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The Talkspace App Provides a New Age Solution for Better Mental Health

Talkspace is the app that embraces a different form of therapy. Anyone that has struggled with trying to find a way to battle their problems wood be able to benefit from what Talkspace brings to the table. It is the app platform that is going to be able to touch the lives of many teens.

It is certainly a very interesting concept for therapy, but this may work very well for teenagers that are not comfortable with the traditional therapy route. The young generation has greatly embraced all that is possible when it comes to new technology and better mental health.

A great number of people are embracing this type of environment because they are looking at lower costs and an easier way to reveal their problems. Anyone that is shy is not going to be readily available to talk about their problems with counselors. The therapists are going to have a better chance at getting through to someone that is not very talkative. These are professional counselors that respond to text messages with the Talkspace app.

The founders of Talkspace realized that it would be essential to try an alternative method if they were doing something that could help those that would not see therapy any other way. This is what people must consider when they look at the creativity that the founders of Talkspace have presented.

This has become the type of environment where people feel safe when they are discussing their problems. There have been a lot of good reviews about Talkspace, and this is what is allowing other people to find this app. The buzz that is spreading about this New York based app is also inspiring therapists and counselors to become a part of the Talkspace team. The number of counselors continues to grow rapidly.

How Sheldon Lavin Expanded His Company, OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is a Chicago area entrepreneur who started out his professional career in banking and finance. He put together business owners who needed to borrow money and people who would lend it to them. In the 1970s he shifted to the food industry when he took over partial ownership of a local company, OSI Group, LLC, and became its new chief executive officer.

When he took over management of OSI Group, the company at the time was primarily a supplier of fresh beef patties for the fast food chain restaurant McDonald’s. He knew the company could be much more than that, though. He signed contracts with other restaurants to supply processed food to. He also signed contracts with major grocery store chains where his company would manufacture the food that they would sell as their own private brand.

Since the 1970s, Sheldon Lavin has expanded his company to supplying food to clients throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. Today they process much more than ground beef. Among the many types of food his company processes there is pork, turkey, chicken, seafood, and vegetables. He has become an expert at operating a global supply chain and at tailoring food to meet the individual needs of each of his clients.

Sheldon Lavin has expanded OSI Group over the years both through organic growth and by buying other companies in the industry. For example, in 1996 he bought Moy Park in the United Kingdom which at the time was one of the largest poultry processors in that nation. He also bought Amick Farms in 2006 which was an American vertically integrated poultry business.

In more recent years, Sheldon Lavin was heavily involved when OSI Group purchased Baho Foods in Europe and Flagship Europe in the UK. These purchases were completed in 2016. At the time he said that their products meshed very nicely with what his company was already offering clients. He also acquired Hynek Schlachthof GmBH of Germany in 2017 which had been a privately held company. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin Receives Global Visionary Award

As an environmentally responsible leader, green innovation at OSI Group is a priority. His company is committed to reducing any negative impacts that its business activities may have upon the environment, in the soil, water, and air. He is also committed to being socially responsible and so has made many donations over the years to various charities such as the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Sheldon Lavin, Chairman And CEO Of OSI Group, LLC