Beating cancer with Biotechnology; the efforts being made by Clay Siegall

Many companies have been making commendable progress in the search for therapies and treatments that will cure cancer in this century. One of the companies that have been at the forefront in trying to make this happen is Seattle Genetics. We caught up with the founder, president and CEO of the company, Clay Siegall and asked him a few questions about the seemingly tough journey that he has embarked on. It is important to note that his company is already listed on NASDAQ and in the past five years, their shares have tripled their worth, which means that the business is growing well.

Since the time when he started his career in Biomedical studies, Clay knew that the one problem he wanted to solve was to ease the lives of cancer patients. In 1998, he co-founded the company with a colleague after working for a number of other companies that were also involved in cancer research. The company already has come up with one drug that has received approval by the FDA for the treatment of certain types of lymphomas. The drug has been seen to be successful and the sales of the same have really improved both locally and outside the country. In 2016, the company made sales amounting to more than quarter of a million dollars.

Siegall has a PhD in genetics from the George Washington University. There are any other professional accomplishments that he has made after his education. He started off his career as a senior investigator in research at the Bristol-Myers Pharmaceutical Research Institute. He was also a biotechnology staff fellow at the National Cancer Institute. It is after this move that he decided to help with the launch of Seattle Genetics.

The drugs that his company has been working on are approved and being used in more than 60 countries as part of their cancer therapy. In a bid to improve their level of service delivery, the company has been expanding their capacity by hiring more researchers and carrying out clinical trials on 12 more drugs. Success for Clay is to see more people join in the fight against cancer and achieve success at it.