Sean Penn Talks About Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Sean Penn is known as the one who got away…from the movie industry, that is. The star of such iconic and critically acclaimed films as Mystic River, Dead Man Walking and Fast Times at Ridgemont High recently left Hollywood to focus on writing. Now he’s released his debut novel, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, and is now discussing the origins of the book via interview and where he plans to go from here. The book depicts the titular character as a septic tank salesman who secretly moonlights as a hitman. The novel has recently come under fire for taking shots at Trump but he insists it was a necessary scene to include in the book. The scene itself depicts Bob Honey writing a scathing letter to a character who has some striking similarities to Trump. His publisher agreed that scene is essential to the story.

During the interview, he also discussed how much he enjoys writing books and said he already has another one in the pipeline. While he did not disclose any details about this impeding book, we’re looking forward to seeing what he has in store for us. He seems to have completely turned his back on Hollywood, stating he has no film projects in the works at the moment and isn’t sure if he ever will return to acting. Although he has been compared to such prolific writers as Thomas Pynchon and Charles Bukowski, he insists on letting his own work speak for itself rather than being compared to others.

There’s even a scene in Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff that seems to try and counteract the me too movement but Penn has since said this was not his intention. The novel also seems to encourage people to try and go against the common trend of branding. When speaking about this, he said that he believes it important to not force oneself into any particular brand but, rather, stand out on your own. One of the things he loves most about writing is not having to share the spotlight with anyone else. Unlike many actors, he prefers to work alone. The book also conveys the very true message that the amount of mental health resources in this country is quite scarce and we thank him for shining a light on that hot-button issue. We wish him the best of luck in his future writing endeavors.