Academy of Art University’s Future Designers

Academy of Arts University Annual Spring Show

On April 26, 2018, the graduating students of Academy of Arts University experienced what it is like to be professional clothing designers. At this year’s annual Spring Show in San Francisco, the students took part in the spectacle of a fashion show when they presented their creations to an audience of professionals in the fashion design industry. The Spring Show afforded these students real-life experiences that included the thrill of success when their designs drew admiring examination from the audience. The students’ designs were later displayed from May 18 through June 9 in the university’s annual Spring Show and Student Showcase.

One Runway Success

Among the success stories of seniors who have presented their designs in the annual Academy of Arts University Spring Shows is that of 2016 alumnus Brandon Kee, who appeared on the television series “Project Runway.” While on the show, Brandon exhibited confidence, vision, and consistency, all of which are attributes emphasized at Academy of Arts University. He was also recognized for his creative abilities that afforded him the distinct identity of being chosen as one of the four finalists. In speaking of his experience on “Project Runway,” Brian mentioned that his having competed with other designers was a “true test” of his creative abilities.

The History of Academy of Art University

Academy of Art University, a privately owned art school in San Francisco, California, was founded in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens, a magazine director. Stephens held that students with artistic talent who are willing to work hard could learn the skills that they need from professionals. Because of his conviction that those with artistic talent need only be taught, Stephens also believed that students should be admitted without art portfolios. Furthermore, Stephens was sure that professional artists, who possessed expertise and experience, should be the ones to provide the students with art education.