Southridge Capital’s Investments and Future Tactics

Southridge Capital provides banking services investment advice and security brokering services. Its headquarters is in Ridgefield, Connecticut. It was founded in 1996, and it still runs its services to date. Currently the company employers around 50 workers who oversee their operations. The private firm has one exit and two investments, with one lead investment to their name.

The company invested on Aug 2005 $1.8M in Raft International. Raft International is ranked as one of the best company’s in providing banking solutions and energy solutions with specialization in management applications. Southridge Capital recently invested $5M equity acquisition arrangements on a well-established Elite Data Firm, which specializes in gaming, automotive and hospitality. The company will be able to enjoy the versatility the data firm will generate using the already established frameworks of Southridge. The organization is dedicated to providing full-spectrum of original economic solutions, which meet the diverse customer needs. Global online traffic ranking based on monthly web visitors place the firm at 21,019,862 among the ranked sites worldwide.


Under the leadership of Stephen M. Hicks, the company has developed over the last 20 years. Hicks founded the company and still plays a significant role as an investor. He has broad experiences in all spectrums of finance and business. The idea of starting the company came to him while working at a New York hedge fund with the permission of his employer. He began working on his firm while at the organization. You can visit


Hicks is a hard worker who starts his day by making a list of to-do things. His ideas are then brought to life by research coupled with experience in the field. He says that the newest trend in the cryptocurrency is one that could make him think about investing in diversified areas. Hicks believes that it is essential for a company to focus on cash and the returns of investments and to calculate the risks in business before investing heavily. You can follow their Twitter account.


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