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Global Crispin Porter & Bogusky CEO Lori Senecal’s Successful Career

Lori Senecal the Global CEO at Crispin Porter & Bogusky is one of the few successful professionals who have been able to have it all in their career. From a tender age, Mrs. Lori was motivated by the success of her elder siblings a factor that made her commit to being the best thus achieving the success that she enjoys now. Going by the achievements Lori Senecal has had so far, its fair to say that she has been able to achieve her dreams and even surpass them.

After graduating from University with a sales and marketing degree, Lori Senecal has enjoyed quite a remarkable career. Arguably, whatever Ms. Lori lays hands on prospers. Her first employment opportunity was with McCann Erickson New York office where she was the President. It is while at this position that Lori Senecal founded TAG Ideation a platform that provide young-adult a platform to grow and increase their marketing knowledge. The simple idea of TAG Ideation would later grow into one of the biggest achievements of her career. This platform allowed Lori to work with some of the biggest companies in the world including Xbox, Sprint, Nabisco, Staples, Molson and Weight Watchers to name but a few.

Later after leaving McCann Erickson, Lori would later join KBS as its CEO and Chairperson. At this position, Lori would help grow the company from a 250- populated agency to one with over 900 individuals. Currently, Lori Senecal is in charge of the global operations of CP+B where she coordinates and manages the growth and expansion of the agencies global operations. In a time record of two since joining the agency in 2015, Lori has been able to impact tremendously on the culture and operations of the business helping it achieve most of its objectives.

The above deployments may seem like the highlights of her career but they are not. These are just but a stepping stone for the executive to achieve her objectives. Under these positions, Lori Senecal has been recognized and awarded for her personal efforts and also the agencies efforts. Some of these achievements include Creativity Innovators of the Year 2017, Agency Executives to Watch 2016 and Women to Watch 2013 to name but few. Check out Campaignlive for more.

If you are looking for a role model in the business sector then Lori Senecal is the perfect role model to pick. Her resilience and sheer determination to succeed are qualities worth emulating. You can follow her Twitter page.

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The Role That MB2 Dental Solutions Plays In The Dental Industry

MB2 Dental Solutions is a company whose motto is, “Built By Dentists, For Dentists”. This is because the company is owned by dentists who themselves have worked in both sole practice and the corporate side of dentistry. They know what dentists need in a dental services company because of this. The team at MB2 Dental Solutions strives to partner with each dentist and provide them with all the serves that meet their individual needs.
As a company built by dentists for dentists, the team at MB2 Dental Solutions also knows exactly how important it is to respect clinical autonomy and the personal relationship between the dentist and their patients. Every dentist that works with them maintains this autonomy 100% of the time.

Due to the excellent business services and customer care exhibited at MB2 Dental Solutions they now have 80 affiliated locations today. While headquartered in Carrollton, Texas, MB2 Dental Solutions also has locations in five other states as well. The types of services they provide for these locations are numerous but includes human resources, marketing, compliance, recruiting, and collections.
In addition to providing these services, MB2 Dental Solutions is also a good place for their clients to tap into a large network. This can help when learning new technology that is always coming out in the dental field. This network also provides mentoring opportunities as well as opportunities for those in the clinic to grow their careers.
On the MB2 Dental Solutions website they have a link to a large number of job opportunities at the locations that they work with. This includes many general dentist positions that are open at these clinics. They also have positions available such as orthodontist, oral surgeon, and endodontist.
Hurricane Harvey recently devastated parts of Texas, especially Houston. MB2 Dental Solutions has 25 affiliated offices that were affected by this natural disaster. While thankfully none of them were physically hurt many of the 200 people affected had large losses in other ways such as their homes. In order to help these people the other affiliated offices have been collecting donations. They have many needed items contributed during this drive including clothes, nonperishable food, and other household items. Additionally, MB2 Dental Solutions opened a GoFundMe and contributed $15,000 to it. So far it has raised $70,000 towards their goal of $100,000.

Troubled Waters: Freedom Financial Asset Management and the Equifax Breach

Freedom Financial Asset Management has been in business for five years.The company deals mainly with asset management for individuals and businesses. The company is based in San Mateo, California and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. For this article, this company will show you how to protect your assets in the wake of the Equifax breach.

First and foremost, you must see if your credit report was affected by the breach. You should go to the main page for Equifax and understand the situation first hand. This will allow you to be proactive when it comes to your financial health.

The second thing you can do to protect yourself is to sign up for free credit monitoring. THis will help credit card companies find suspicious activity and solve the problem immediately. If something is found you can freeze your account until the problem is properly dealt with.

The third way you can cover yourself after the breach is to review your credit reports. A person is entitled by the law to receive one free copy of each credit report that is made. Keeping these documents on file can help defend you against another data breach if it should occur. For more info about us: click here.

A final step that you can take to protect yourself if you have credit reports online is to change your passwords often. By changing passwords often you can keep hackers and eventual scammers away. You should use a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols in order to keep scammers on their toes. It may be an obvious thing but it is a vital way to prevent unnecessary damage to your credit report.

These are just a few things to do to protect yourself in the event of a breach They can help guard you against future online threats.

Consolidation Plus An Addition Towards Decreasing Stress

The beginning of the school year is approaching. There are some suggestions to decrease the amount of stress one may experience during the school year.

Try contacting the school ahead of time and asking for the school supply list.

Create a school budget. Buy some supplies for school when they go on clearance.

Buy some beneficial classroom items to contribute towards a less stressful environment for your child and/or children. Examples include dividers for a binder, planner, and extra paper for a binder.

Organize a clothing swap in the neighborhood. Buy clothes out of season to get more of a discount.

Establish a calendar. The calendar can include events within the family, any events associated with sports, and school meetings.

Set homework expectations. Establish a designated area for homework to reinforce focus.

Consolidation Plus is a finance program that can help decrease stress. Consolidation Plus helps qualified customers consolidate unpaid debt. If qualified you complete a simple application. If approved then you sign an agreement with a consultant. Then outstanding amounts are settled. Payments will be consolidated enabling monthly payment towards the loan provided by Consolidation Plus.

In conclusion, there are ways to decrease stress during the school year.

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