReal, they make sure every product they receive under consignment is authentic before it is put up for sale. They have made shopping on consignment very popular with even billionaires wanting to get in on the action. Their customers enjoy the thrill of the hunt and finding unique fashion products that they will look good in or using.

Julie Wainwright established this company in 2011 and is the chief executive officer. She started working in the world of technology in the 1990s with her most prominent job being the top executive at She enjoyed consignment shopping and figured that an online site that made sure every product they sold was the real thing would be a great idea and solution for consumers who end up paying big bucks for fake stuff.

The items in both brick and mortar stores are also available to online shoppers. This means that if you’re shopping in one of their stores you better grab something you really can’t do without because it could be gone in the blink of an eye if someone online also really likes it.

Marc Beer Helps to Raise Capital

Growing any type of organization can be a challenge. In order to grow your company, you may need to raise capital from outside investors. While this can prove to be a challenge for some people, there are other organizations that have such great concepts and futures that they are able to raise it through a variety of different private equity and venture capital funding. One organization that has done a great job of raising capital over the past few years is Renovia.


Over the past few years, this company has been able to raise several different rounds of private-equity. This recently has included a $32 million series-B fund that will be used to help continue to grow the organization. Renovia continues to be a very popular option with investors due to the medical technology demand that is growing in the field. Today, the organization is very well known for being the innovator behind a variety of different medical devices and other products that are continuing to shape the industry. Learn more:


Along with the new round of equity, the company will also be receiving a $10 million round of venture debt. The more than $40 million of new money coming into the company will help to fuel the growth for the next few years. The company plans to use the money to raise working capital, invest in new product lines, market, and bring a number of new exciting concepts and products to market. This would be an impossible task if it was not for the new round of funding.


Ever since the company was formed, Renovia has continued to be very impressive to investors and other stakeholders. While the medical technology industry is very competitive and hard to succeed in, the company has continued to do well. Much of the success is due to the leadership of the company’s CEO Marc Beer. Follow Marc Beer on LinkedIn


In his role as CEO of Renovia, Marc Beer has been responsible for a variety of initiatives that have been used to grow the company. While the organization has been able to come up with some great concepts, the leadership provided by Beer has been the central driving force behind the success of the company. Over the past few years alone, he has led many different rounds of debt and equity raising that has allowed the company to invest further into new technology.


While Marc Beer has been a very big part of the Renovia team, he has also found other ways to give back. Beer is a very significant part of a variety of advisory councils for the Univeristy of Miami and the University of Notre Dame. He also continues to participate and donate to a range of charitable organizations.


Chainsmokers Get Their First Diamond-Certified Single

About two years after its first release, ‘Closer’, the hit single by the EDM Duo Chainsmokers and Halsey has been diamond certified, which means at least 10 million units have sold of the song. ‘Closer’ is by far the biggest hit for both Chainsmokers and Halsey which arguably shot them to international fame.

‘Closer’ went viral back in 2016 summer and quickly made its way to the top of Hot 100 and remained the leading track far longer than anyone’s anticipation. ‘Closer’ then went on to dominate the all-genre singles listing for at least a dozen consecutive frames. Being in No.1 hits for so long, ‘Closer’ became one of the fourth longest-running No.1 hits in U.S. history, after tying with several blockbuster tracks.

The song proved lucky for both the artists as it contributed to one of their first Grammy nominations and racked up numerous other awards. Until recently, it was the longest-running No. 1 hit according to Billboard’s Hot Dance/Electronic songs chart before being passed by Zedd, Maren Morris and Grey’s ‘The Middle’ a few months ago. It’s no wonder that the track kept racking up sales, streams as well as radio play ever since.

The big news was announced by both The Chainsmokers and Halsey on their official Instagram pages. They posed with their shiny, minted plaques and looked rightfully excited to have a highly-coveted diamond single under their names.

Before ‘Closer’ shot into fame, the chain smokers duo had several hit songs that featured in the top 10 hits, but this one song made them take a huge leap towards true stardom. Even for Halsey, a popular artist with a huge fandom and termed as a rising talent by the critics, ‘Closer’ proved to be the hit single that helped get her a big breakout and reach wider demographic.

Their debut album ‘Memories…Do Not Open’ has led the Top Dance/Electronic Albums listing for 31 weeks back to back in its first year of the release itself. This now stands as the fourth-most stints on the throne. In addition to being the top track in Top Dance/Electronic Albums tally, this album also opened as No. 1 on the Billboard 200, a rare feat for an electronic/dance record.