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The Emergence of the Contactless Payment Technology

In the past, many people are unaware of what contactless payment is all about. They would also laugh at the idea that someone can purchase without using their money. Using only a credit that is stored inside a card or other items is also outside their reach. The technology behind contactless payment is also new, being introduced to the public less than a decade ago. A lot of companies today are now offering the contactless payment method. Some of these companies are Google, Android, and Apple – but the one standing out would be PSI-Pay. While other tech companies are offering contactless payments through cards and smartphones, PSI-Pay is the only one who introduced contactless payments made by a wearable device. According to the statistics released by the UK Cards Association, there are more than 108 million contactless payment cards that are circulating inside the United Kingdom. On average, people are paying £9.40 using these contactless payment cards, and it is widely used inside coffee shops, transport terminals, or convenience stores.


PSI-Pay is leading the way when it comes to the technology behind contactless payments. The United Kingdom-based company has recently announced that they are partnering with Kerv Wearables to produce a state of the art device that can be used for payments. The contactless payment ring developed by Kerv Wearables can be used to pay for goods and services, and according to PSI-Pay, most people would fall in love with its design and durability. The contactless payment rings will be released first with the British and European clients before the rest of the world could use it. Contactless payments are already the norm in the European continent, as statistics reveal that most people prefer paying using their contactless payment cards and other devices. According to experts, if the contactless payment rings from PSI-Pay would become an instant hit, the demand for the product would skyrocket, and more people would be interested in buying the ring.


PSI-Pay stated that the contactless rings could be used as a substitute to credit cards, and it would change the society for the better. Contactless payments have the potential to improve the growing reliance of other states to money, which can be destroyed or lost. With contactless payments, each financial data about the customer is stored within the device, and it is highly protected using the latest technology in security. The developers of the contactless rings are saying that it would be too complicated for a hacker to get inside the contactless payment ring’s system.


NGP VAN on the Blue Side

It is no surprise that, throughout history, political campaigns have drastically changed. At one time the new technology was considered the use of radios, now days it’s the use of mobile apps and big data.


Today, the use of data is used to help connect politicians to potential voters who will show support for their platform. These Democratic campaigns are often operated by NGP VAN. NGP VAN is a voter database and web-hosting company that helps Democratic candidates run effective and, therefore successful campaigns.


As technological advancements are constantly being made, it is critical that politicians keep up with and use the new technology available to aid in their success. Barack Obama was elected President in 2008 by successfully using the internet, technology and a web-based platform for his campaign. One might think that Obama used the same campaign strategy he used in 2008 to get re-elected in 2012, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. With the continued advancement of technology, in just 4 years’ time, his strategy had to morph. For example, because of technology that wasn’t available in 2008, during Obama’s 2012 campaign, with the help of NGP VAN, he created and used Pollwatcher, a mobile app that helps voters the information they need to get out to vote.


In order for a politician to successfully use the advancements of web-based technology, it is crucial that they have a computer programming expert on their team. For websites and applications to be productive in a campaign, they have to ensure security and that they are simple to use. NGP VAN helps Democratic politicians achieve all of these goals.


The use of NGP VAN can be used in a number of different ways that can help candidates run a technology-based campaign in a faster and more efficient way. First, it can easily and quickly evaluate data, ensuring that a campaign is proceeding at a good rate. Second, the program offers a quick and easy platform for donations to be made. After the donations are made the information provided by the donor is kept track of. This tracking system has two major benefits, first, allows the campaign to further collect and use data, and second, it allows the campaign to easily file their records with the FEC. Third, NGP VAN offers the Distributed Canvassing tool which makes door-to-door canvassing easier, more effective, and more efficient.

William Saito Provides Valuable Insight Into Cybersecurity Issues

William Saito is a cybersecurity expert and works for the Japanese government as both the special advisor to the cabinet office and Prime Minister. He says that security breaches like the one experienced by Equifax will happen with more frequency if the global community does not quit playing the blame game with these matters.

The attack on Equifax is said to have exposed the personal information of perhaps as many as 143 Americans and has been the source of a number of lawsuits. The Federal Bureau of Investigations, as well as the Federal Trade Commission, have launched individual investigations and there have been questions from the Senate Oversight Committee.

In other recent attacks, a large accounting firm saw its internal email breached and a United States regulatory body alerted the public that hackers may have gained unfair trade advantages through an attack on their system.

William Saito stresses the importance of not blaming the victim when incidents such as this occur. The tendency to point fingers at others within an organization could be counterproductive as it will often result in breaches being covered up or individuals will attempt to fix the problem alone.

Saito goes on to explain that scapegoating particular individuals within an organization can only lead to the type of information suppression that could devastate efforts at cybersecurity.

William Saito says that in today’s world data many times is more valuable than physical property and because of this a new mindset is needed within companies and organizations. For example, if a random person wandered into a company and does not possess proper security credentials the matter will be addressed immediately. Likewise, there are indicators for potentially suspicious data that should also be addressed with a sense of urgency.

Saito says awareness is key. He explains that cyber breaches are not one time events where offenders hit a company’s system, take information, and run. A serious of security measures must first be navigated and a footprint is left behind at every checkpoint.

The attack lifecycle is used in reference to the steps hackers must take to breach an organizations security. Some of these steps are time-consuming and must be manually executed. This is where William Saito says it is important that a company not only have automated solutions in place but also must create a company culture that will encourage individuals to quickly report any evidence of suspicious activity at any stage of the process.

Accident Claims Life of Talos Energy Worker

Talos Energy is a company based in Houston, TX. It’s one of the fastest developing companies in the Gulf region. Talos was formed in 2012 by two merger agents. After one year of service, the company bought Energy Resource Technology Company.Recently, the Federal Government is examining the death of one Talos energy worker. The accident took place on the south border of Texas. The employee whose identity was concealed died after the incident. It is believed that the accident happened while he was replacing an expired fire suppression kit. Reports from Interior Department’s Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, which was investigating the cause claimed that there was no any sign of fire or carbon emission that might have caused the accident. According to Talos, the worker was critically injured and later died.

“This is a dreadful incident, and we give our sincere condolence to the family, co-workers, and friends of our workmate,” Talos said in a statement.The dreadful accident took place while Talos was planning to be public. The company is purchasing Stone Energy in Louisiana. The budget cost is about $2 billion. The Stone Energy buying would take Talos public through a union that’s expected to be completed soon. Stone Energy has been running out of Lafayette for almost two decades. During this period stone energy has been running smoothly until the middle of last year where it went bankrupt. The downfall of oil price propelled the bankruptcy.

The company later picked last year. Apart from the accident, Talos suffered a significant blow in 2016 as it was penalized $4 million for defying government environmental and safety rules and regulation. The company declared guilty to illegally releasing waste materials into the Bay and flouting the government rules and protocols for repairing and the experimenting of blowout preventers — a tool invented to counter leakages of oil in the occasion of an accident. Talos energy should train their workers about safety measures when conducting repairs. Safety training is the only assurance of avoiding such fatalities in the future. Finally they should abide by the government rule to enhance smooth operations.

Achievement of Sheldon Lavin, the president of OSI Industries

Sheldon Lavin is one of the most respected authorities in the food and meat processing industry. He is a reputable leader with vast experience in building and developing business empires. Sheldon Lavin is the president of OSI Industries and has led the company into a global food processing company. Lavin has been in the food industry for more than 40 years. He first got involved in the food industry in 1970, where he was the chief financier of Otto & Sons, a domestic food company. Under his leadership the business has grown to become one of the leading protein suppliers in the world, and one of the top 100 private companies in America.

Sheldon Lavin is an accountant and financial consultant by profession. Before joining the OSI industries, he worked in banks, and also operated a financial consulting firm. He has used his professional knowledge and skills to grow the OSI Group. Lavin’s intelligence and hard work was recognized in 2016 when he was presented with a prestigious Global Visionary Award from India’s Vision World Academy. The award honors visionary leaders who have turned their dreams into reality. Sheldon is also a board of trustee of Rush University Medical Centre and the director of the wildlife foundation. He is an active participant in charitable programs like the Sheba Foundation.

Under his watch, the company has made acquisitions and expansions to be able to grow their global market trends and reach out to their clients worldwide. Recently, the OSI purchased the Baho Foods, a Dutch food processing company that will increase the OSI group products awareness in Europe. The firm has also acquired the Flagship Europe, which has also expanded the company’s presence in Europe. The OSI international food has dominated the food industry company through its visionary team of leaders led by Sheldon Lavin. In 2016, the company was presented with the Globe of honor award by the British safety council for their excellent environmental management causes.

The food production firm has joint ventures in the United Kingdom, Germany and Canada. In 2014, the company joint venture with Pickstock was a profitable venture to the OSI since it increased the company’s beef distribution in Europe. Sheldon has been the man behind the company’s success. He has also embraced green innovations in leading the company to world-class food manufacture. Today the company has more 60 operational facilities in over 17 countries, with a workforce of more than 20,000 workers.


OSI Industries is on the Forefront of the Food Service Industry

OSI Industries has acquired Baho Foods. OSI, with its headquarters in the Illinois city of Aurora, took on the Dutch manufacturing entity. Baho Foods and its inventory of snacks, convenience foods and deli meats fits right in with the OSI offerings of meat, chicken, pizza, kettle and smoked products and sandwich assembly. Both teams are excited about the acquisition as its gives each side added value and a wider range of capabilities while serving the needs of clients. Baho has the Netherlands and Germany based processing plants while serving clients in more than 15 countries.

The plan was to keep the Baho management team intact while integrating the companies into one. The acquisition gives OSI and Baho added strength that can only add to a more productive and more profitable growth strategy. The combined company will better serve clients, as well as offering a wider variety of products.

To further support growth, OSI Industries acquired Flagship Europe. The company supplies mayonnaise, sauces and dressings, sous vide products and poultry to the United Kingdom foodservice industry. Both companies have access to new capabilities, as well as an additional customer base and are better prepared to serve an expanded market. Prior to the acquisition by OSI, Flagship acquired Calder Foods. This particular company is a supplier of dips for food to go, mayonnaise, sauces, marinades and sandwich filling, which further increases the company offerings.

OSI Industries is expanding their capabilities through location expansion worldwide. In an effort to provide globally, OSI employs the “think globally and act locally” philosophy. With local management and labor teams in place, OSI has the ability to utilize local talent while observing custom and cultural trends. As such, OSI is always on the lookout for employees that fit the company profile. It is OSI’s belief that each person can make a difference and it is the company goal to make a difference in everyday lives through the products they sell. Individuals, whether experienced or just starting out, looking for the opportunity to be part of a team that not only encourages, but offers support to grow to a greater potential will find such opportunities with OSI.

The history of OSI Industries goes back more than 100 years when a man named Otto Kolschowsky began a family owned and operated meat market in Illinois. Several years later, the business was expanded to a wholesale meat market and established a reputation for providing quality products. When McDonald Hamburgers first opened their doors in Illinois Kolschowsky was chosen to provide fresh ground beef patties for its operation..

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Equities First Holdings, Excellent Establishment !

Equities First Holdings is an amazing example of the perfect financial company. Equities First Holdings was opened in the early 2000s. Al Christy Jr. is the founder and the CEO of the company as of today. Equities First Holdings has been able to obtain so much success as a company because before the company opened, the owner spent tons of time researching the financial industry. He also experimented with his own money with investments to see exactly how the financial industry worked. Christy is proud of the company’s success as of today. He knows that the company has been able to become so successful because of his patience that he had while growing the company. Equities First Holdings plans to continue to expand over the next five years. The company is on their way to becoming one of the largest financial companies in the entire world. etc

Enhanced Athlete Growth

Becoming a professional fitness athlete takes dedication and discipline that few people have. In addition, changing the diet and exercise routine for anyone can be tricky. Working with a professional fitness company can help improve this process. Enhanced Athlete is a company that is dedicated to helping fitness athletes reach their goals. Over the past few years, the company has worked hard to help clients achieve their goals. Many clients are willing to spend large amounts of money to help their customers in this area. Enhanced Athlete is the type of company that only hires quality coaches who have experience training people at a high level.



Starting the Journey


Becoming a bodybuilder is harder than people imagine. Not only do bodybuilders have to spend hours in the gym, but they also have to eat a pristine diet that is comprised of the same types of food. Anyone who has ever followed a strict diet knows how boring eating can become.


Enhanced Athlete can help people design a fitness routine that aligns with their goals. Over the past few years, many people have started working with the company and had excellent results. Developing a workout and eating plan is usually the most complicated part of the process. The experience coaching at Enhanced Athlete can help anyone who wants to improve their fitness.





Enhanced Athlete offers multiple products and services through different companies. Enhanced Coaching is a company affiliated with the Enhanced Athlete brand. Enhanced Coaching provides coaching for clients in various areas of their lives. Anyone who wants to become more organized or focused should consider working with this company.



Future Health Trends


There are various health trends taking place in the health and fitness industry. Enhanced Athlete is a company that is continuously looking for new ways to improve the lives of patients.


If you are ready to take your fitness to a higher level, get in touch with someone from Enhanced Athlete today. The company has experienced coaching who enjoy working with clients of all experience levels. Now is the time to start working with the coaches at the company.

Robert Deignan Tips for New Business Leaders

Robert Deignan is a successful business owner who is excited about the future. Starting a small business is not easy, but the process is worth it for many people. Anyone who wants to start a successful company should consider working with Robert Deignan.

Robert Deignan started Advanced Tech Support Digital Services several years ago. Although it was hard to make the business successful, he worked many hours each day and eventually had a lot of success. He is the type of person who continually looks for areas to improve. Robert Deignan truly believes that he is making the world a better place through his services.

Business School

Robert Deignan attended college at Purdue University. He graduated with a degree in organization development, and he learned valuable lessons about interacting with people. He wants to help anyone who he comes into contact with. During the early days of his company, he worked as hard as possible to help others. He only wanted to hire people who were passionate about working at his company.

Robert Deignan decided to expand his company several years ago. When the business grew, he had to hire additional workers for various positions. He utilized people who he met while he was in college.

Tips for Business Owners

Although starting a company is not easy, it is possible for people to enjoy success in various ways. A lot of people appreciate the hard work that is required in the beginning. Working with a business mentor is a proven way to increase the chances of success.

Robert Deignan is financially successful, but he still chooses to work because he enjoys his job. He wants to help more people than ever before in 2018. He currently volunteers at multiple charities around his area. He is passionate about providing educational services to children in need.

Southridge Capital Has Helped Hundreds Of Business With Their Financial Solutions

When it comes to owning a business, finances are very important to keep track of and keep under control, else the entire business could go under. This is why so many businesses out there and many individuals as well, use the services of financial solution companies. Southridge is a prominent financial solutions company operating out of Connecticut that has helped many businesses and thousands of people all over the country since they first opened for business back in 1996.

Financial solutions companies such as Southridge Capital are capable of helping small business increase their annual revenue and optimize financial strategies for building a company in the long term. Since first opening for business, Southridge has successfully helped hundreds of business all over the world as well as many individuals that have needed financial help.

All in all, Southridge isn’t a very large company, but they have a large place in the financial solution industry thanks to their various accomplishments and successes over the years in their community. Most importantly, Southridge Capital is a highly trusted company, which is important when giving someone access to sensitive financial information.

Southridge Capital’s founder and Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Hicks, has been majorly responsible for the companies growth and reputation today. He has over three decades of experience in the financial industry and has worked with many notable corporations throughout his career. This includes Sutherland Capital, Trans-Pacific Capital, and Wertheim Schroeder. Stephen’s main goal for his company is not just long-term grown, but a trustworthy and dependable name that always goes above and beyond to help their client’s financial situations.

Southridge Capital helps people all over Connecticut with their financial problems as well, including debt and bad credit. As financial experts, the team at Southridge Capital knows just how difficult it is to overcome this financial situation. You can visit their website

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