Fabletics Succeeds in the ECommerce Fashion World

For almost an eternity the model for clothes shopping in the modern era was pretty simple. A shopper went out to a store they liked and spent a few hours trying on a selection of clothing, and if they found something that fit and flattered, they bought it. Since no one really foresaw the rise of the Internet and its impact on fashion, it’d be understandable if most people assumed this model of shopping would never change. The fact is that this model has been blown up by the meteoric rise in online shopping. Right now, e-commerce fashion shopping is a huge business, and its popularity has made it ever harder for new brands to break through.



Amazon Takes A Share


One of the reasons it’s become harder for new brands to establish themselves in the commerce fashion market is the influence of amazon.com. Right now amazon.com takes a 20 percent share out of the fashion market online, which means all the other brands must fight for their place in a crowded market. Also, customers today are asking a lot from the brands they buy from. These consumers expect more than just a quality product. They want last mile service and unique brand experiences, too. Can any new company compete in today’s hot market?


Fabletics Finds Success


The answer to this question is yes. Fabletics, the fashionable online activewear brand launched three years ago by actress Kate Hudson and her partners, has grown to a value of $250 million. That’s an amazing achievement, especially considering how competitive this market is.


Fabletics offers great looking clothing that feels great and is versatile enough to go from the gym to a dinner out. These clothes are also priced affordably, so they appeal to a broad range of women, not just the upscale market.


Fabletics is bringing some unique brand ideas to the business, too. The monthly VIP package offered by Fabletics gives consumers a chance to sign up to receive a personalized collection of clothing every monthl, geared to their personal tastes and workout regime. Kate Hudson herself oversees the clothing selection, and it’s this hands-on involvement in the brand that has put it head and shoulders above the rest of the crowd.


Hudson herself is an attractive and appealing spokesperson for the brand. With sales continuing on upward, this unique activewear brand looks to be a company with real endurance and staying power.