Wengie’s 4 Super Smart Life Hacks

If you’re the type of person to just throw your belongings in your backpack without much care, and get disappointed when they come out bent or broken, then this simple hack will really help. Take a ziplock bag and cut out a piece of cardboard to fit inside of the bag perfectly. With this DIY pouch, you can keep your passports, receipts, checks, business cards, or whatever important documents have safe!


Tired of finding old, rotten liquid at the bottom of your trashcans? Take some newspaper and place it at the bottom of your trash bag. Now whenever you throw trash into the bag, the newspaper will soak up whatever liquid comes out, leaving your trashcan dry! What about when you throw something heavy into your trash can, and the bag ends fall inside? You can solve this easily by placing two upside-down wall hooks on the side of your trash can and hooking the ends of your bag on. Easy!


Many people have a favorite temperature setting when it comes to taking a shower. Finding this temperature can be hard at times, and can also take a while. You can forget about waiting if you follow this simple tip: use a permanent marker to draw a line that covers the shower handle and its base once you find the temperature of your liking. This way, you’ll be able to turn your shower dial to your favorite heat setting every time with no wait!


According to Wengie, If you often find yourself shopping and you’re unsure whether or not you have something at home already, then listen up! Take a picture of your fridge at multiple angles before heading out, so that you can look at it for reference when you’re at the store and need to know what you already have.