Betsy DeVos Continues Her Successful Philanthropic And Business Career

The name Betsy DeVos seems as though it will always be associate with education reform in the U.S., which I believe is a good thing as the work Betsy has completed has been among the most significant in the history of the U.S. education system. Betsy DeVos seems as though she would be an unlikely member of what was once seen as an extremist group looking to bring in new programs based on school choice and voucher systems; however, this is exactly what Betsy DeVos was when she began her career as an education reformer looking for the best ways of making sure every child in the U.S. was given the same chance of attending a top quality school as her own four children.

In reading about the work and life of Betsy DeVos I was pleased to discover she had become a member of the fledgling education reform movement decades ago when her own children were attending school. Betsy has explained in a number of interviews I have read that a single moment or event that could be seen as making her feel so strongly about the need for change in the education system, but she does point to numerous visits to the Potter’s House School in Michigan as inspiring her to find out about the options open to everyday families seeking to provide the best education available for their children. One aspect of the work to provide a better education for the children of the U.S. that I find particularly inspiring is the fact Betsy has been able to cross party lines and inspire politicians from all political persuasions to back her cause; a well known conservative, I have been impressed by the way Betsy has worked with many Democrat’s and independents to find support for school choice and voucher programs in states crossing the U.S.

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In my research into many different philanthropists I often find some individuals become fixed on helping a single cause, but I cannot accuse Mrs. DeVos of this as she has worked to help people in a number of different ways. The political work Betsy DeVos has completed for the Michigan Republican Party is obviously impressive, but I believe forms only a small part of her dedication to the people of her home state and the world as a whole. Through The Windquest group Betsy DeVos partners in with her husband Dick a number of impressive investment ventures have been explored, including a dedication to researching clean energy sources. This progressive attitude to global matters can also be seen in the way Betsy DeVos has provided her own financial backing for a scholarship given to students from developing nations to aid in their attendance at the Thunderbird School of Global Management. Follow her on Twitter.