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Mr. Sujit Choudhry Talks Democratic Backsliding

Sujit Choudhry is an expert of law, particularly constitutional law, that teaches as a Full Professor of Law at the University of California, Berkeley – School of Law. Mr. Choudhry has also served the school as the Dean of the School of Law, a professional graduate program that pumps out nothing but quality graduates consistently, year after year, with credit due in substantial part to Sujit Choudhry himself.

The esteemed law guru often writes about constitutional affairs around the world, and has something near the caliber of one hundred publications, including full-fledged textbooks written entirely by himself, with no outside help or recommendation.

Just a few weeks ago, Sujit Choudhry had a chapter regarding something Eric Holder, a recent Atty. General that served before Donald trump took office, shared with the world via Twitter.

Sujit’s chapter is found in the book Constitutional Democracies in Crisis?, which focuses on @EricHolder’s December 17, 2017 “ABSOLUTE RED LINE” tweet, stating that if “the firing of Bob Mueller or [the] crippling [of] the special counsel’s office” occurred, then the American people must either be perfectly accepting of the outcome of such changes, or, quite literally, take to the streets after organizing as a group and loudly voice their opinions.

Mr. Sujit Choudhry says in the chapter that there are seven central threats to the status of democracy in any given country. Some rear their ugly heads more than one another, though they’ve all happened in some capacity in various governments all throughout planet Earth.  For more of his views, hit

What Mr. Choudhry calls “democratic backsliding” is where someone or some people in political office “[use] legal means to manipulate rules … to remain in power.” Because Special Counsel Robert Mueller – the Special Counsel is a position that’s overseen by the United States Department of Justice – is investigating, among other things, the allegations of Trump’s or Trump’s campaign’s joining forces with Russian entities to take control of the 2016 election.

What leader could honestly say that they’d be happy to be in a situation like Donald Trump? Such pressure could lead to Mueller getting fired, and that’s what Holder warns the American people of being objectively immoral.

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Tony Petrello: Philanthropy Inspired By Personal Adversity

For Tony Petrello and his wife Cynthia, an actress, their engagement in philanthropic activities is inspired by personal adversity. Since the birth of their daughter, Carena, they have developed a closer tie with the philanthropy especially the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute (NRI). Dedicated to spearheading research in genetic causes of neurological disorders such as epilepsy in children and adults, the Texas Children’s Hospital-based research institute is a beneficiary of the couple’s philanthropic donation. They donated $5 million to aid the institute’s research into periventricular leukomalacia (PVL) including its causes and cure. The couple’s daughter was born prematurely at 24 weeks with the condition. The current chairman, chief executive officer and president of Nabors Industries believes that their donations and fundraising efforts can bring hope to other children suffering from such conditions in the future.

Dedication to Giving Back to the Community

For many residents of Houston, Texas, Tony Petrello and Nabors Industries represent more than just a corporate entity growing exponentially within their midst. Petrello led the company’s employees in one of the impactful charitable undertakings in the community in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Founded on a longstanding culture of philanthropy at Nabors Industries, the employees including Tony Petrello donated thousands of dollars to help in resettling the victims of the hurricane. They also prepared hot meals for the survivors and served them in their temporary shelters while also leading resettlement and clearing of debris efforts. The employees have also established a charitable organization where they donate funds to help various causes in the community.

Petrello has continued to explore various ways to give back to the community. The Petrello family established the charitable organization, Petrello Family Foundation, which is dedicated to supporting various causes in the Greater Houston Area including education, performed arts and medical research. In February 2018, the couple welcomed a fellow philanthropist to their home. Together with his, Petrello hosted Tommy Tune, an acclaimed Broadway performer dedicated to nurturing music talents in his home city of Houston. The legendary musician established the Tommy Tunes awards targeting music students with exceptional talent. Over 50 other guests accompanied tune during the special occasion.

Education Background

Tony Petrello developed a strong interest in Mathematics from an early age. This saw him earn a scholarship to study at some of the world’s most prestigious learning institutions. Tony is an alumnus of Yale University where he specialized in Mathematics for his Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees. He later graduated from Harvard Law School with a Juris Doctor degree.

OSI Food Solutions Has A Long Tradition of Impressive Growth:

OSI Food Solutions is a company based out of the Chicago suburb Aurora, Illinois. It is the global leader in creative custom food solutions for the food service industry and counts high profile clients such as McDonald’s, Papa John’s, KFC and Subway among its customer base. The company ranks as a top 100 food company in the United States. OSI Food solutions started out in Oak Park, Illinois as the local meat market of the Kolschowsky family. Otto Kolschowsky called his company Otto & Sons and he started small but slowly built up his business, moving to the area of wholesale distribution. The company already had quite a bit regional distribution going on and some big clients such as McDonald’s by the time that Sheldon Lavin joined the company. Sheldon became the Chairman and CEO of OSI Food Solutions when the last of the Kolschowsky family retired. He has led the company on a constant campaign of expansion throughout North America and around the world that has led to it operating in 17 countries around the globe.

OSI Food Solutions puts its customers first. It has a many-decades-long reputation in this area. It also has a family-oriented culture with its employees that makes for devoted and loyal workers willing to do what it takes to help OSI Food Solutions succeed in its customer service goals. OSI has little turnover because of this family culture and it makes sure that its customers feel like family as well. OSI Food Solutions gets its greatest satisfaction when its customers succeed with a custom food solution the company offered.

OSI’s European customers will be even more satisfied than usual with the food solutions the company can now offer up to them. The acquisitions of Baho Food and Flagship Europe have bulked up OSI Food Solutions portfolio in the European Market.

With this move, OSI’s footprint in the critical European market is greatly increased. It is a nice addition to the fact that processed chicken production has doubled in OSI’s Todelo, Spain facility.

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End Citizens United’s New Approach towards Supporting Elections

     On January 8, 2018, Tom Steyer spoke during a conference that was held in Washington. During the conference, he announced that he had planned to spend $30 million on a project to have more young people take part in the voting process. Jacky Rosen said that billionaires tend using dark money in influencing elections. However, Rosen did not comment when Tom made his announcement of spending money on elections. Tom Steyer said that he was ready to spend $2 million to get Jacky Rosen to the Senate.

Rosen thanked End Citizens for their support. She said that End Citizens would join her in the efforts of fighting against organizations and people spending huge amounts of money on elections. She noted that most mega-donors flood US elections with dark and unlimited money. Rosen said that she was set to fight against such donations to elections.

Tom Steyer had spent approximately $20 million in efforts of impeaching Donald Trump. Tom has clearly declared his position on political issues. Rosen invested most of her time as a politician hedging on single-payer health care system among other issues. Nevada Democrats believed that Rosen would embrace Steyer’s money.

Mr. Steyer is not the only megadonor who supported Democrats. Other notable billionaires who gave much support to Democrats include James Simons, George Soros, and Mike Bloomberg. In 2016, it was reported that these megadonors contributed above $20 million single-handedly. Even though they made such enormous contributions, they did not garner any form of objection especially the Democrats side.

On the other hand, Senator Cory Booker was praised by End Citizens United for renouncing corporate cash. The numbers of people embracing corporate money have been increasing in the recent past. The trend does not seem to change in future because politicians find it as an easy way of funding their campaigns.

End Citizens United is one of the Political Action Committees (PAC) that has identified major flaws in the electoral system of the United States. The decision made by the Supreme Court about Citizens United’s way of supporting elections gave room for interested parties with large amounts of money to influence political campaigns. Additionally, there was no need for transparency about such donations. End Citizens which is based out of Washington, D.C, is working hard to ensure that ‘big money’ does not influence elections in the United States. Instead, they are urging supporters to finance their preferred candidates.

These 16 challengers are saying NO to corporate PAC money and they outraised their GOP opponents. Well done! More info:

Posted by End Citizens United on Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Do you wish to learn more? Please read “How to Reverse Citizens United.”


Why OSI Food Solutions Is at the Top of Their Game

Not everyone has heard of OSI food solutions but many have consumed their products. So, who is this company and what do they do? OSI Food Solutions provides food sources to thousands of the world’s retail food brands. OSI Food Solutions has more than 65 facilities world wide. They employ over 20,000 people and they have locations in 17 countries. Some of these countries include the United States, Australia, Canada, China and the United Kingdom, to mention a few.

OSI Food Solutions has gained international fame, in part because global sustainability is an essential part of what they do. Those in leadership positions with OSI Food Solutions have developed a business framework in which they insist upon working responsibly to improve social, environmental and economic impact on the planet. Those in the food supply industry hold OSI Food Solutions in high esteem due to their global sustainability goals.

In august, 2017, OSI Food Solutions in Aurora, Ill, reported that Spain’s OSI Food Solutions was able to double its chicken production capacity. The recently completed high-capacity production line increased productivity of processed chicken products from 12,000 tons per year to 24,000 tons.

The expansion in Spain consists of a 22,000 square foot addition comprised of a new production area, new shipping and receiving zones,specialized refrigerated rooms for wasted container storage and service areas for oil and nitrogen tanks. The new building plan even included a large social area for employees. The new addition also required more staff, resulting in increased employment opportunities in the community.

In addition,the company enhanced its food defense system by installing a more sophisticated surveillance system. This included additional indoor cameras and an upgraded firefighting system. The new equipment has had an additional impact of reducing energy costs by about 20%.

According to OSI Food Solutions’s president, David McDonald, this expansion plan will allow the company to increase their new product portfolio, which he views as an opportunity to add new customers while support the growth of their long standing customers as well.

Not only has the new expansion doubled chicken production, OSI Food Solutions Spain has now increased the production of other products. Altogether, the company in Spain has a total production capacity in excess of 45,000 tons of beef, pork and of course, chicken products.

With such extensive custom product capabilities, combined with a strong dedication to sustainability, it is no wonder that OSI Food Solutions is one of America’s top 100 food companies.

The Financial Impact Has Created In Texas

Nexbank Capital is a Dallas-based financial institution and the fourth largest there. The private settlement the company recently finalized included institutional and high net worth investors. This actually happened in March 2016. The settlement will actualize mature in 2026 and it closed at 50 million dollars in unsecured notes. The senior unsecured notes are expected to have an interest rate of about 5.5 percent. The fixed interest is expected to continue until 2021. The notes will then take a floating rate from 2022 until they reach the maturity date.

The chief executive officer of the company says that secured industry support will lead to progressive growth. Most of the leaders in the company agree that working with institutions and investors is the best way to go. Some of the institutions the company will work with include banks, insurance companies, and asset managers. Both the advisors and executives in the company are hopeful that the transactions will bring great success that will see the moderate return of the company become higher. Recently, a rating agency gave a BBB-grade rating to the company’s unsecured notes. Nexbank executives have managed to get a $50 million deal and this will take the company to the next level.

Nexbank managed to reach the expected record levels of loans, earnings,

deposits, and assets from 2013 to 2016. The financial company earned the Independent Banker Magazine Award from ICBA in 2015 since it was the bank that had performed the best. This is when the Nexbank was rated at the fourth position due to the accomplishments it showed. The company had a banking volume of about $3.4 billion on the mortgage. The company had also managed more than $ million corporate loans successfully. Professional advisors in Nexbank have managed assets worth $ billion including M&A transactions, restructure and capital source.

Before it obtained the name Nexbank, it used to be called Heritage Bank in 1922. This name changed to Nexbank SSB around 2005. The bank is Nexbank Capital’s subsidiary company. Nexbank is known to offer its good banking services to institutions, commercial businesses, and individuals. Personal banking services from this organization include mortgages, savings accounts, and mobile money. Nexbank has offered advisory and banking services in Texas for about 94 years.

Clay Hutson Aesthetic Music Producer

The primary concern for Clay Hutson when he produces music for the audience is that they walk away after the concert with pleasing memories and that the show gives them beauty and satisfaction. At the forefront of his imagination and thought is the interest of the artist he serves. If they are not happy he doesn’t feel he is doing his job right. Clay Hutson started off in the humble beginnings at Central Michigan University. IT was there he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts. While attending the Mount Pleasant, Michigan University, Clay concentrated on Theatre Design and Technical Production. Later he attended Michigan State in Ann Arbor and completed a Masters in Business Administration at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business. Clay Hutson toured for a while until he landed being production manager for Prince and Jennifer Nettles. Kayne West invited him to be his stage manager shortly after 2001.

Whenever he works with a client, whether Jennifer Nettles, Prince or Kid Rock, first he touches base with the artist to get inside their head and make sure he is on the same page as they are and he understands what they expect as far as sound production. Next, he sits down as begins the process of making an extensive “to do” list for him and his crew. Clay Hutson takes into consideration every aspect of the production: pre-show, show, and post-show. It’s one thing, but seeing it in smaller parts helps he and his crew take in all the details that have to be considered.

After planning for his clients, Clay Hutson finds it a challenge to keep up with the evolving changes that are taking place on the technological side of stage and sound production. Today, artists are always looking for the latest things to give their fans and audience that extra special thing and that is usually large video production, lighting and the ability to help the crowd get in touch with the unique sound they are proud to give.

At the end of the day what keeps Clay Hutson ahead of his own game is trying to keep “three steps” ahead of himself. Be prepared is a good motto! Learn more:

Release Fact: Sujit Choudhry On Today’s Political Climate

Today’s political climate is that of a disintegration of democracy, according to constitutional expert Sujit Choudhry. In his most recent publication, which is in part a book chapter out of a title called, “Constitutional Democracies In Crisis?” Choudhry expounds on what Eric Holder called an “absolute red line” for the incoming administration, which would be the termination of White House special counsel Robert Mueller (

Eric Holder, who was the previous attorney general for the Obama Administration, also tweeted to his followers that if something like this were to occur then he would recommend peaceful demonstrations to ensue. After Choudhry dissected Holder’s tweet, He noted that his call to action was based on two core concepts.

These would include the idea of a “red line”, which he noted is a conceptual constitutional boundary in American politics. The other important concept that Choudhry notes would be the fact that Eric Holder adroitly asserted that the matter of whether power was being abused should be left up to the American people.

In light of Holder’s tweets, Dr. Sujit Choudhry also raises the concern of autocrats in government. He notes that it is acceptable constitutional policy that each and every administration must serve a total of just two terms. However, an autocrat might be tempted to subvert that time-tested policy and attempt to serve more than two terms, simply by declaring a national emergency. Choudhry Also notes other “red lines” that could be crossed, including an unconstitutional seizure of power such as a coup d’etat, or a case of blatant electoral fraud.

Another example that Choudhry notes would be Poland’s Law and Justice party, which recently won a legislative majority in the Polish parliament. They are already taking steps to eliminate any opposition to their nationalist ideology and ensure success in all future Polish election cycles.

To make a long story short, Choudhry believes that both of these “red lines” in Poland and America are very similar. Naturally, He has concern for both situations.

About Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is an I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law at the University of California in Berkeley. He also is a widely recognized expert on constitutional law throughout the world, check

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Sujit Choudhry was born in New Delhi, India in 1970. He studied at the Oxford University, Harvard and the University of Toronto. He is the director of Centre for Constitutional Transitions. He is also the I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law at the University of California-School of Law where he is the school dean. Sujit Choudhry also co-leads other global collaborative projects which deal with territorial cleavages, security sector reforms and constitutional transitions. He is also a member of United Nations Mediation Roster and a World Bank Institute Consultant.

Sujit Choudhry has been a constitutional advisor for over 20 years. He has published journals, articles, and books. The books he has published include; The Migration of Constitutional Ideas, Constitutional Design for Divided Societies, Constitution Making and Oxford handbook of Indian Constitution. He was awarded Practitioner of the year award in 2011 by the South Asian Bar Association.

Sujit Choudhry joined the experienced team of constitutional experts on July 10 th in Kiev. The team discussed some semi-presidential systems in Ukraine and also the challenges facing the system. He went ahead to say that democratization in Ukraine has been unstable. The focus on the presidency power, the legislature electoral system and the weak political parties among others, led to the instability.

He was joined by notable people such as Dalarna University’s Thomas Sidelius and International IDEA Sumit Bisarya. Vladimir Vasilenko Ukraine’s representative on Human Rights, Sergyi Holovatyi, a member of constitutional commission of Ukraine and Viktor Musiaka president representative in Supreme Court, Ihor Kuliushko representative of Centre for policy and legal reform as well as a former member of parliament and the president’s advisor.

Sujit Choudhry also mentioned the recent wave of the involvement of the transitional democracies in constitutional making decisions. He stated it was important that current legal thought leaders collect and discuss policy-based options in support of the constitutional reform process.

The Centre of Constitutional Transitions creates and mobilizes knowledge supporting constitutional building. It assembles and leads international experts who produces the evidence-based policy options. In collaboration with think tanks, NGOs and global network of the multilateral organizations, they managed to accomplish their mission.

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Randal Nardone Display Leadership Expertise in His Different Positions.

Randal Alan Nardone is the co-founder of Fortress Investment. The private investment management firm was has been in existence for 20 years since its establishment in 1998. Fortress investment which is headquartered in New York City in the United States has managed assets, credit funds, and hedge funds worth billions of dollars.

Under the leadership of the three founders, Wesley Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal, the company gradually expanded from being a private equity firm into a hedge fund, debt securities and real estate investments between 1998 and 2010.

Mr. Randal has been Fortress Investment Group’s principal since 1998. In 2013 August, Randal became the chief executive officer of the company after serving as the interim chief executive officer from 2011 December to 2013 July.

In 2014, Randal’s leadership saw Fortress Investment Group named by Institution Investor as the “Hedge Fund Manager of the year” and also by the HFMWeek as the “Management Firm of the year”, just to name but a few.

Previous work experiences.

Previously, Randal was working with UBS as the managing director, a position he held for one year. Prior to that, Randal was the BlackRock Financial Management, INC’s principal. He had also been an executive committee member and a partner at Thacher Proffit & Wood law firm.

Mr. Randal also serves as the Chairman and President of Springleaf Financial Holdings, and also as the Secretary and Vice president of Newcastle Investment Holdings. In addition, he is the president of Ncs 1 and also of Fortress Credit Corporation. He is the former director of Springleaf Finance, Alea Group Holdings Bermuda LTD, Aircastle Limited, GAGFAH S.A, doBank S.p.A, New Media Investment Group, and Brookdale Senior Living Inc, among other prestigious positions.

Education Background.

Randal went to the University of Connecticut for a B.S and B.A in Biology and English. He also holds a Doctor of Jurisprudence received from the School of Law of Boston University.

Randal Nardone info: